From Non-Profit Visionary to Political Contender: Meet Regis Burton


From Non-Profit Visionary to Political Contender: Meet Regis Burton

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Description automatically generatedIn the dynamic landscape of contemporary politics, new faces often emerge, bringing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas. One such individual gaining attention is Mr. Regis Burton, a prospective Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) candidate in All Saints West (ASW), poised to shake up the political scene. As a proud born-and-bred Labourite with a background in community service, organizational management, and a clear vision for the future, Burton’s potential candidacy is generating considerable interest among constituents and political analysts alike.

But who is this newcomer to local politics? Regis Burton was raised in Lightfoot, where he witnessed firsthand the challenges and triumphs of everyday Antiguans and Barbudans. On one hand, his mother’s family roots are deeply grounded in the Salvation Army Church and its generational legacy with the ABLP. On the other hand, he is the son of a Dominican Kalinago (Carib) who instilled in him the importance of Caribbean unity and collaboration towards personal and national success. As a proud countryman, he has been fortunate to experience many opportunities locally, regionally, and internationally and considers himself a product of his environment, choices, and sacrifices.

Although new to politics, Regis Burton is entering the arena with decades of experience serving his peers, community, and country. He is affiliated with many local and international networks and organizations but is profoundly known for being the visionary and Founder of the Nolan Hue Foundation Inc., which for over a decade has been a Charity positively contributing to the professional and economic development of young people while creating empowerment opportunities for hundreds of youths. Through the Nolan Hue Foundation, he contributed to several successful initiatives aimed at reducing poverty and increasing job opportunities in underprivileged areas. Regis strongly believes that if the youth are empowered, with assistance, they can achieve their full potential and raise the standards of professionalism in Antigua & Barbuda and the wider Caribbean.

In 2016, for his humanitarian contributions to the Commonwealth, Mr. Burton was given a lifetime appointment by the late Queen Elizabeth II as the Queen’s Young Leader for Antigua and Barbuda and was also recognized as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs under the age of 30 throughout the entire Eastern Caribbean by the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) in 2017.

Professionally, Regis Burton is a proud member of the APUA Family but currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Antigua and Barbuda Medicinal Cannabis Authority, a Commissioner on the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda Police Service Commission, a Director of the Antigua Barbuda Cricket Association Board, and the Corporate Secretary of the Leeward Islands Cricket Board.

In January 2024, a mere five months ago, Regis Burton joined the political scene as a viable option for the ABLP in the ASW Constituency to contest the incumbent Hon. Anthony Smith. Although many highly anticipate the battle of the youths, Smith (UPP) vs. Burton (ABLP) in the next general election, Burton’s start in politics has been no easy walk in the park. His will and desire to serve his people has already been put to the test. In March 2024, a Primary was held between Arry Simon, Regis Burton, and Lamin Newton to decide on the ABLP candidate. The results were inconclusive, and the party decided to conduct two independent polls to identify an outright winner. This too was inconclusive, which has now led to the scheduling of another ABLP Primary on Thursday, August 29th, 2024, between Lamin Newton and Regis Burton.

Burton now has the chance to leverage his grassroots connections and business experience to prove to the people that he is indeed the best candidate for the ASW Constituency. His campaign continues to be about the empowerment of people, focused on transparency, accountability, and direct voter engagement. Regis Burton’s political vision is centered on three main pillars: Infrastructure and Community Development, Economic Growth and Employment, and Social Welfare and Community Engagement.

Regis Burton’s prospective candidacy embodies the spirit of hope and renewal in the political arena. With his strong background and clear vision for the future, he represents a promising alternative to traditional political figures. As his campaign unfolds, it will be intriguing to see how Burton navigates the challenges and leverages opportunities to make a meaningful impact on the political landscape. Keep an eye on this space for more on Burton in preparation for the All Saints West ABLP Primary on August 29th, 2024.

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  1. Does he had experience in management and leadership? Does he have an advance degree or exceptional ability/advance experience in anything that is highly beneficial to the country?

    I am asking this question to all politicians and not a personal attack to this one specifically. I do not know him and not against or for him. I am asking questions that voters should ask but never ever ask in Antigua and Barbuda

  2. Dammmmm ……REGIS YOU MEAN FU TELL US AH 4 paychecks you ah get from all dem boards you on …… 4 and till want the 5 th paycheck from being a politician awdfyt

    How much money you also got from SIRF FUND for your so called NOLAN HUE FOUNDATION wait aru na see this boi done line up he pockets awdfyt

    Mr Knight look another MR PAYCHECKS!!!!

  3. @my way of… The questions you ask are important and fair but not questions asked of ABLP hopefuls and not ABLP in general. We are expected to believe, and is spun accordingly, that association with ABLP makes one bright while with the opposition makes you dunce. Interestingly, that seems to be the approach ABLP is taking to fight the next general election. So as a warning to UPP, take the swipes they make at you seriously. They are intended to undermine your reps by immersing their garbage into the psyche of Antiguans.

  4. Let’s see. Turner was given some mine up Bethesda way for association with ALP; Judas George was throwing money away like it gone out a style with no job to support, then given a post in finance; now this one is another four-paychecker?
    “Men shall be selfish and love money,” says the Book, and we have it played out before our very eyes.
    Hopefully, Antiguans will wake up and consign ALP to the dustbin of history.

