Funeral Home Says Media Reports Contained Inaccuracies



As administrator of the estate of my late mother, Elizabeth Saunders, I have noted with deep concern the recent media reports that have been published in relation to the status of the employees of Straffie’s Funeral Home and the business generally.

These media reports contain various inaccuracies and completely mischaracterize my actions as administrator of my mother’s estate. Although, I do not wish to ventilate the internal challenges involved in the administration of my mother’s estate in the public domain, I thought it necessary to address certain false information. It is disappointing that no attempts were made by the media houses in question to contact me prior to the printing of these reports.

Upon recently obtaining the grant of letters of administration in my mother’s estate, I was faced with the difficult task of informing the persons previously employed by my mother in her personal capacity of the impact of her death on their employment status.

However, the assertion that all of the employees were sent home is completely inaccurate as several employees were offered continued employment with the business.

The issue of the payment of severance and any other entitlements due to the employees who were not offered continued employment is being addressed as a matter of priority as part of the administration of my mother’s estate.

I wish to assure the general public that Straffie’s Funeral Home remains open for business and continues to be staffed by several long-standing employees.

I am committed to working together with these employees to continue to offer a high standard of service as we seek to build on the legacy of Straffie’s Funeral Home as established by my mother and grandfather.

Naadia Saunders,
Administrator of the estate of Elizabeth Saunders, deceased



  1. Well said, these media houses doesn’t do due Deligence, some a them time fu go home most act like it’s their business place. Nonsense, as an Adminstrator myself it’s a lot of work to be done.

  2. Best wishes. We understand a transition of this nature will require many changes. Your mother and your grandfather were quality people and served Antigua well.

  3. OBSERVER always publishing FAKE NEWS. Hope someday They will be SUED. I cannot understand why OBSERVER do not investigate before putting PEN to PAPER.Very DISGUSTING.

  4. @LINDA.G. How could the Media print fake news.When in fact the 20 Associates were served termination letters.You have a problem with Observer?The first place I read about the terminations of 20 Employees at Straffie’s was in this medium.So get your ABLP backsides off of Observer’s case.Observer is here to stay.It is not going anywhere.I am fully aware that many of you would want it gone.To the contrary.

    • @TUNA
      You are an ANGRY PERSON. Hope you will be able to pay OBSERVER EMPLOYEES SALARY. You cannot take constructive CRITICISMS. Very FOOLISH TUNA.

  5. @LINDA G. You do not have to sweat for Observer.If Observer needs finances.All they have to do is say so.My very fat checkbooks and wallet are opened and at a ready to help Observer,NEWSCO.I am very,very,happy, to be an angry person.What amazes me about you people.You would know all things about others.While your house is as dirty as Cook’s Dump.Clean up your damn dirty house.Before you try to clean up others.

  6. Oh Tuna, just take your fat checkbooks and wallet and your angry self back to the bottom of the ocean. It’s not the first time that such an accusation has been made about the said media house. Everybody knows that it’s true. Take your wealth and train the journalists employed at that media house and others if you’re not too angry, to the level of professionalism expected of a reading public interested in healthy and accurate reporting – not fat checkbooks and wallets! Get well soon.

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