Freeland to resign under weight of auction scandal


Senator Michael Freeland, who’s name has been embroiled in an auction scandal, said he will resign his post as senator come the New Year.

“I have been concerned of the intense efforts by political opponents to politicise this event…” Senator Freeland said in a press statement.

“I have determined that my family’s good name, long a part of our beloved nation’s history, should not be abused in this unseemly and malicious way. I am today formally advising His Excellency the Govenor General and the president of the senate that I am formally resigning my position as a member of the senate effective 31st December 2017.”

According to the official government story Freeland, also a private auctioneer, conducted an auction on behalf of the Customs department but failed to turn in the $119 866.50 proceeds because he was robbed of the sum. Since then, he has been repaying the sum in installments.

“I am pleased to state categorically that I have made payments in full and to the satisfaction of the Customs department,” the senator’s statement  read.

Freeland said his decision to repay should not be taken  as an admission of guilt but rather his commitment to his fiduciary responsibility as an agent of Customs and his believe that taxpayers should not suffer because of his misfortune.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne was the first to shed light on the issue back in November when he said because of a “serious issue” senator Freeland would not be considered as a candidate for the St John’s Rural East constituency on an ABLP ticket. Browne, however, did not give details.

Coincidentally, Browne’s wife, Maria Bird-Browne has since been confirmed as the candidate for that same constituency.

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  1. I don’t understand why the gentleman is blaming the public for not trusting the explanation about the monies that went missing. It was a member of his party, the PM himself, who raised questions of a scandal that involved him and this money and as a result no longer considered him for a candidacy on the ABLP ticket for the coming elections.

    There is obviously something that doesn’t add up and one cannot help but believe that the whole story is not being told. I think the Senator should do us a favor and exit the post now. If he can’t see that the comrades turned their backs on him for someone else then his years at Antigua Grammar School were of no use.

    Senator Freeland may very well be innocent but by the company we keep we are known. If you lie with dogs , you rise with fleas.

  2. My, oh my Lord of mercy , plenty of mercy. I f Maria Browne did not want to enter the political arena in her uncle constituency,then I wonder if the people of Antigua and Batrbuda, would have known anything about this situation.Mr.Freeland obviously you don’t know who told the public.Please get wisdom and understanding.Those that have eyes to see ,let them see and ear’s to hear let them hear.My question, how long ago did this happen.lord plenty mercy on Antigua and it’s inhabitants.

  3. The story just didn’t make sense micheal . Good move to resign though. If you didn’t poll ahead of the Manchurian candidate that thing wouldn’t have seen the light of day. Daryl really did a number on you. Gaston was very happy to discredit you.

  4. The poor senator is simply a victim of Gaston Browne’s decision that his dolly wife must be a candidate in the next elections. He, his integrity, his good name and his political ambitions all have to be sacrificed on the altar of Gaston’s ambition to set up his political dynasty and his domination over the ablp. Poor Michael. He didn’t stand a chance. If it wasn’t this Customs matter Old Mustache would have fabricated some other excuse to throw him under the bus. That’s how ruthless this tyrant is to establish his tyranny over our country!

  5. Mr Feeland is perhaps yet to realise that the greatest political opponent he faced in this situation was at the head of his own party.

    Even without the facts, I feel it for him in some way because really how does one even come back from your own political leader and leader of the country implicating your good name??
    Who wouldn’t want more details when the issues is thrown in the public in an unseemly manner by the head himself?

    Best wishes for your future.

  6. what i love about the people is that they are reading real deep ,all these comments is just going the same way I feel so happy the people are waking up……it did not matter if Freeland was clean and maria wanted to run and he had won the poll she would have been given the nod……member all saints west Davin beat the lady hands down on poll and primary and still could not get the position. ….so wake up my people. ..

  7. P-O-L-I-T-I-C-S is the name of the game. It can be ruthless, dirty, and nasty. Those contemplating a future in politics should be fully aware of the nature of the beast that it is.

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