Fully vaccinated people in Antigua free to ‘Wink-Up’ when fetes resume


By the time Antigua and Barbuda hosts is first fete on July 16, Information Minister Melford Nicholas says the practice of dancing closely with a partner will be alright.

Nicholas addressed the issue of what is known locally as “winking up” at a recent post cabinet news conference.

Meantime, both patrons and event organisers who do not adhere to protocols could be fined EC$ 5000.

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  1. Me to want tump ar you inna ah you face nuh 🙄 tek de mask affa me blasted pickny dat fu unno do! Me nuh know how lang covid go Las, over one year me ah live offal me BC account and me must go tek up me money go wink up like all is well? When me done and come back to me senses me brok n hungry! Then unno same one ah laugh an ah go a parliament have me pon paper as statistics so you can get mo money that nah go reach me hand? Unno kakarass 🤨

  2. Bars cannot play dancing music. However,you can go and wink up on someone.You really do not know. Go and figure that one.Who listens to twisted mouth Melford,anyway.

  3. This makes sense, and was implied in what I was saying yesterday I believe. You will undercut the incentives to get vaccinated that these vaccinated-only events provide if the rules governing conduct in the events are too strict.

  4. lol lol lol

    wait, at what point during the pandemic did Antiguan man stop wink up?

    You all killing me here with laugh!

    Putting aside the humor though, I know a lot of people wish to get back to normal life, but as this virus is new to us, I think new should take baby steps.

    The science is showing that even though one is fully vaccinated, they still can get the virus and MAY show symptoms. Likewise they may not show symptoms. So if a person is not showing symptoms, they may get into contact with a person that is not vaccinated, to not fully vaccinated, and they person may be infected with some serious effects.

    My thing is, should we not wait until we have herd immunity before we make this decision to host any form of mass gathering? I do believe that the last I heard, we had not even reached 40,000 fully vaccinated person. I do believe that we must have at least 100,000 persons in the nation.

    I think we should listen to the science, and grasdually ease back into things cautiously

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