Fully vaccinated returning nationals and residents with negative PCR test no longer have to quarantine


The Cabinet decided that fully vaccinated nationals and residents returning home after having taken the negative PCR Test on their departure from the city which the aircraft comes, will be allowed to proceed to their home unimpeded.


Those fully vaccinated returning nationals and residents will have no need for a PCR Test on arrival in Antigua, and will not be required to spend two days in quarantine.


The benefit of taking the two doses of vaccine are paying off, the Cabinet asserted.


Those residents and nationals who have not been fully vaccinated will be required to proceed to the quarantine centre at Jolly Beach for 14 days and to take a PCR Negative


Test on the 12th day before being released.

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  1. Yet another’ incentive’ from not so honest government. I bet when /if more people take the vaccine it will be back to quarantine for nationals again

    • Stop already with the CABINET DECIDED GASTON DECIDED . LOl where do you people get your info from . FULLY VACINATED CAN STILL CATCH AND TRANSMIT THE VIRUS.

  2. This government continue to have its pulse on managing this virus. Kudos to the entire team.

  3. So how will the government know that these dishonest nationals and returning antibudans living in foreign won’t fake their vaccine cards like they did their COVID results.
    I am so sorry I don’t trust anyone these days.

    • @Super freak
      There is no need to fake a vaccination because it’s free and every other country is getting fully vaccinated beside dumb dunce ass Antiguans.. so people a foreign don’t need to fake shit cause we all vaccinated! If you don’t trust anyone then that’s your business.. SHUT UP!
      Don’t you want to this world to get back to normal??? U idiot … u want us to stay lock down and be cowards and starve while every other country regain their economy??? The vaccine is there for everyone to take so
      Take it and live life or SHUT UP and stay at home and never leave your house again out of distrust and fear…

      Chuppps you can’t please people. Now cabinet day no quarantine is a problem.

      • Yo You the one that should shut the F up . You are rude and disrespectful like a Mother . You speaking to someone like that because they disagree with you.
        It’s amazing how some of you can stay in the comfort of your home type and hit send and sound all tough . Little puss ass you ever talk to me like that in person that’ll be the last thing you remember REAL TALK .

        • Obviously, you are the one who is “rude and disrespectful”. Shut yourself up, please. Chuups.

  4. Well ” cabinet ” since someone who is fully vaccinated can be infected and also transmit covid then what is the distinction? Is the main requirement for entry being vaccinated or being negative for covid?

  5. Omg miron …. Asked and answered a MILLION TIMES
    This article is not to tell you the MAIN REQUIREMENTS TO ENTER ANTIGUA … they said a million times to enter the country you need a Negative PCR test jack. Murder!

    This article is just to let you know that if you have a negative test and are fully vaccinated you no longer have to quarantine as a returning National or resident.. they are NOT SAYING U HAVE TO BE FULLLY VACCINATED TO ENTER, but if you are fully vaccinated, along with a negative test then you don’t have to quarantine..

    Jesus man that’s why people call Antiguans dunce

    • If an “unvaccinated” and “vaccinated” person travelling from JFK with a negative PCR test arrives in Antigua, then why does the “unvaccinated” individual have to repeat the PCR test and be in quarantine? The same risk of contracting this disease is the same for both individuals.

      • the chance of contracting the virus is lowered SUBSTANTIALLY by being vaccinated, just because it is “possible” does not mean it is the same. here’s a national geographic article outlining the facts (from april, so there has been more research since then). in every study so far, being fully vaccinated reduces transmission by at LEAST 75%. it also reduces the amount of covid one has in their body if they do contract it, meaning that you’ll be far less sick and far less infectious. i disagree with much of the gov’s handling of the crisis, but this just makes sense, and incentivises people to get vaccinated, without forcing anyone.


  6. When will this be gazetted?
    Airport health officials will not implement this cabinet statement unless they have received ‘official directive’.

    I refer back to cabinet’s previous proclamation of fully vax could take airport arrival pcr test, go home 48-hrs, then released from quarantine.
    It never happened – and when people asked about it at airport they were told no, health team had not been officially informed and some people were sent home for 7+ days quarantine, and some were braceletted, and some were waved through with no limitations.

    Until we have one clear standard, that is equally enforced for fully vax people, the stress of travel will continue.

    Will all fully vax arrivals be required to upload their vax certificate & pcr test result before boarding flight?
    Will health officials ask to see physical vax certificate on arrival? Currently they do not, and when one offers it, you’re told ‘no, it’s ok’.

    Kindly publish an update on this story in 2- weeks from returning Nationals & traveling locals so we can see IF it’s actually happening or not.

