Freedom Fighters of Antigua & Barbuda clarify protest misconceptions





We The Freedom Fighters of Antigua & Barbuda (FFAB), wish to clarify a few misconceptions surrounding the events that took place on August 8th 2021.

On July 20, 2021, the Freedom Fighters of Antigua & Barbuda, wrote to the country’s Police
Conmissioner seeking pernission, as required by law, to March on Sunday August 8, 2021.

However, a response was not received until less than forty-eight hours prior to the
commencement of the March. This response was obtained, only after the FFAB Organization made contact with the office of the Police Commissioner requesting an update.

The Police Commissioner’s response dated August 5th, 2021, came seventeen (17) days after the request was made by FFAB to host the Event.

Despite not receiving adequate time to adjust accordingly. The FFAB took several steps to notify all interested individuals of this denial and the new actions to be taken as a result.

On August 6h, 2021, less than 24 hours after receiving the denial, The FFAB released an official statement addressing the Police Commissioner’s response and also indicating that a protest would be hosted instead of a march.

The organizers made sure to state that the peaceful nature maintained at our previous protests would be maintained at this Event. Several members made it publicly known via media posts, that the Event would no longer be a march but a peaceful protest”.

All flyers were updated and distributed with that new information.

The FFAB Organization would like to dispel any and all statements implying or expressly stating that our organization went with the intent to “march” after being denied, and/or knowingly gathered with intent to defy the known protocols. We simply gathered with the intent of having a peaceful protest, similar to all the other protests we had prior.

Within an hour into our Protest, we were met with two (2) trucks of police officers in riot gear.

Upon the arrival of the second truck, in attempt to address the crowd was made by the police using a faulty bullhorn. This made it quite impossible for all individuals present to hear exactly what was being said to the crowd. Please note that it is a Human Right to hold a peaceful assembly: no permission was required for such However, upon being questioned of the reasons for requesting the crowd to disperse the police officers gave no legal explanation.

Nevertheless, a banner was placed in front of the second truck advising us to disperse or tear gas would he used.

In less than 10 minutes after the display of this banner, several camisters said to contain
Level 3 tear gas was thrown into the crowd. Noting these events, we can safely say that the process or procedure utilized by the police was both unreasonable and unnecessary.

It is also said that a missile was thrown by a member of the FFAB giving justification to the
uprovoked actions of the police. The FFAB would like to state that no violence was incited by us prior to the law enforcements first initial use of force. The individuals present showed 110 harmful or violent behaviors to the officers or even bystanders present at the protest. Prior to the riot squad’s arrival, the crowd stood chanting and singing in solidarity standing next to the late V.C Bird’s statue.

We wish to remind that our gathering consisted of children. disabled individuals, expectant
mothers and elderly folks. These individuals, though frustrated, only chose to attend in the hope of change. yet they were met with violent acts. Our hearts are also with the individuals who were in the comfort of their homes when they experienced the fiery nature of the tear gas. We are understandably saddened to witness these actions by the police and wish to assure you that we will continue fighting for the recognition by the authorities of the constitutional rights of the people.

The FFAB does not condone violent or harmful actions and must not be held responsible for
individual behaviors or actions which are not consistent with our beliefs. All members are

advised to maintain a peaceful disposition at all protests, and we will continue to do so.
The Freedom Fighters of Antigua and Barbuda wish to remind the citizens that we are standing up for the right to make our own individual choices without coercion and/or discrimination
(whether directly or indirectly) from the current Government of Antigua and Barbuda and/or bodies of power, This Organization does not wish to be perceived as only an Anti-Vaxxers

Organization. We are standing up for Pro-Choice, Anti-Discrimination and non-abuse of power by the Government of Antigua & Barbuda. It is our aim to take a stand for und in the interest of you the people of our beloved country.




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  1. “The FFAB does not condone violent or harmful actions”-Spreading the virus to men women and children is a violent and harmful action. People will die because of your disregard for public health and the rest of the people on the island

    • Interesting comment which is void of common sense but instead your own assumptions.

      Persons go about there way in large numbers in the supermarkets. They are in large numbers at the public market. Their also in large numbers at the same VC Bird Busy practically every afternoon and in even larger numbers on weekends.

      If taking your assertion with any merit it would then mean that all of these gatherings are also violent and harmful.

      Please be reminded that there are protocols in place for persons to adhere to. Also be reminded we’ve had recent increases in Covid infections of which were imported.

      There’s a right to ones opinion but not a right to your own biased facts.

      I also comment totally independent of the FFAB.


    • ? Can someone force u to put or take something tht u r not comfortable with in ur body I guess not because that’s the choice u made right so y people like u vex when someone else make the same decision not to u all have a problem (double standard much) have u or anyone tht have a problem realized what’s going on right now do u all know who is spreading the virus at an alarming rate rite now I guess u all will say non vaxers sorry not it’s the fully vaxers

      • What i find telling is your pro choice ideas come from the abortion issue. Interestingly many of the same republicans pushing pro choice when it comes to vaccines are against a woman rights to choose. Many of them already took that vaccines and Like UPP in ANU, are simply using this issue as a way think to get attention and votes. No one can force you to take a vacccine, however you need to accept there will be penalties for your decision, in order to keep the rest of us, including you safe

    • Obviously a follower of the narrative and one singing for their super. As you’re pretending to be educated, do yourself, go to the official websites of the CDC and the WHO then tell me who’s endangering humanity on a whole. They put all the information right in front of you all and yet still you can’t see it. Set of educated dunces!

