Further discussions are to take place before NO work permit policy is implemented



The Cabinet invited the Chief Immigration Officer and three other top officials of the Immigration Department to discuss two matters:

The mechanism to remove the requirement for work permits for nationals of CARICOM and the Dominican Republic.

After a thorough and intense examination and exposition, the Cabinet agreed that the CARICOM Treaty requirements will continue, including the six-month entry allowance for visitors from the CARICOM States.

Further discussions are to take place between lawyers within the Legal Department of the Ministry of Legal Affairs, and experts within the Immigration Department and the Ministry of Labour.

The object is to ensure that all is done to make the process seamless, and to fulfil the promise.

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  1. Immigrants must feel taken for granted after the hasty announcement of the waiver just prior to the elections only now to be told that further conversation will now happen on this subject. What deception! It doesn’t take anything to make an immediate declaration and decision to end the work permit policy now. Was all a deceptive ploy to get immigrants to vote in a particular way.

    • Hahahahahaah only illiterate adults with a 3rd grade education would believe that the ABLP government would abolish work permit fees,lack of comprehension on the voter base


      Well, My Friend, it might be called ‘…DECEPTION,’ but surely, it appeared to have been the use of a ‘…SPRAT’ (small fish) to catch a ‘…WHALE’ (a ‘helluva’ marine animal).

      The ‘…Japanese Hunting Specialty.’

      They have done the same, globally, to ‘…Small impoverished States.’

      They have provided funding for ‘…FISHERIES COMPLEXES,’ for their ‘…Votes in the United Nations.’

      This is in support of ‘…International WHALING.’

      Then they visit their ‘…Marine Spaces,’ and drained their ‘…Marine Resources.’

      That’s how the ‘…GAME’ is played- Offer something to get something.

      • @Rawlston Pompey…a wah u a say?

        Sprat fu ketch whale? True dat…
        I went fishing with my brother once to Fort James in the evening. We tried several spots without any catches, so, after a couple of hours, we decided to call it quits. While we’re packing up the gears, I decided to thrown one of my lines out, without any bait so that I could reel it in with no hinderance. Hmmmnnnn…the line began to tug!
        “Nah! Ain’t no fish 🐟 on the line,” said my brother.
        So, we continued packing up. The damn line took off like a shooting star. I quickly grabbed it, felt the resistance and tugging but, I reeled it in. The minute the fish(snapper about 2 feet long got on the rocks(at the old jetty on the north west side), it slipped off the hook. The snapper was hooked by one of its eyes.
        My brother swore, that the fish was poisonous and a bad omen, therefore, I should throw it back.(Obeah Ignorance).

        “Bouy, U crazee to rass.”
        I cleaned the snapper right there, throw the guts back into the sea, to share with the other animals, a piece of my catch.
        I took that fish home, throw a silver dime in its mouth(fishermen say, if a fish is poisonous, it turns silver black overnight).
        The fish was refrigerated, and the next morning, the dime was shining like the rays of the morning sun, hitting the surf, off Devils Bridge. That fish for seasoned from tail to eyes, and that afternoon, me and some of the neighbors(Purjew) enjoyed that snapper. That fish was so sweet, I, still taste its flavor in my mouth to this day, some 45 years later. My brother still swear, it was a #Jumbee_Fish; and, if a so, a so! In my humble opinion, I am loved and guarded by the essence of the ether.
        The moral of this episode, of “U clean Up⬇️Well” – From Heaven to Hell on Earth, is you don’t always need to bait your hook(Sprat) to catch whale(lifes gigantic and sometimes insurmountable obstacles.

        Now, as to the Japanese(yes, folks it’s a little off topic), their #TRAWLING CONTRACTS with Our Nation requires fresh consultations just as is the case with the – No Work Permit Required, for they too, the Japanese have “baited and switched” on the Nation, all while draining its NATURAL RESOURCES.

        Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards

        By the way…when can I collect my poem which you’re keeping under armored guard. It will make a great addition, to the Pages of…

        “U CLEAN_up⬇️well” – From Heaven to Hell on Earth.


  2. We still have high unemployment and underemployed people in the country and government thinking about to removed the control measures and open the flood gate.
    Go ahead the brightest bulb in the room ,since you don’t realized another problem you will be creating and will not able to reversed it.
    Antiguans wake up we loosing our country.

    • @ hallelujah, u are totally missing the point and everyone has a right to comment. Unless u live under a rock, the government promised non nationals who are part of caricom, work permitt would be abolished. Now after the elections they’re back peddling and its just laughable!! This government is a real joke! I hope they will remember this next election. Whatever you get from this government yall deserve!!

  3. Look dey! She turn up, what ah someting. Are my eyes deceiving me? Kooyah, me in shock so till … mi haffi go sit down and rest-up myself.


  4. Promise made promise should be delivered. This need no discussion. Just pass a law and abolish the work permit for them once they are from the caricom community plain and simple. The jobs they are getting are there before they arrive here. If born Antiguans wanted the jobs the caricom nationals would not get the jobs

  5. Please remember Haiti is a member of Caricom – please give Haitians the same rights of movement and work as ‘full’ Caricom nations.
    Nowhere else in Caricom is undergoing the continued hell, gang violence, fear, poverty and depravation that regular, law abiding, hard working, creative, productive Haitians are threatened by hourly.

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