    May I suggest a rapid antigen test within 48-hrs of arrival, to include tourists, to be sure the person is not shedding hence infectious… The variants are rampant in our source market countries,(with the more virulent Peruvian making its usa debut) and we have about 27% local population fully vax… A long way off the 70% target of Sir Health & Co.

    • Glad to hear Minister Nicholas say Sir Health has begged time for govt. to take this proposed change for fully vax Nationals & Residents to Parliament for approval, and then to be gazetted, and then for him to officially inform all port health entry officials to ensure compliance across the board.
      Good to see learning & adjusted actions occurring.

      We wait to hear actual start date following the above steps.

  7. This government does not know what it is doing, and you can tell that it makes important covid-related decisions without consulting informed public health professionals.

    This decision would have made more sense two months ago. Now it seems foolish. The evidence that is now emerging, from a variety of sources, all suggest that the vaccines are less protective against the Delta virus than we were told even a month ago. This includes mRNA vaccines like the Pfizer vaccine. Fully vaccinated people not only can become infected and transmit the virus, but this happens often.

    Here, for example, is the latest news out of Israel, which is seeing a surge of cases despite its high vaccination rate: https://www.timesofisrael.com/for-2nd-day-in-row-new-virus-cases-top-500-number-of-seriously-ill-slowly-rises/

    Isn’t it odd that the Antiguan government has decided to drop the quarantine requirement on the same day that the Israeli Health Ministry has recommended re-imposing their 14-day quarantine for even the fully vaccinated?

    Now the PCR test to be taken before departure can be taken up to 7 days before arrival in Antigua — plenty of time for someone to become infected.

    I predict that this decision will likely cause another wave of the virus in Antigua.

  8. DM YOUR STATEMENT IS MISLEADING..read the article in its entirety please ! The Health Ministry is also said to be recommending compulsory 14-day quarantine for all those who return from a list of some 20 countries flagged due to their high virus infection rates

    • @Jules…I am unable to see what you refer to in the ANR article.
      Please advise link that shows list of countries returning Nationals & diaspora will be required to do a 14-day quarantine, even if fully vax.
      Please also advise if the powers that be have published if this will this be applicable if the person stays in a Certified Accommodation under the Tourism Flexibility Notice?

  9. Look around you. We anti vaxxers are such super smart people that we would all have been at the top of our professions had the school system not been rigged against us by being logical.

    We know all these facts that the earth is flat, moon landing never occurred, the vaccines have a Bill Gates chip, Trump won the election, and a bunch of other crap (sorry facts)

    How dare they try to discriminate against us!!!

  10. A person that cannot reason will always try to force his/her beliefs on others. We have the cabinet but the decisions is made by one person, when they get experts opinion they still make decisions on how they feel or belief not by the experts.

    A negative test is a negative test whether vaccinated or non vaccinated
    A lot of people want normalcy, speaking in fear angry with a non vaccinated you should get wisdom first and stop being blinded .

    Even if the entire population was vaccinated, still social distance and mask wearing will be the protocol .

    Think for yourself! A person that cannot think for himself will be brainwashed and always hate when people think for themselves


    Time for a movement with the power of the LGBTQ movement.

    Enough of the discrimination

  12. Lol… well that’s just genius. Vaccinated people get to walk right in waving a PCR test result that might have been nullified by the time they boarded the plane… hauling their unvaccinated kids with them…no quarantine, no further testing…smh. Basically you just rolled out the red carpet for the Delta virus and it’s future variants.

    Just remember this, folks. Vaccination is only ever successful when used against pathogens whose genetic material changes slowly. This virus is NOT one of them. For RNA viruses such as this, vaccines are just obstacles to overcome. There will be a future version (or versions) of the virus that is totally immune to antibodies created by exposure to the current vaccines created for the original version that spread around the world, and it’s clearly going to catch the vaccinated off guard. There’s already a Delta plus variant. Only time will tell if this coronavirus ultimately exhibits certain sequelae seen in some dengue infection which prevents us from using the dengue vaccine we have. Because then we’ll be really screwed. This is the price we pay for not stopping this virus from becoming pandemic when we had the chance.

    • @ AJ very well put only one prob people on this platforrm is blinded by party , just follow and don’t educate themselves to the issues facing them

  13. It is about time. I have been saying for months now. Why go into quarantine. If you are fully vaccinated with a negative PCR TEST. That is the reason. Why we did not come to Antigua. There were two sets of rules for Nationals,Residences versus Tourists. For those Tourists of all colors would come into Antigua. They would go to a Hotel and then go all over the Island without any rules applied. I know this for a fact. I encouraged some friends of mine from Massachusetts to visit Antigua. They were sending me pictures from all over the Island. They had no restrictions whatsoever, as those who lived there.

  14. Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It really useful

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