Freedom fighters to host another picket on Saturday


The Police Administration is aware of a planned picket organized by some members of the public schedule to take place at the Sir V.C. Bird Bust on Saturday 21st August at 3 pm.

While the administration acknowledges the right to a peaceful protetst, the organizers behind this action are reminded of the State of Emergency, and as such the protocols under the Public Health Act (Infectious Disease) Amendment Regulations of 2020 will be strictly enforced.

The public is further reminded that public gatherings are now restricted to 10 people per any given space, and the mandatory wearing of face masks and social distancing guidelines must be adhered to.

The Administration is further appealing to the organizers to be responsible in their actions, and take into consideration the location they intend to hold their protest action. The location is an area of heightened commercial activity on Saturdays, with both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The police are expecting the full cooperation and support of the entire public going forward.

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  1. I would love to come out and picket but i don’t see the clear separation of the cause from politics. Am not gonna come out and picket alongside persons wearing political gear. If we are picketing a specific cause political gear has no place in this forum. How long will we include politics in everything and lose sight of the agenda that we really set out to address? Its time we leave politics and colour out of our genuine concerns.

  2. will their fearless leader DONETTE SIMON be reminding them to observe the protocols and keep the number of people at 10????

  3. We do not want no Peace. We need Equal Rights and Justice. Justice is supposed to be blinded. However,it seems to be not so in Antigua and Barbuda. For instance,the Prime Minister did say. Someone forged his signature on Customs Invoices. That person and or persons were never charged or arrested. Why not? Was it because of their connections to name brand persons.

  4. Picketing during the state funeral. I want to see if the police will use tear gas and rubber bullets then.

    Equal rights for all and freedom of choice.

    No govt minister is above the law and all people will play by the same rules. We taking back our nation from the dictators

  5. What a DUMB IDEA to picket at this time. UPP should be ASHAMED to support STUPIDITY. Persons in Hodpital on VENTILATORS. What the Hell is wrong with these People.

    • They could pick a different date on time an get he reason is not very clear the greater country are trying to get there people vaccinated to get there economy back on track. When you watching the English premier League ,liga, French league , baseball in the USA those are vaccinated person’s same for place of entertainment so you do not the rite study a give the best information

  6. The people in this area are the ones who are either full of vaccinated I have a negative Corona test result

  7. Y’all dunce no wha. The leaders of this movement look ghetto and dunce and you can tell they are uneducated. The UPP people would never give these people validity if they hadn’t seen an opportunity for political gain. When aryu rasshole figure out vaccines aren’t mandatory, you change your mind and tackle coercion? Any responsible government would create policies for its citizens to act in a way that aids public interest. Segregation? You love to throw around words lightly, huh? Nelson Mandela could talk about true segregation. Y’all picking at straws now because aryu want touch road and go picket inna aryu butterfly eyelash and mek noise.

    • Human beings are always quick to judge another based on ones appearance an education status. When the government put measures in place to stifle your human rights and make things mandatory for you to get something done; what do you call it?

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