Fully vaccinated returning nationals and residents must still use airport taxi to get home

Airport taxi operators June 2020 photo

Fully vaccinated residents and citizens returning home will have to utilise an airport taxi.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas says the protocols governing this has not changed even though the fully vaccinated do not have to quarantine.

He was responding to a question from a journalist at the post-cabinet news conference this morning.

This is his full response:

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  1. And why can’t a fully vacated husband pick his fully vacated wife up from airport? She has no reason to have an unvaccinated cab driver around her.

  2. Billy bob: Because a husband picking up his wife would be taking $$$$ away from the Taxi Drivers. LOL

  3. This particular protocol is not necessary for two fully vaccinated person’s. Why should a fully vaccinated national have to wait for an available taxi because of the high volume of passengers, when he or she is going home to a house that’s fully vaccinated. Makes no sense at all!!

  4. Does any of the govt members use the same taxis they are forcing us to use?

    Always rules for us and a complete different set for them.

    All of them must be removed from office. They only take care of themselves not we the people.

    Bring them to justice for the murder of Nigel Christian.

  5. Minister, transparency please
    What % of licensed certified SUN SEA SAFE airport (& back up) taxi drivers are fully vaccinated?

    Seems this ruling is a vote-catching mechanism, especially when taxi’s don’t want to take us locals & are grumpy as we ‘keeping them back from the tourists’. There is no local price though, so we expect proper service & care please.

    How soon before they are back to putting multiple travelers, unknown to each other, into one taxi aka bus??? With all these promised flights, every taxi driver going to the airport!

    Also, you owe us a promised answer on the demographic breakdown of the 36,000+ vaccinated people (promise made on abs tv some weeks back to follow the ‘forensic audit of case numbers’ which has completed as # were revised & published)

    Now, for fun…
    What logistical arrangements are being made to designate a specific area for fully vaccinated family or friend to pick up arriving fully vax family/friend?
    Presumably this area will be away from the front of the terminal to allow for a) security to verify drivers vax status b) ensure no additional congestion around tourists & redcaps?

    LOL! please take my driver pick-up comments with BIG EYE-ROLL!

  6. I have two running licensed and insured vehicles parked in my yard so why when I arrive from overseas I MUST take an airport taxi which I have to pay for to get home?
    Tell me:
    Who in authority is benefiting from this?.
    Where is the Law which say it is mandatory?
    Where else in the world this is happening?
    Did Choski take a airport taxi when he arrived in Antigua?
    It is another way of robbing poor people?
    Does the GG, the PM and other Minister have to do this?
    Gaston, you and your Cabinet better things this over.
    I can see this practice for visitors going to hotels but not returning residents especially who have transportation.
    Gaston you really ready to leave office.

  7. What happens if you have a rental car, which you plan to use during your stay and you pick it up at the airport.

  8. Like how can you make a policy about who takes us home ? So retarded. I hope Sir Molwyn wasnt a part of that decision.

    Suppose I want to go a bar in the country ? I need to pay the taxi to drop me there ?

    What about if I have multiple stops ?

    I have 2 cars and have to take a taxi to Piccadily with a potentially unvaccinated taxi driver?

    Can I take a taxi to the Airport gate then go bout my business ?
    or do They HAVE TO take me home ?

    After exiting Customs/Immigration, will I be escorted to a taxi like if I going in a Jail Bus ?

    What if I choose to walk ? Whats the charge ?

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