Fuller: Antigua risks losing market share over restrictions


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  1. I agree 100% jus be lil careful bout calling Gaston soft though. Last thing we want is for World Boss to tear gas crowded beaches and pleasure boaters

  2. covid has exposed one truth in Antigua… we are poor.
    it not just the businesses that are in peril… I have never heard of soo many homes on auction in Antigua.
    So many people who spent a lifetime uplifting themselves, lost everything.


    • The thing is mankind is heartless and cruel. How can banks be selling people homes from under them in such unprecedented times.. Can’t they wait until all this chaos is us over then make arrangements to settle. If then you default then fine. How can our ECCB governor sit back and allow these things to happen? Main reason the World is facing the sick shit it now is -some humans are absolutely cruel ..😡

  3. I do understand the point he is making, the problem though is how would you limit it to only tourists going on the excursions he describes? Once you open that door, then you will hear persons point out there is no uniform standard. I also must say/ask was this not the same Eli Fuller who before covid, due to a old tax being now imposed on his sector, saying it would close his already dying/sick biz? His guests he argued would not be able to afford the tax Its really hard to give importance to drama queens’

  4. Eli I agree with most of what you said but to ban ALL boaters on weekends is ridicules!! where is the difference with me driving around the island with a cooler, stopping here and there and packing the same cooler on our boat?.
    What is needed is for the coast guard to do there job and break up large gatherings on the outer island’s and for the police to stop large gatherings on the beach’s.
    It’s time to stop punishing those of us who stood in the hot sun waiting for the vaccine and obey the law.
    Open the restaurants to fully vaccinated people (including staff/owners)

  5. Diversify Eli. Find something else to and stop following the trend of relying solely on tourism dollar. What COVID has done is ONCE AGAIN prove that we need to get away from an economy solely reliant on tourism.

  6. With everything going on in the country, the only time you hear from people like him is if some mangroves are dug up or his government stop his boat from going on excursions.

  7. ‘Market share’ my ass. The travel industry and politicians have been trying to sell Antigua as a ‘fully vaccinated’ vacation venue at the cost of trampling over the rights of locals. The problem with that narrative however is that reality bites. The vaccines don’t stop the spread, encourage risky behaviours and increasingly don’t work. The thing is lockdowns don’t work either. The only clear way out of this is to embrace the path of cheap, repurposed, prophylactic or early use treatment using Ivermectin or HCQ protocols and OPENING UP the economy. Where this has been done in various parts of the world ( states in India, Peru etc) it’s worked. Meanwhile, the highly vaccinated and lockdowned countries (Israel, US, UK) are suffering again with breakthrough cases. Do your research people!

    • Except lockdowns do work to rapidly decrease numbers during an outbreak.

      The problem is Antiguan government wants to keep borders open and tourists flowing in.

      So testing and early treatment would be a good early strategy along with supplying all citizens/residents with n95 or kn95 masks

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