  2. Strange they do not condone violence yet on video is one of the main promoters of the event calling for fires to be set and the police stoned. I am now hearing from this strange press release that a march is not a protest. I gather they may have now realized they can’t even label it a picket because the VC Bird Bust is not official premises hence falls under the restrictions placed by the public order act.. The second schedule of the act makes clear VC Bird Bust is not official premises:

    (1) Government House.
    (2) Parliament Building.
    (3) The Supreme Court.
    (4) Administration Building, High Street.
    (5) Offices of all Ministers of Government.
    (6) The Treasury, High Street.
    (7) Magistrates’ Courts.
    (8) The Holberton Hospital.
    (9) Coolidge Airport.
    (10) The Deep Water Harbour.

  3. @Tenman: When are the Social Security Pensioners getting their monthly benefits. Today is the 18 th of AUGUST,2021.I do believed you and your Tap DAWG got paid at the end of July.

      • Actually 90 percent of the the time I have answered and corrected the wrong info, he shared perhaps on purpose, today I will ignore him and focus more on You, who I believe to be the former Chairman of SS. Recall during your tenure, there was no covid, payments were late. Anyway the SS facebook page (Have told Bugsy before to check it) states (posted yesterday):

        “Antigua & Barbuda Social Security Board – ABSSB
        Good morning all, please be advised that pension releases to the financial institutions,that is the first installment, is expected Thursday 19th August 2021. Please be so guided.”

  4. I support your constitutional right to assemble and protest against these grotesque acts there are being perpetrated against you for choosing not to be vaccinated. I do believe that getting vaccinated is the right thing to do however the right is yours to have a choice. It is a right that was given by GOD.

    For those on the fence, the vaccine options that exist in Antigua are all very safe. Not only that, but by getting vaccinated you are protecting those around you who may be unable to take the vaccine for different reasons (age, health, other) and you could potentially save the life of someone you love. I did it for my family and country and i implore you to do the same.

    • Guy(at the risk of being dubbed disgusting) something is not allowing you to be consistent in your logic:

      “For those on the fence, the vaccine options that exist in Antigua are all very safe. Not only that, but by getting vaccinated you are protecting those around you who may be unable to take the vaccine for different reasons (age, health, other) and you could potentially save the life of someone you love. I did it for my family and country and i implore you to do the same.”

      So its your right to make a known choice that will not only harm (possibly kill) yourself, family, and country men? This is why constitutions globally allow individual rights but stop when they cross that line. Anyway we both agree the vaccine is the best choice (unless there is a medical reason not to). God nor law does not give you the right to hurt anyone, unless in self defense.

      • @Tenman you were not invited to the event so why do you insist on being a party crasher. But since you insist on party crashing go stand in the corner and tell our fellow readers how they do not have a right to choice etc. Let us see how that ends.

  5. This is a PUBLIC HEALTH issue.
    From your STUPID actions the DASJBOARD has increased. FREEDOM FIGHTRRS and UPP very silly. You have proven nothing but DISASTER.

    • @On the Move, there are positives and negative to be had from what is taking place right now in Antigua. Herd immunity is being achieved one way our the other. So whether through vaccination or through natural immunity (after contracting covid 19) the end result will be the same. The negatives however will be the economic fallout and the unnecessary deaths due to covid 19. No one knows how their immune system will react to the virus much less a friend or family member. So let us be prudent in protecting those around us and get vaccinated. Or if you cannot/wish not to take the vaccine for whatever reason (health, age, religion, etc.) Do not convince others to not take the vaccine because that could potentially result in their death from covid 19.

    • Another dunce! The mainstream media that you follow, that gives you your memory verses is telling you that it’s the “vaccinated” who are spreading the variants, the ones being hospitalized and the ones losing their lives. Is that propaganda? What is the purpose of a vaccine?

  6. Why you guys are so intellectually dishonest? You could have handle the situation more sanely. Your diabolical plan backed fired. You wanted to March up and down St. John’s. Caused you think that lawlessness is the way to convey your message. Anyone knows to invite people in an emotional charge atmosphere will attract some thuggish people that would behave in ignorant ways. You guys don’t give a damn about other’s caused you block off others from driving freely around that area. Don’t be surprised that some of the participants (Ruffians) are positive for the COVID-19 virus. You were also protesting for the lifting on the lifting of the Protocols and not only Vaccines. You’ll best pray and encourage that all those who don’t follow protect themselves that day, they should go and test themselves from this deadly virus. Stopped playing your filthy dirty political games.

  7. Divide and Conquer! I would have liked to believe that Antiguans and Barbudans understood this is how we are ruled. ABLP vs UPP, Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated, Antiguans vs Barbudans. Have we learned nothing.
    Why are there exceptions for State Funerals, Supermarkets, Public Markets, but not Bars and Clubs.
    Does Covid say hey!!!!! State funeral, lets not spread today? The government takes risks and plays with the lives of the people at every state funeral and tourist landed and we cant take our own risks as Antiguans and Barbudans. Further more we spend days arguing with each other, pathetic!!!

  8. Freedom Fighters picket within the state funeral. Police can’t fire no bullets or teargas.

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