Friend thwarts young mother’s attempt at suicide after alleged report of abuse of her children overseas


An attempted suicide that involves a 29-year-old woman from Cashew Hill is under investigation.

Reports say that a friend of hers telephoned the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and reported that the Jamaican woman had tried to kill herself by ingesting a quantity of sleeping pills.

Accordingly, the woman had to be rushed to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre, where she was admitted and is being treated.

A source says the Police visited the hospital in an effort to interview her while she was in the Emergency Room; but their attempts were initially futile, since she made no reply to the questions asked.

Reportedly, there were no physical injuries to the woman’s body.  However, the friend who reported the incident to the Police said she had met her in the house unresponsive and called the Emergency Medical Services.

Allegations are that the victim told her friend she had received a phone call from her two children, who are in Jamaica, and they reported being abused by a family member and threatened to take their life.

The Police reportedly removed from the woman’s home a brown paper bag containing the drug Diazepam 10 mg and a knife.

This incident reportedly occurred at about 2:39 p.m. on January 4 at Cashew Hill.

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    • Omg you calling the woman a fool????? You all really hate Jamaicans,do u Kno the woman suitations she came here to make a living to provide for her kids it’s avious so her going back home to sit who going to maintain them,am sure it’s hard to just up an go get a job easy in her country, your a heartless pig a piece of Sh***t to say something like this.

    • Why you don’t go back to the pungent hole that you were hastily ejected from over the pit latrine? Calling yourself Mr Byam, you’re nothing but a disgrace to humankind.

  1. @ Mr. Byam, maybe the ‘fool’, as you describe her, didn’t go back home, because he didn’t want to leave the other ‘other fool’s that she has met in Antigua by yourself. DIJ!

  2. Hun you can’t help your children if you are dead. Please stay alive and help them!!! They need you!

  3. You can tell this fool isn’t antiguan .. he just trying to make antiguans look bad .. good job who ever you are .. they falling for it .. as to the woman .. the almighty lord will provide ant take carec

  4. It is a shame that so many Jamaican women have to leave their children in Jamaica to go abroad to find employment. This poor lady found herself in a situation where she can only help her children by going back to Jamaica. But with no job, what can she do? Does she have a job in Antigua? My dear, killing yourself and denying your children a mother won’t help the situation. Truly between a rock and a hard place. Where is the children’s father? But some fathers are just as bad at molesting their daughters.

  5. There are thousands of ANTIGUANS, who think the way that that byam man thinks. You meet them every day and especially in churches. This byam man reminds me of piers morgan and Meghan Markle. This election season should really open the eyes of black Caribbean nationals living here. Listen to the way they talk about opposing party members-all black people, maybe family. And you all expect them to love you.

  6. What a cold and heartless thing to say Mr. Byam it hurts my heart to read your hateful and cruel words.

  7. Please deport as soon as possible. Our health system is already burdened and should not be further burdened by degenerates who willfully do ignorant, reckless and careless things. These people are not fit to be in a society that is progressive and seeks to attain a higher quality of life.

  8. Me. Byam & Bilbo from All Saints ar you sound dunce ah r*ss. Firstly, you don’t know what people are going through and it’s free to give compassion. The woman could have came here to help make a better life for her children and clearly she left them with a family member she trusted. Y’all never left your kids with their aunt or grandmother etc.? People handle pain differently and because it’s not something you would do means that the woman is foolish. And Bilbo, stfu, cause it’s not just Jamaicans out here attempting suicide, look how many Antiguans already attempted to take their lives, some you won’t even know about because they’ve never made it to a news report. Guess what happens if you deport her? Not a damn thing cause Antigua in itself is a hell hole, prices high, barely any jobs and the jobs you get can barely buy crackers & cheese fa feed you much less to be paying rent, bills etc. A lot of people go through depression, especially the happy ones. You won’t know or give sympathy & compassion until someone around you pulls that “ignorant” & “reckless” stunt. Do God be with aryou cause y’all clearly need him in your lives. People with y’all are exactly what’s wrong with this place.

    • You say “… Antigua in itself is a hell hole…”. Then we don’t need any more people to make it more of a hell hole. Let them go back to the better place they came from and leave the hell hole of Antigua.

      You people have hardly anything good to say about Antiguans but without us where would your life be? Respect is due to Antiguans for all the good it has done and continue to do. If you can’t respect Antiguans then please depart!

  9. I am tired of this races who is who who came from what and who didn’t…first am not antiguan nor am Jamaican, I’ve live in Jamaica and antigua …let me say this there was a time a antiguan lady had five kids. No job abusive husband which is antiguan has well,he abandon her and the kids for a younger antiguan…to my knowledge was the Jamaican lady who help the antiguan woman with those five kids.everyday she made sure they eat if they were sick if its even her last penny she made sure they were good this Jamaican lady isn’t no more than a friend she didn’t knew the girl from anywhere..not only she fed them she also got a job for her motivated her forget the man do it for your kids…I must say antiguans live in Jamaica who loves it there and not treated the way you described it…the Jamaican who discriminate antiguan are the ones who discriminate there own…and your wrong about saying if it wasn’t for antigua…no its not so you have highly suffocated Jamaican who do very well in Jamaica without traveling here are anywhere eles..I have a Jamaican lady that works for me and she is highly respected ..knows what she want knows where she is going ..before working for me she build her house before traveling by working honestly in Jamaica.. so you can not say if it wasn’t for antigua!!! I disapprove.and for God sake this is why the black race fails your too proud and have a low mentality…separated not United..

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