Fuller says general public should not have to suffer when authorities fail to enforce gatherings on beaches


Businessman and Vlogger Eli Fuller says the general public should not have to suffer as a result of the authorities lack of enforcement of COVID regulations regarding beach gatherings.

Fuller was speaking on his Vlog Island page in response to a decision to close beaches by noon each day for the next two weeks.

Watch and listen to his take on the policy here:

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  1. I usually disagree with everything Eli says, but for once I’m in complete agreement… 99% of us go to the beach without a party, we go just alone or with partner or family. There is ZERO enforcement of rules here, where I live bars are still open (even tonight as I type!). If the government can’t be bothered to enforce it’s own rules then it shouldn’t be surprised that making the rules even more stringent with be equally useless!!

  2. No they not enforcing anything .they go and look drink from them friend cooler . especially little fryes and darkwood

  3. Sun and salt water, what can better for flu like symptoms than that? And how hard is it to spot a large gathering of dark bodies on a 1/2 mile strip of white sand?

    • @Melchesidec

      …#Tourism would be like a Jumbee Jamboree!
      …gud god! What a #nightmare this thing, would end up been!
      …it would be worst than Chalice #Nightmare Party!
      …just to think about it, if you know what I really mean!
      …what a something, this Jab-Jab would cause in St. John’s City!
      …as, the innocent begins to suffer for, the guilty
      …of course, every Con will blame it on COVID-19
      …and, forget about their poor decision makings!
      …so, I n I hope they’re hearing and listening
      …to what the people are saying, and some even #SHOUTING!
      …’cause we know to listen and hear, to some has a different meaning,
      …but, in this this case, and I n I mean #Poste #Haste
      …they better realize what this is doing to some,
      …especially, the weak and vulnerable ones
      …of our existence, as a HUEman Race! The #hueMAN race!
      …yes, I know they’re trying to save face
      …but some of us, this is like a farce!?
      …and too many, and to many, is this a #Damned #Disgrace!
      …of, or things coming to past,
      …at last! At last? At last!?
      …now #Papi kum een pan de seen
      …and, bring Papa and Lester as well
      …as you blow! Blow! Blow your #CONCHSHELL and tell
      …these decisions by Our Parliament, could drive many to live in #Hell.
      …so, my gud brother or sister I say,
      …at the end of the day, any day
      …the people want and must have, more than #Show and #Tell…

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