Frustration Mounts as Antiguan Business Owner Abandons Hope for Government Support in Crime Victim Advocacy Expansion


The ignorance of Family, country, and a government causing the village of Bolans to lose $1,000,000.00 donation and more

I am happy For the prosecutor who got the Chevening scholarship to further educate himself.

The part that hurts for me and I feel sorry for him about was his statement about hopefully he will be able to use those lessons to better help Antigua and Barbuda, which I need to urgently let him know, no such thing will occur. I know for sure no one will listen to his wise, educated, calculated words and ideas when he returns. Exactly the thing they did me. False promises of advisor of national security, and fail to order expedited approval of a particular license that I want and need as part of expanding my US office to Antigua and Barbuda, to serve the region, to get US benefits to Americans, Antiguans and Barbudans, and other Caribbean Islands.

I returned to Antigua with an associate in applied science (get my state college diploma evaluated in the US, it was said by the credential evaluation agency to be an AAS, an associate in applied sciences, in the US), I also returned with a Bachelors in criminology, masters in criminology and Completed my law studies (Juris Doctorate, law degree).

I approached numerous government officials, including my role model the Honorable Attorney General who I admired for years as a role model. When I was a kid, I use to beg my father to meet this man, Cutie Benjamin, and Wendel Robinson, because I was their biggest fan, from the TV show justice (does anyone remember this show?). My father introduced me to Wendel Robinson, I guess he had a connection to introduce me to Mr. Robinson, but none for Cutie Benjamin, so I never got to meet him then, many years ago.

Anyway, in recent times I did get to meet the Attorney General. I expressed to him about my idea, and that I needed a letter, after many months I got that letter in support of my business idea. But needed help in expediting my application as a matter of National Interest but have not gotten that assistance, it is going on about a year now.

I got in contact with the Honorable Prime Minister, Gaston Brown. I got in contact with Minister at that time, Samantha Marshall, I got in contact with Chet Green, Lionel Hurst, Minister Molwyn Joseph, the commissioner of police and a deputy of police, another person I respected highly, Everton Jeffers, about a license I wanted and needed, to be decided on the merit and in a reasonable time because of the urgency and importance of the business.

This license would be a vital tool for my business endeavor pertaining expanding my US offices to an international crime victim assistance, advocacy and research endeavor that:

represent US citizens and green card holders who are traveling to Antigua and Barbuda or the Caribbean and while there and they become victims to certain kind of terrorism and crimes, they can come to my Antigua office and I begin the assistance and representation of them to get US crime victim funds which can be in some cases up to $70,000us, $120,000 ,etcetera, it varies from the US state in which they reside.

Also, my crime victim advocacy firm that would have been located in Antigua would also be able to represent/advocate and give assistance to Antiguans and Barbudans, and Caribbean citizens who are victims to same kind of vicious and qualifying crimes while visiting the US but are now back in Antigua and Barbuda or whatever Caribbean Island they are from. These Caribbean people that includes Antiguans would be entitled to the same crime victim funds mentioned above (70,000us, $120,000us), and they also would qualify for immigration benefits like U-visa, T visa, green card and eventual citizenship to the US. Some crime victim benefits also include the ability to return to the US after being deported from the US, and other immigration benefits that they may be entitled to.

So, my office in Antigua would be able to serve Antigua and the Caribbean in this area of crime victim advocacy services, especially for those people who are not able to return to the US or who may not have the ability to return to the US to seek vital and substantial assistance they qualify for. Crime victim visas are better than visiting visas like student visas and visitors for pleasure or business visas.

Having my office which was determined by the US government to be of National Importance and Substantial benefit would also enhance the Antigua and Barbuda tourism product by letting American tourist get the assurance they need that if they are victimized by vicious crimes while visiting Antigua and Barbuda or the Caribbean there will be the kind of services they are accustomed to and will be is available because my business endeavor exist locally (in Antigua and Barbuda and the Caribbean) and in the US which would provide for a more expedited application and access to crime victim assistance, advocacy and representation that would immediately begin even while they are still in Antigua and Barbuda or whatever Island they are in (As I intend to serve the entire Caribbean) because the US victim have not returned to the US yet maybe because of serious injuries or to cooperate with law enforcement and the criminal justice system or whatever reason it is that the US citizen/green card holder is unable to promptly return to the US.

