Gasoline now selling for $15.70 per gallon from today


Motorists are paying more for petrol starting Tuesday, March 15, 2022.

A gallon of gasolene will move from $12.50 to $15.70, an increase of $3.20 per gallon.

Meanwhile, the price for a gallon of diesel will rise from $12.20 to $15.50, an increase of $3.30 cents.

The changes take effect at 12am on Tuesday and follow an announcement from the government that it could no longer absorb the sharp rise in the price of petroleum products in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The Government had been maintaining a price stabilisation mechanism to cushion the impact on motorists, but said as global crude oil prices rose, it was being forced to subsidize the retail price for fuel.

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  1. So we are paying more today for the same gas the gas stations had yesterday? What changed?

  2. 25% increase approx. at the pump.
    Everything else shooting sky high.
    Seemingly weekly food costs increase.
    No real cruise ship calls May thru Oct/Nov.
    Tourists seeking all-inclusives as a way to manage their limited budgets.
    (Both these points result in less $ circulating on tours, taxis, shopping, restaurants & bars.)
    Covid still infecting people globally / elsewhere hospitals back under pressure. Long covid a documented illness.
    Wages stagnant.
    What is government plan for the people and the country in light of this ‘bright’ situation?

    • Hospitals under pressure because they want to be. They crucify people for recommending proven treatments and give people the most expensive (and dangerous) medications they can find, all while pushing a vax which obviously does nothing. We need to pattern our healthcare system off of something other than the WHO. WHO presides over developed countries where hospitals survive by keeping people in them. Here we would do well to keep them out. Don’t tell me nothing about no injection. It’s the injected that are dying. Check the latest data from UK, Israel or Chile.

  3. 24.5% is a huge increase. This will surely have an effect on inflation. I’m willing to bet this will never go down again.

  4. I am hear LMAO @ my fellow Antiguans how we allow the top dawg to fool us with his BS everyday. The man from WIOC said the country has a six months supply, so why change the price at the pump. The top dawg did say his administration doesn’t make a crisis go to waste, a barrel of oil was $120 when the UPP administration was in office the gas price was $13:50 when ALP administration came to office in 2014 they took off $1 so for eight years this administration made a killing off the backs of Antiguans and Barbudans and when I say killing you can say murder $8 on every gallon in consumption tax. In 2021 they boost they took from gas $79 million dollars, should I say way de money gorn? Surly not in the pockets of the people because in a pandemic year they collect $69 million and still no stimulus ” wicked set a people” Antiguan love to be sodomized by Labour party because them koolaid strong. All I have to say to Labourites you have to buy the same expensive gas and food, now go beg your red koolaid politicians who don’t pay for gas.

  5. $3.20 is a huge hike. One of this voter’s biggest gripes with the politicians and various civil service is all the freebies that are given on a monthly basis, compliments of the no choice in the matter tax payers. I do recall Harold Lovell putting a cap on utilities during his tenure as Minister of Finance but have to assume that all went by the wayside. The monthly bills for the utilities, internet, gasoline, rentals, unnecessary joyride jet setting with “friends” (plus all accompanying costs), plus whatever else has to be a tremendous strain on the Treasury. Combine all that with the apparent incessant stealing from the country it is no wonder that Govt. has to be constantly getting horrendous loans to support all the free for all corruption that has been in place for decades now and apparently getting worse.
    One of the most VITAL necessities in any civilized country is working fire trucks to protect life and property. What a shock to find out that there are no trucks in St. John’s, and of course it would not occur to especially the politicians who have mucho seven digits in their accounts to ever think about donating such an absolute necessity as a fire truck. I think it is called actually giving back for all that one has received.

  6. 25% hike one time is an fxxx abuse, I guess WIOC dont own any gasoline in storage oh what a gross mismanagement and incompetence in Antigua, seems every single drop in the storage tanks belongs to SOL petroleum the 3rd party selling petroleum products to 22 caribbean and latin american countries.

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