Fully vaccinated persons attending approved events can stay out as late as 2:30 a.m


CABINET NOTES: The Cabinet determined that the number of people allowed to attend funeral services and weddings in churches, during this Covid crisis, will now be determined by the physical capacity of the church.

The limit of 25 has ended. At the burial ground, the six-feet physical distancing will apply, and NOT the 25-person limit that controlled.

Approved events will have a curfew of 2:30 am, and patrons are to reach their homes by 3:00 am.

Their arm bands and ticket stubs will serve as evidence that they attended an approved event that may be used if approached by law enforcement.

The hours of curfew remain from 11:00 pm to 5:00 am each night.

The State of Emergency will be extended to September 30, 2021 or for 90 more days.

The Parliament will convene next Tuesday, June 22, 2021, to address the issue of the expiration of the State of Emergency on June 28, 2021.

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  1. Ah medical segregation….. not at all illegal in anyway shape or form or against human rights ….. perfect.

  2. Why they keep on using the state of emergency when there is no emergency the covid rate has already been depleted so the curfew should be lifted not extended what’s the reason for the extension the virus only travels after 11PM we are in the green from all health heads they say we are safe what’s the emergency

  3. BULL SHYTE!!!! Wear your mask, social distance, wash hands and sanitize…..Keep those and get rid of the stupid curfew Arschlöcher

    • What you mean keep those??
      You don’t see people dont want to follow those or any rules. People “harden”, so restrictions are put in place.
      All kinds of medical know it all out there.

      • Hmmmmm….
        Government (Our Mommy & Daddy): You don’t wanna follow protocols well y’all bed time remains at 11PM….Only fully vaccinated children can go to the park on the 16th next month and they can stay up till 3AM…..So who don’t hear will feel…………

  4. What madness ! WARNING TO THE FOOLS.

    For the love of $$$$, all insanity.
    We are at the point in human history where vulgarity, violence, corruption, greed, and all forms of evil are the dominant forces of life. The heart of man has certainly become more and more desperately evil.

    It is time to wake up out of your slumber, Antiguans. All who think that partying, feting, smoking, and drinking will bring them happiness; don’t let the politrickians fool you.
    Many rastafarians allowed themselves to be fooled about marijuana. The youth are messed up because of the decimalization of marijuana.
    People, your misleaders DO NOT CARE about you.
    The party jumpers and radio talk show hosts parade themselves on the media every day; deceiving the people with LIES AND PROPAGANDA.
    The deceivers have proclaimed “wrong” to be “right” and “lies” to be “truth”.

    The day of judgement is fast approaching. Follow not the way of the wicked.
    They sing for a portion of the corrupt loot. They scramble below the tables for the crumps their masters allow to fall to the floor.

    ANTIGUANS: wake up. God is watching you. the day of reckoning is near.


    • Fools die for the want of wisdom!. Vanity has taken over our society which has led to corruption of our soul. Our sorrows has truly just begun.

  5. So Antigua just became covid free for the first time in forever, and rather than savour that moment and continue to put restrictions in place, this is the best we can come up with?

    Should I remind us that there might very well be asymptomatic persons walking around, and it might just be a matter of time before they pass it on to someone who might react to it in the worst way?

    Should I also remind us that our borders are open and that people travel every day?

    Should I also remind us that we are still under a pandemic, covid is still raging, and it only takes one person to cause an outbreak?

    A word to the wise is sufficient. I rest my case.

    • The asymptomatic spreaders theory has been debunked. People that spreads the virus shows symptoms.

  6. Most of the people that would stay out that late into the wee morning are the age group between 18 to 45. Most people between 18 to 35 are not vaccinated. Is the government planning to build a bigger jail? And what proof do these people need to have on them to show that they’re fully vaccinated? Who is going to walk around with that big vaccinated card on them? What is this government doing to our young people? They know a lot of our young people in Antigua and Barbuda are not vaccinated and offering this time limit until 2:30 am to be out partying is going to be a big problem.


    The fete organizers and the government CARES NOTHING about the people. They only see and think $$$$$$. That is the driving force behind all the corruption. Evil forces control the minds of the politrickians and fete organizers.

    There is NO GOOD in these fetes. They are completely DEMONIC.

    People of Antigua: why do you not open your minds to TRUTH ?

    Truth stares you directly in the eyes and you refuse to see. Your minds are so corrupt and deceived that you allow the political misleaders and tricksters to dominate your lives.

    Fete and party now. You will face the music sooner than later and I guarantee that you will be wishing that you had listen to TRUTH and REFUSE the corruption.

    When will a people wake up to reality? Look around you: these are not normal times. God is calling on the people to reject greed, vanity, corruption, and vulgarity. However, the people refuse to listen.

    The people die not for lack of knowledge but rather for the love of greed and corruption.

    History has proven time after time; how the majority follow deception and evil. DO NOT BE APART OF THE CORRUPTION.


  8. Question: are the citizens who elected these “cabinet officials” ok with having 2 tiers of society? The fully vaccinated and those who have chosen not to be. What ever happened to the rallying cry of the left? “My body, my choice”? Those that accept this tyranny are complicit with the so called “experts”. Do a little research and all of these so called protocols have been shown through peer reviewed studies to be useless and cause more damage.
    How often are you disposing of the mask? They are not supposed to be worn indefinitely or hung for days, weeks at a time from the rear view mirror and then put on as required. And everytime one adjusts it, it is essentially contaminated. Be a critical thinker, not a follower with no knowledge. Protect your vulnerable and let the rest carry on. With 99% survival rate, the big bad Covid 19 is not that scary at all. Vitamin D, which your islands have in abundance, from nature, is a protector, not “fake news”. Your islands depend on tourism and you are, as the saying goes…”biting off your nose to spite your face” Stand up to these puppet masters and have them do what you elected them to do. They work for you, not the other way around.

  9. Sooo i guess the unvaccinated will not be allowed to vote….hmmmmmm. And i am sure its not all Labourites done get the vaccine…

  10. People please don’t be mislead, they gonna keep the curfew but they wanna have fetes so they will have something to blame for the 3RD WAVE, there is suppose to be a 3rd wave according to who ever started the PLANDEMIC, but remember with everybody inside it can’t happen so they jus looking a source. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN AND HEADS ON PPL. REMEMBER FULLY VACCINATED PPL CAN CATCH AND TRANSFER COVID 19.

  11. At world crisis, I love you keep up the most respected knowledge, because people are only looking through a glass window, only waiting for it to break. May God continue to bless you with much wisdom.

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