US victims could immediately begin getting my representation and separately counseling and therapy in Antigua and Barbuda or whatever Caribbean Island from local counseling, therapist, psychologist, social worker, emotional support experts locally in Antigua and Barbuda or whatever Caribbean Island being paid by the US state’s crime victim funds, where in some state such funds allows up to $35,000us worth of counseling payment to be made for the victim.


That means an Antiguan therapist or social worker, or psychologist or other emotional support expert could immediately begin providing services to such victim and is paid adequately from US crime victim funds for assistance given to such victims while the victim is in Antigua and Barbuda or the Caribbean. Like the lady from US Texas who alleged rape and reported it, she would be able to immediately get assistance like counselling when she was in Antigua and that paid for by the fund to the local therapist.


Because I know that my existing business made sense and successful for over 13 years, and it is humanitarian in nature, I wanted to expand to Antigua and Barbuda so I contacted all these Government officpeople for help, only to have them request as a matter of Antigua National Interest, international relationship, National Security, request in their official capacity under urgent national interest laws and policies to have my one application expedited on the merit and decided on the merit.


all of them practically refuse to help or order my now pending applications to be decided immediately since it is now about a year since I have been waiting.


the type of cases I may need to submit to the crime victim benefits programs includes representations for victims of international terrorism, murder, rape, robbery, assault, battery, kidnapping, false Imprisonment, domestic abuse, and other similar crimes. the inchoate of these kind of crimes also qualifies the applicants for assistance too, that means solicitation to commit any vicious crimes, conspiracy and attempt make the applicant qualifies also.


so, upon opening, I planned on donating additional equipments to the police, to schools and farmers during my opening ceremony for the office.


I also planned on donating $1,000,000.00 to the village of bolans, my village of origin, it is taking so long and causing me to not make the money I know I could make that I had decreased that amount to just $100,000.00. I now deciding to give up and do nothing. I also planned on hiring at least 5 person first and eventually get to about 50 staff when I expand and hire my own emotional support staff, paying no less than $1500ec a week, net pay, offer scholarships in the amount $10,000ec a year for staff and residents of Bolans Village.


oh, I have pictures of my garage and other places filled with equipments to be donated to the police, farmers, and school sitting in storage, in garage and in room.


I have been doing my crime victim advocacy and representation work for years so I know it is important work and lastly, it is lucrative work. The US crime victim funds are about $6 billion dollars right now.


It is also vitally important according to the State Department message I received today for American abroad to have such help when they need such vital and urgent help.


it is genuinely sad that I have registered my business in Antigua and so forth, and just need that final approval to begin opening my physical office to hire people from bolans, relatives, and at the time donating $1,000,000.00 to the village of bolans and literally every politician from Samantha Marshall to Prime Minister Gaston Brown that my mother curse me out for, and my rolemodel and superhero Attorney General Cutie Benjamin refuse to assist even in a reasonable and fair manner.


I applied for National Interest Status for my business that i want to open in Antigua from the US Government and I know Antigua wants a US Consulate in Antigua and I am hair fearing speaking the truth about the lack of help I am getting from the Antigua and Barbuda government to help American citizens who are victimized while abroad could result in no embassy being placed in Antigua. So, I have been refusing to notify the US government inside my application and outside of it from fear I would cause harm to the people of Antigua and Barbuda’s chance of getting an embassy. the people should not suffer because their leaders are as described here. and I must tell you I favored the political party that is leading the government. I have never favored any other party but this one.