  5. @Zackie, thanks. My statements was made in good faith. Not implying he does not have but letting people know the importance of requiring such achievements in potential and actual leaders.

  6. Why do Antiguans look for the negative in everything? If AN ANTIGUAN has the expertise to develop a particular board, why would we not utilize their services/experiences? We often complain about too much foreigners being the head of everything in the country. But when a local gets the same position, we still complain. And the thing is, we actually personally do not have the qualifications to hold the positions we complain about when we see others get them. Jealousy & badmind is a hell of a thing.

  7. Regis G. Burton, QYL, Esq.
    CEO – Medicinal Cannabis Authority Antigua and Barbuda
    Antigua and Barbuda Medicinal Cannabis Authority
    The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus
    Old Westbury, New York, United States

    As an activist and humanitarian, Regis Burton is an emerging leader in the fields of non-profit and for profit business management, both in the Caribbean and United States and is a One Young World Ambassador.

    With a Bachelors of Science in Management Information Systems he is now combining his knowledge of business technology, organizational behavior and leadership experiences in the area of Human Resources. Mr. Burton has proven experience applying his Human Resource management skills in a professional environment, contributing to organizational growth and technological advancement when needed. He is a self-directed professional with proven expertise in Human Resources, including recruitment and retention, training, conflict resolution, team building, labor relations and benefits administration. He has have worked with senior partners to conduct strategic planning, and implemented goals as the Project Manager for key organizational initiatives. His proven experience in implementing human resource strategies have resulted in employee satisfaction, cost savings, talent acquisition, succession planning, and compliance with laws/regulations.

    Additionally, he has developed training and organizational concepts that are proven to bridge gaps in culturally diverse business environments. Mr. Burton’s collective efforts allow organizations to attain success; accomplishing the company’s mission and vision.

    He has further devoted his life to assist the nation of Antigua & Barbuda with its professional development. Today, Regis Burton is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nolan Hue Inc., a branded lifestyle that is focused on the professional development of Antigua & Barbuda and the Caribbean.

    Antigua and Barbuda Medicinal Cannabis Authority

    Full-time · 2 yrs 4 mosFull-time · 2 yrs 4 mos

    Chief Executive OfficerChief Executive Officer
    Apr 2023 – Present · 1 yr 3 mosApr 2023 to Present · 1 yr 3 mos

    Director of Operations and Technology
    Mar 2022 – Aug 2023 · 1 yr 6 mosMar 2022 to Aug 2023 · 1 yr 6 mos
    Leading a team of medicinal cannabis regulators for the Government of Antigua and Barbuda.

    Police Service Commission
    Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda
    Aug 2016 – Present · 7 yrs 11 mosAug 2016 to Present · 7 yrs 11 mos

    Appointed by the Governor-General to be constitutionally responsible for the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.

    Nolan Hue logo
    Co-Founder & CEOCo-Founder & CEO

    Jan 2015 – Present · 9 yrs 6 mos

    Nolan Hue is a non-profit social enterprise that addresses the lack of professional development opportunities in Antigua & Barbuda and the Caribbean region, by providing and facilitating professional development opportunities to people, organizations, companies and countries.

    We believe that if the youth of the Caribbean are empowered to pursue a professional development lifestyle today, then there will be positive changes in the professional cultural norms of tomorrow.

    Human Resources Systems, Technology & Employee Engagement OfficerHuman Resources Systems, Technology & Employee Engagement Officer
    Antigua Public Utilities Authority
    Aug 2013 – Apr 2022 · 8 yrs 9 mos

    Responsible for identifying opportunities to implement systemic technology to optimize the results of the Human Resources Department and also manage the engagement of our 821 employees to achieve strategic companywide objectives.

    Chairman of the Board
    Project: Sync Non-Profit Organization
    Aug 2013 – Nov 2014 · 1 yr 4 mos

    -As Board Chair, oversee the management, growth, development and implementation of mission and programs.
    -Develop new partnerships and maintain existing relationships with local and national organizations.
    -Work with members to assess community needs and work to ensure organization betters community.
    -Chair all board meetings, event planning, development, recruitment, assessment and training meetings.
    -Manage all operations of the organization, including funds, volunteers, event mangers and Board of Directors.
    -Implement new innovative technological ideas to reduce cost and increase ability of organization to meet goals.-

    The University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus
    Master’s degree, International Management
    2019 – 2020
    University of Cambridge
    Certificate- Queens Young Leaders, Leading Change
    State University of New York at Old Westbury
    Management Information 2009 – 2013
    Harvard Business School
    SVMP, certificate

    Given this guys profile anyone can see that he is a far the better candidate than Lamin Newton. Newton is just looking for a political job to secure a pension and income for life. I have said it before, Lamin is in politics for the wrong reasons. And he has nothing to offer. Has never been a community activist like Regis and his education leave much to be desire.
    People of AWS please look carefully whom you chose come July 4th. Lamin is very arrogant. Give him a little power and he will show you who he really is. a leopard never changes its spots
    He is now Chairman of the Board of CMC and you will not believe the manner in which he shows the little power he has. Checks has be taken to him where ever he is and you know how that stifles the operation. Nothing can get paid if he has not sign the check. Well I have been chairman of boards, and let me tell you those are operational issues and not board issues. That is why you have management lead by a General Manager.
    People of AWS please be wise or you will regret it.


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