Fully vaccinated man, 49, succumbs to COVID-19


Statement on behalf of Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre (SLBMC):

Dr. Albert Duncan, SLBMC Medical Director said: “We can confirm that sadly, a patient, who tested positive for COVID-19, has died at Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre.

“Here are the details:

Sex: Male
Age: 49 (with comorbidity)
Admitted: August 14 (severe respiratory distress, requiring immediate critical intervention)
Date/Time of Death: October 12 at 12am (following severe post-acute COVID-19 complications)
Vaccination Status: Vaccinated

“Our thoughts and condolences remain with his family and loved ones at this difficult time.”

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  1. Please don’t wait until it’s too late to seek medical attention…

    Please take all the precautions measure even though you are vaccinated

    Until WHO said other wise..

  2. This is type of news and situations that makes part of the population so hesitant to take these vaccines. And while I am pro-vaccine, it just can’t be all the time about comorbidity. I hate hearing that phrase you’re 49, how many of us are in perfect of health huh? No underlying issues? give me a break. They need more research or we need updated vaccines or boosters. Nowadays, when someone dies it all seems to be COVID related. So many people are just losing their love ones to this dreaded disease and I am sick of it. I Just want to shout out all the Nurses and other stakeholders involve with this pandemic one way or the other, I salute you and I appreciate your dedication and service. God bless Antigua and Barbuda.

    • So what should they do, lie? While you are less likely to die from Covid if you are vaccinated, it is still possible. And if you have comorbidities that makes it more likely. Hence it shows the importance of lively as healthy as we can, follow the protocols and getting vaccinated.
      It can not be one of out three.

    • so what happened to all the lies they have been speaking all along?
      this is supposed to be a medical situation, during a pandemic no parliament should be t.aking place but yet time after time it as been happening and mandates dropping on the ppl to force them to take this BS. no one should be forced to take any kind drugs but yet they have been dong just that.

      when ever a drug company is advertising their drugs they give all the pros and cons and you are advised to speak to your doctor first.
      Have we once seen that for these vaccines? NO!!! and who has been pushing these vaccines? doctors? NO!!! its been the politicians.

      but alot of yall dont read between the lines to see that this is not abut a vaccine or a pandemic, ppl are being auction by the diff vaccine companies to have control over yall when the new beast system rolls out, wait til yall see that yall have no rights and your lives will be controlled for ever especially with the new crypto system.


  3. Get fully vaccinated!
    But don’t let your guard down:
    >Mask up (double mask)
    >Wash your hands/sanitize
    >Social distance
    >Avoid large crowds
    >Stay home if possible
    Especially if you’re:
    >Heart disease, such as high blood pressure
    >Lung disease, such as COPD or asthma
    >A smoker/former smoker
    It’s not a hoax, folks! It’s not a conspiracy! It’s a virus that doesn’t care your political leanings. It just wants a warm lung to ravage before moving on to the next victim.

      • Look, it’s time they start providing information to the public on the exact nature of these co-morbid factors so that folks can better assess their own risk rather than leaving it up to the imagination. The gentleman could have just been overweight and he would qualify for having a co-morbidity even though he presented to hospital with respiratory distress. They are very quick to rush to use the words co-morbidity and underlying conditions whenever a vaccinated person dies from COVID-19 and I think that’s creating a false sense of security for many people. I’m seeing some people starting to use the words diabetes and co-morbidity interchangeably. Being vaccinated doesn’t guarantee that your immune system or your general health is in a state that will allow you to overcome the viral load. Launching a large immune response is actually highly draining on the body and if it goes on for too long, your body fails…no matter how healthy you started out as. As your immune system weakens, other pathogens that your body was keeping at bay begin to overcome your immune system, giving rise to secondary infections that greatly reduce your prospects for recovery.

        Many of us are actually suffering from malnutrition simply because we eat a lot of garbage every single day or eat only what we feel like eating regardless of the negative health outcome.. It may even be a factor in why Antigua has had so many more deaths than some of our neighbors. If your body doesn’t have enough nutrients stored that will allow for the sustained immune cell proliferation necessary for fighting off the infection, bad things are certain to happen. Iron deficiency anaemia, a condition that reduces oxygen carrying capacity of the blood and stresses your heart, is common enough in all age groups but most affected people don’t even know they have that problem. Right now the smart move is to improve your health and nutrition regardless of what your position is on vaccines for COVID-19. Balanced diet and exercise improve the systems in your body that succumb to Covid. Right now you would want your body’s nutrient stores to be high so that if or when you get infected, your body can actually launch the quickest response it can. Otherwise, it will be as if you were never vaccinated.

    • Agreed.
      This virus is an accelerant to any other problem or combination of problems that we may have.
      I am past my 70th year!
      I have a BMI above 30 and therefore overweight!
      I have a minor heart problem!
      Probably not AS I AM FULLY VACCINATED.
      I follow the rules, eat well and take regular exercise

  4. If someone dies despite being fully vaccinated, they almost certainly would have died if they were not vaccinated.

    So the anti-vaxers and vaccine-hesitant who need to think about that before they use cases like this as a reason not to get vaccinated.

  5. I am gonna keep count of all the persons who will say that this is what the anti-vaxers wanted to see

  6. I realize 90% of society do not eat healthy consistently or even at all so you all are all gonna Be victims of Covid, except the ones who eat from the earth healthy I don’t see any one from the Rasta community lining up at medical benefits for monthly doses of pills to deal with so many underlying issues in they body so what am I missing here..

    • @From the hills…you could be missing great food and great vibes!
      The #Allopaths don’t care for these kind of habits(Rasta nah perfect, but pick sense from nonsense, and somethings about their #Habits make great sense!

      Ironically, many of those same #Allopaths live the RASTA lifestyle in the closet, fearful of losing money and friends.


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