I was telling my family about the difficulty I was faking, one brother of mine, the idiot thinks I am telling him not to vote for his party and cursed me out, even on this same medium. today, my mother that I give on average about $20,000.00us a month (on average) curse me out saying I am telling her not to vote for this same party that is refusing to help me.


I never thought about telling them not to vote for this party but I did wanted them to approach such Ministers and let them know they could lose them as supporters if they do not act fairly and expeditiously.


today, I told my mother when you want money these same ministers know and give you because I am done. I cannot stand how brained washed and ignorant they are pertaining to leaders who cares nothing about them but to ensure they are kept in power.


she needs to go to them for money. Also that man they said is my brother who thinks people must go to him first before they do their own business because he can get everything done, why don’t do what he claims he can do for himself, his wife and his children. always thinks he can do this or that but never achieve anything for himself.


my simple plan was to show the politicians MT family was big and they could lose a ton of votes if they are not fair to us, show the politicians my family is like a union for us but the idiots thinks I am telling them who to vote for.


from this day forth, I am not sending a dime of my money to anyone. it is this same man paying for everything, and you are going to attack me for politicians who give you nothing over a relative that gives you everything? does that even make sense?


telling me that I should have tell him I was going to open an office so he can go to Gaston, I do not need anyone to go to a politician for my application to be decided on the merit, fairly and prudently. everybody should be entitled to fairness not based on begging politicians.


you people in Bolans think you have good options as politicians but I am telling you that you do not.


I am here taking this time away from my work to type this on my phone because of that argument I had with who suppose to be my mother who suppose to support me fighting me for a politician Samantha and Gaston. from this day forth, let them send you $20,000 a month and higher or average like I have been doing for years.


I give up on thinking I can open the office in Antigua and Barbuda, I give up on waiting for the approval, I give up on considering donating the $1,000,000.00 to bolans village, I give up on thinking I will get to employ bolans residents.


I am not sure what I will do with the laptops, motorbikes, metal detectors, heat signature cameras, night vision cameras, security cameras, taser guns, pepper guns, vehicle tracking bugs, walkie talkies, bullet proof vest, and all sorts of things but they will sit there and rot.


Bolans and family can continue to vote for whoever they want, and do need to have that office in Antigua to continue helping US victims of crimes abroad and Caribbean victims of crimes while visiting the US.


another plan will be used. to get my important work done. I am done begging and pleading for ignorant folks to support my idea.


so, that prosecutor thinking he will be able to make a difference when he comes back will bump into the same kind of people, obstacles, like me.

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  1. Where there’s a will there’s a way …..
    It’s sad I always wonder y my Antiguan ppl are so backwards I see they get it from their government 🙄 government not benefiting financially to continue fill their pockets so dem na go help!!!!!!
    Sad …

      • @My Way of Helping…never let #fear festers. It becomes the breathing ground for #anger!
        I don’t think, that you got to this point in your life without faith.
        Faith move’s mountains!
        Time is longer, than rope!

        Career Politicians do not care to solve problems, since, if they do…
        A…they’ll be out of a job.
        B…they’ll have nothing lie about and pretend like they’re your saviour.

        Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg 🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards

  2. Cutie Benjamin is a complete waste of time. The others are not too far away behind him but he is chief.
    Good luck in your endeavors, keep pushing, remember consistency and determination, those will help you but above all, there is Jesus, place him before all and he will lead you to places where no politician nor cutie waste time Benjamin can stop you.

  3. @Maat,
    @Ras Smood
    @I said it,

    I want to thank you guys for the support. I feel like giving up, and have decided to give up. I realize you can not teach these people/public sense.

    It is like am abuse victim that is severely abuse but they can still believe they need to be in a relationship with abuser because that is all they believe they deserve and believe is the best they can get.

    I was sp frustrated for month until I realize I can go to another Caribbean Islsnd and open there. I can keep my $1,000,000.00 donation and go on vacation. I can let the items I purchases to once again donate rot in my garage, room and storage.

    I can continue to work and make my money here in the US, them refusing to help me help others, including the villagers in Bolans, does not have to be my problem like I first thought it was.

