Funding and Littering Hinder Efforts to Clear Drains in Antigua, Says Solid Waste Chairman


The National Solid Waste Management Authorities are struggling with widespread littering and inadequate funding, affecting their ability to clear drains in Antigua.

Michael Joseph, Chairman of Solid Waste, is leading a comprehensive effort to clean over fifty significant waterways.

He highlighted the interconnected nature of the drainage system, emphasizing its importance in mitigating flood damage during the Hurricane Season.

A recent flood in the Jennings area, caused by an old car dumped in a natural waterway, underscores the impact of public littering on flooding.

Joseph stressed the need for continued cleanup efforts despite funding challenges due to a decline in the Environment Levy tax and visitor payments.

Despite these obstacles, drain clearing and gutter flushing operations are ongoing to address flooding issues in various areas.

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  1. Year after year, hurricane after hurricane we have the same areas being flooded and am always curious as why nothing solid have ever done, other than trying to clear these impossible drains. I want to believe a team of engineers can come together and draft up a plan that will ease all this.

    • @Carvaa…. There is no engineer that can cure nastiness. Antiguans are just too blinking nasty, throwing their rubbish anywhere.

  2. I don’t know where this nastiness of just dropping garbage any place comes from. This is not something I use to see when growing up. Now people just drop plastic bottles, cans, wrappers and anything that they don’t want where ever they happen to be. If they are driving then out the window. If they are on the road then on the road. If they are on the beach then right there on the beach.

    These people don’t use garbage bins. I wonder how there homes look with these kinds of behaviour. No care in the world for the environment. The world is their dump.

  3. Launch a public service campaign
    To keep antigua clean.
    Launch the campaign in English and Spanish.
    All media should participate in the effort!
    Give reasons why we need to keep the island clean, not only for tourists but for ourselves also.
    People in charge try it I guarantee you it will work! We’re a two by four country, we’re too small to be so dirty😱


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