From Tragedy to Triumph: Young Woman’s Remarkable Recovery After Terrifying Accident


The young woman who endured a serious injury from falling off a truck during an Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party motorcade several months ago has made remarkable progress in her health.

A photo shared on Sonja Henry,  Facebook Page showcases the stark contrast in her condition.

During a megacade leading up to the January 18th polls, Henry, along with several other passengers, took the risk of jumping off a truck in the Fig Tree area.

Tragically, she suffered severe injuries to her legs and pelvis as a result.

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  2. Lesson learnt and hopefully shared so that other persons would not succumb to the same or worse peril.
    May this young lady grow from strength to strength, understanding that the choices one makes determines the path of one’s future.
    She was extremely fortunate as she could have experienced far worse injuries, maybe even be paralysed or lost a leg completely.
    Be grateful for the mercies which have protected you, and make better choices as you progress through your life.
    I wish you much success going forward.

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  4. Thanks be to God and may she never go back in such but see it as a chance God gave her to turn her life around.

    God gives a second chance

  5. A 2nd chance at life. May you learn from your mistakes to right the wrongs…setting examples for others. 👏 🙏

  6. This CBD spam is an attempt that will hopefully prove UNSUCCESSFUL to hook Antiguans on drugs. People can just grow weed if they want to use drugs. Why would they buy chemicals that are of unknown composition that may kill them or make them severe drug addicts? Peddle your crap elsewhere.

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