Freedom Fighters Media Statement


An Act of Injustice

On August 8, 2021 at 3:00pm, concerned citizens and nationals of Antigua & Barbuda
met to express their frustrations with the current policies of the Government being implemented for the distribution of COVID-19 vaccinations to the population.

The crowd of persons, who wore their masks, peacefully gathered, chanted and sung near the late V.C Bird bust located at Market Square.

As expected, the officers of the law were present.

However, The Freedom Fighters of Antigua and Barbuda, after 1 hour into our peaceful
protest, were met with conduct by the police that are generally utilized by law enforcement when dealing with riots’, and unruly crowd behaviour.

Tear Gas and rubber bullets were released into the gathering following requests by the police contingent for the persons to leave the area.

No justifications were presented to the peaceful protestors when we sought further information on the reasons for requesting our removal.

Upon being met with unreasonable, unlawful and violent acts from the police contingent, individuals were forced to take necessary steps to defend their lives and address their need for their personal security.

We urge the population of Antigua and Barbuda to remember the following Articles, as per
the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which are incorporated in sections 12 and 13
of the 1981 Antigua and Barbuda Constitution:

Article 19: Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, this right includes
freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers Article 20: 1) Everyone has the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association With these Articles in mind, we wish to once again state that our intentions are to express our concerns on the discriminative policies being forced upon individuals who are either:

1. Requesting full transparency from the Government of Antigua and Barbuda based on the
components of the COLD-19 vaccination or

2. Against the unlawful distribution of the COLID-19 vaccination due to the potential of lifealtering health risks to the society.

It is within our rights, to express our concems for the policies being imposed on the
citizens of this country. These protocols are seen to restrict others from one’s right to work.
operate their personal affairs as well as restrict access to basic needs and wants within Antigua and Barbuda

The acts committed upon the people by the police on the directions of the government
authorities on the 8 of August 2021 in the city of St John’s were barbaric and in violation of our basic human rights.

We, the members of the Freedom Fighters Association do not consider these
acts as either reasonable or acceptable. We are very disappointed by the approach and will not be dissuaded from expressing our rights in a peaceful manner.

As citizens of Antigua and Barbuda we will continue to make our voices heard until fair and equal treatment is received by all.


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  1. Continue to fight use wisdom in everything you do,. The power have gotten to the leaders head, that you must not voice your opinion.
    Their is an evil Hitler spirit that seeks to destroy others while enriching themself Some people sing for their supper and support evil, they can’t be honest, be strong. It is better to fight for freedom than to live as a slave

  2. Our fight should be against covid-19 which is the worse epidemic since the spanish flu. Our best weapons are vaccines and government protocols.

    • I want a vaccine that can prevent me from catching COVID-19. Right now the vaccines out there for COVID do not prevent us from catching COVID. Fully vaccinated people are still catching the COVID Virus, and some are being hospitalized and even death. God is the only answer to prevent us from catching the COVID Virus, not a man-made experiment drug. God has done it before since the beginning of creation, and He can do it again. Call me ignorant and mentally sick but I have my right to air my own opinion.

  3. Ary dunce like… current measures like what? What alternatives do you propose? Aryu nuh hab no vision tarl tarl tarl

  4. The veil has been lifted. These “fighters” are all part and parcel of the UPP atleast the so called leaders. It is a covert tactic that is now being used by the UPP.

    • If you are truly “In the know” you wouldn’t have typed such bovine excrement. Take a look at what’s really going on and stop feeding off the narrative given by the infidels that think they’re all-powerful and all-mighty. Try your best to refrain from being a dunce puppetized by these whoremongers.

    • You beyond ignorant In the Know.

      Go crawl back up inside where you come from idiot. Then again she probably don’t want your sorry ass back.

  5. Covid is here to stay and no amount of vaccination and protocols are gonna change that. The fact remains that the government is grasping at straws to keep its only industry alive (tourism), which is why we are in our current position. It is a sad fact, but had the government been proactive in developing other economic sectors during the good times then we would not have to mandate vaccinations or restrict movement as a means of remaining in the good graces of our neighbours to the north. But it is what it is and there is absolutely no reason why our basic constitutional rights should be trampled upon or taken away from us. So I voice my support for those men and women who have choosen to stand up for their rights. Your stories will be etched in our history books for time memorial.

    • What did you bring to the table when you were at the ministry…NADA..You used government time and went fishing.

      • You seem to be mistaking me with yourself or your friends. I have and will always be proactive in developing my country.

      • Ask the Top Dawg, what has done while he was head of the Ministry of Planning, Trade, Industry, Commerce & Public Service Affairs to improve the country especially infrastructure.

  6. THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS are an extention of the UPP. As long They march without permission the Police as the right to arrest and charge These Persons. UPP believes this is a way to but UPP will be very DISAPPOINTED

    • Mr.C.CORDE, When you and others are going to get in you’ll thick skulls that it was not a march, it was a picket. March is when you walk miles through the streets. The people were standing in one area chanting their grievances.

  7. How desperate can a political party become to try and gain power. To make it worst this party has so called Christian vying for office…We are really in the last days.

  8. The acts committed upon the people by the police on the directions of the government
    authorities on the 8 of August 2021 in the city of St John’s were barbaric and in violation of our basic human rights.

    I would personally like to hear the reason for the use of excessive force by the police on those innocent peaceful civilians who protested in accordance to the law of this land.
    What is happening Benjamin?
    What is happening Browne?
    What is happening Rodney?

  9. Get back in your box you conspiracy theorists and trump supporters. The biggest tragedy here, apart from the risk to public health and the likely covid deaths of even more men women and children here on the island, is the shameful support for this rabble by the labor unions. These are the very people, the ones the union supports, who in normal times are screaming about how terrible unions are and calling for the police to attack them. And now here we find the union supporting this right group of antiunion nuts.

    • Just telling how so many of them now echoing people like Ted Cruz. Sad how the US sickness is now reflected in A&B. People now inline with US politicians who don’t even see people that look like us as human beings

  10. Thinking it is your “right” to TAKE THE LAW INTO YOUR OWN HANDS does not make you a “freedom fighter”

    It makes you a LAW BREAKER!!!!!
    You can flip it, turn it, rotate it or spin it; but the fact remains that NO PERMISSION WAS GIVEN TO YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID ON SUNDAY!

    Had you OBEYED THE LAW, there would have been no rukshan. OBEY THE LAW OR FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!

    Act like you got some sense!

    • Smh and Conrad the Red have some shit stained lips from kissing their slave master ass.

      And all they do is talk pure shit.

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