    Even my mother that I provide for constantly make excuses for them and arguing with me for them. Let the politician put $1,000,000 in her bank account and everytime she use it top it right back up like I use to.

    I will not be doing it no more. I will focus on me. Let politicians you ignorant defend and curse for provide for you. Home cursing out opposition like they did anything to you. The opposition wasn’t my favorite party, ablp was, but I am cursing nobody when they did nothing to me.

    These ignorant fools. And I am not being rude, I am stating a fact. I am never ever in my life speak this way much less to make it public but I am doing it to ensure I am done.

    I am done, you can keep your license.

  4. Cutie Shamu Benjamin should not be AG and in charge of security. The man belongs in jail, but has bribed his way into parliament courtesy of the people who can’t see beyond their noses.
    Sir, persevere. Better days are coming.

  5. It’s telling that the writer never states what license he needs. I have personally asked him in the past but he refused to say. In one instance he tells me it’s not really a license. Makes one think he is embarrassed to state what it is. I am happy the politicians stayed away from getting him the license. Glad the allowed the body in place to do its job and deny his request. I challenge him again, as I have been doing for days to state what the license is for and what does it have to do with your business ?

    • @Tenman, you are always acting like an idiot. Do you not know when and where? Do you not have self control?

      Your prime Minister knows which license I need that has been pending. It is not the kid you publicize. You do not comprehend privacy and secrecy and victims rights to privacy?

      I have not gotten any denial letter, I got a delay, with no decisions and if they deny it because of this, so be it.

      I will wait until other administration that arrives that decide base on merit.

      If you had the power you purport you have, you would know what license I applied for Peine Minister Tenman.

      You act like am idiot sometimes Tenman.

  6. @Everton- Please desist in contacting me in the future, if you cannot be honest and open. I get that some in the peanut gallery are ok with your refusal to be transparent. You write this epistle but continue to hide what you are seeing a license for. In terms of your personal attack, note this would not be the first time I have called you out for allowing your emotions to blind you. You can’t get your way so you no longer support. The political directorate would have to lose their mind if they tried to overrule the licensing body. Their justification is because you are supporter the requirements should be ignored? Guy you don’t meet the requirements and the license is not required for the biz you described.

    • @Tenman, I have from the board yesterday the license is pending before the board. Stop being an idiot. I called directly the person in charge.

      Today, if it is denied, because I speak up so be it. I contacted you Cornell, for you to contact your prime Minister, I have no clue who you are and what you do. I did not ask you for direct help but for your connection.

      I am 100% qualified but this post obviously would would make me not. Have them return the money I paid in which they gave me a temporary license but it’s not valid unless they provide me with something from them that I have been waiting for from them.

      So, stop being an idiot sir. Why give a temporary license that has no effect until a condition that need to meet is met but cannot be met without the board.

      In effect, you are right, the license was denied. That is all I wanted to know.

      What you called emotion made millions, I wonder what your emotions made you? Or I guess is being paid to post politics made you. Being paid to be inhumane made you. Being post to not able to say wrong is wrong made you?

      People like you all make Antigua horrible but today is the day, I leave you all to what you want and prefer.

      Back to work, I have alternate dispute resolution, mediation, to settle a car accident case, they offered, I am trying to get $1.7 million for a client.

      I did not make any of that money while in public office.

  7. Sir, I have the temporary here. I over qualify in every aspect according to the AG and board members. I accepted this writing would result in a denial. what I wrote I know they would deny it now. I accepted that. I accepted the tyranny that would follow. I accept expanding there would be over for now., the same people who said to me, you overly qualify and will get it, my friend don’t worry. We know who you are and your qualifications.

    Telling you, my family stated they will continue to vote for ABLP, they have the right to do so. Just ensure what they need is conveyed to me anymore.

    Nobody ask me for nothing. ABLP all the way. Let me tear this temporary up. Well, they sent it electronically, so I can not tear it.


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