Further COVID restrictions to be announced today


Further Covid restrictions are due to be announced today.

A statement posted on Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s personal Facebook page Tuesday evening says, “Covid transmissions have increased dramatically, requiring further restrictions. Additional measures will be announced tomorrow.”

He goes on to say, “Everything is back on the table including increased curfew hours and possible business closures.”

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  1. These dumb local antiguans don’t believe there’s covid if they have a cold or slight flu they’ll say it’s just a regular cold… Htf do you know what it is if you don’t get tested!? Then you spread it across the country you fools!

      • You sound stupid so people with alligies and sinus long before covid is suppose to get a covid test during alligies season. I swaer these comments on this blog is mind blowing. If only hearsay were facts.

    • Who should be testing all symptomatic people as well as testing all who enter the country

      And the government who should ensure no one losses a job while they are quarantining or at home recovering

    • Well some people lose money by staying home from having an assumed cold, but let’s say they wanted to get tested… you gonna donate money for people to test every time they have a cold?

    • How many Antiguans can afford a test for $300? Testing should be free and be made widely available. That’s not “local” Antiguans fault. That’s a government issue.

  2. Contracting covid is like contracting Aids. If you dont want to catch it protect yourself. It is a personal responsibility plain and simple. So dont come saying tourist bring covid blah blah blah. Where were your guards when that took place?

    • HIV is not an aerosolized respiratory infection.

      Wearing a mask and strictly following hygiene guidelines can only do so much when your government insists on letting in thousands of potential disease carriers every month.

      The reason there is high transmission in Antigua is squarely on the government – is on Browne – whose agents repeatedly downplayed the seriousness of the disease, hid deaths and cases, declared the island covid free when it was not, and failed to screen and isolate disease vectors at the ports of entry.

      • Well written tell him again and when the Massa say jump they say how high plus they just go along with anything no objections even if it risk their very lives. just a bunch of talk .

  3. Why look for a cure all along it’s right here on Àntigua Newsroom . More than 3000 Doctors and Nurses in the U.S. alone died trying to save patient’s from Covid so I guess all of them didn’t protect themselves and it was their personal responsibility plain and simple . I know it’s seems so so very hard for some to utter the simple words “Tourists should be quarantined” . because they have to make a living and eat as one guy said but , having tourists to add a few extra days to their trip so another test can be and then they’re “CLEARED” is stopping some from make a living ? Wow I guess some don’t mind to gain the world and loose their soul .

    • I dont understand your point. I have gone to the dentist and in seeking to understand my issue they poke their finger in my mouth without any gloves on. I have gone to the hospital and witness nurses making preparation for giving IV and or removing surgical plaster and blood is evident yet they are using their bare hands. I say that to ask you as to whether you can attest to the fact that these doctors as you have put it did the right thing on all occasions.

  4. Avatar photo "Transmissions has increased dramatically" the virus is here the virus is here . This is some serious retarded crap .it didn't drop out of the sky the protocols were obviously lax

    Yep say it again . Like Sheep’s to the slaughter house .

    • It wasn’t just the protocols. We are all hardheaded! Wear your mask PROPERLY, Social distance and no large gatherings…..did we listen? No. Protocols alone can’t do it when we won’t follow them. Problem is that everyone thinks it’s someone else’s problem.

  5. We can’t just save lives without also saving livelyhoods. When will we get stimulus package like everyone else?

    • Who everyone else? Who and what, was giving and what was received?
      Please no hearsay
      Antigua was the first country in the Caribbean to have reopened our doors and with God’s graces still in the lowest numbers as we speak……

  6. How does “transmissions have increase dramatically” tally with the figures given daily by the MOH? The MOH figures could not be described as dramatic, so what is the government hiding? What are the real figures? The public has a right to know

  7. LMAO we’re doomed….Jus pull a seat by the domino table and match the cards…Maybe it’ll work….

      • For the few hotels that are open what about our passes for when we get off at 12 midnight and these nuff, rude and forceful Po-lice stop us on the road harassing us.

  8. I am so confused. In one corner the PM is making an announcement about further restrictions. In another corner Molwyn is holding in an person townhall. I have questions…

    Does Molwyn know “COVID transmissions have increased dramatically”?
    Will the PMs announcement for further restrictions come before or after Molwyn’s townhall?

  9. Please keep it simple. All of us, throughout the world, need to wear a mask properly, wash our hands and when we go shopping wash the things we bring home. Use hand gel if possible. If you love another human being you will follow the rules. Not for yourself. but for those you love. People who ignore the simple advice, are selfish. Too many idiots, especially the rich are getting richer because of Covid. Too many people think they can they have a party without spreading the virus. Yachties and rich residents do NOT CARE. They have insurances and the means to fly for hospital care. Antiguans do not. If you see a tourist or rich resident walking around with no care for others report them.

  10. Notice the dictator not say a thing about his son who was on the viral videos….

    They playing by a different set of rules while they make us slaves to them.

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