Freedom Fighters demand probe into PM Browne’s Moderna Jab

PM takes second dose of Moderna vaccine/ File Photo


Mr. Michael Joseph, President of the Antigua & Barbuda Pharmacy Council

Mr. Raju Boddu, Comptroller of Customs

Commissioner Atlee Rodney, Commissioner of the Royal Antigua Police Force


Dear Honorable Sirs:

We write to you as concerned citizens regarding troubling events that recently took place in Antigua and Barbuda.  These events have not been adequately addressed by the respective investigative authorities.  We respectfully request a public response to this inquiry.

As you are no doubt aware, on Saturday, 25th September, 2021, during an interview on Pointe FM 99.1, the Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda, Mr. Gaston Browne openly admitted to participating in actions that, if true, violates the laws of Antigua and Barbuda and the United States of America.

Mr. Browne publicly acknowledged he and other citizens were inoculated with the Moderna Vaccine, which at the time was under an export embargo by the United States government.  He evidenced this by displaying a CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, which upon information and belief, is only issued in the United States.  Mr. Browne further went on to say that he could not divulge the name of the medical practitioner who brought in and administered the vaccines at the time, stating “… I could not have done it publicly, the man would have gotten in trouble.”

Based on public knowledge, the vaccine referred to by Mr. Browne was not at that time approved by the Pharmacy Council for use in Antigua and Barbuda. This public admission is sufficient to warrant an investigation as to whether the laws governing the importation of that drug/medicine, including the Customs (Control and Management)(Amendment of Third Schedule) Order, 2021 were violated, and whether Mr. Browne aided and abetted a foreign medical practitioner in violating the licensing provisions under the Medical Practitioners Act.

Each of you have a fiduciary duty and a legal obligation to investigate serious allegations, irrespective of the actor(s) involved; but have been worryingly silent.  Citizens and residents of Antigua and Barbuda have a right to know whether the laws of this country have been violated.

The demand is clearly before you, and the people of this country are waiting for an answer.We call on you to immediately notify the public as to whether an investigation has been initiated by your respective office, and if so, what is its current status.



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  1. Way to go Freedom Fighters of Antigua and Barbuda. I have received two doses of the Moderna Vaccines. In both instances,I had to sit down to receive both shots. Then I had to sit for an additional 15 minutes after getting either shots. So why is Gaston Browne standing? When he is supposedly getting the Moderna Vaccine. The person giving the Vaccine in the above picture is not even wearing any gloves.

      • As some people have a vasovagal reaction with syncope and could fall and hurt themselves seriously if standing.

        No reasonable medical professional would administer a vaccine to a standing person.

        Also makes no sense to have a CDC card from the US signed by an American doctor when the vaccine was supposedly administered in Antigua by a nurse.

        Gloves are not necessary if the nurse’s hands were washed.

        Everything else makes no sense.

      • @Aloenso:Where the hell do you get your information.
        It would be very foolish of anyone to stand and take those Vaccines. As soon as you get the shot into your arm. Your body could have a sudden adverse reaction,you could fall and hit your head. Wearing of gloves protect that person giving the Vaccines from your blood on their person. Some patients when the needle punctures their skin blood would spew.

      • Really 🙄can you recall seeing anyone in your life time being vaccinated standing 🙄and any nurse working without a pair of gloves🙄not after HIV outbreak 🤔It’s very sad when educated people try to justify Bulls#$%^^t🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨call a spade a spade🤔people gonna scrutinize every thing because he being arrogant and malevolent

    • It’s is Choice to stand,at lease nurses let pll sit to monitor them after to see how well ur body is are if any near side effect effects right away after taking the drugs.

  2. Definition of Stupid. Knowing the truth seeing the evidence of the truth, but still spouting ignorance and nonsense shows that you’ll are bunch of idiots.

    • Yes Bullombo we know you only talk the truth.

      We pushing you BEHIND all the way baby. Let’s see you smile.

  3. These people are NOT “Freedom Fighters” and they should not use that name. They are disgracing the true Freedom Fighters who laid down their lives for the freedom of millions. Shame on them for disgracing the names of those who went before us. The ancestors are not amused, and the spiritual powers are taking note.


  5. That avaricious liar Gaston Browne and the rest of the current cabinet only looking out for themselves. They don’t give a shit about us people. Not one of them in cabinet starving or have to look where they can get their food. They get paid on time, every time and their full salaries. And us? Well, we just get fucked

  6. What next are these ANTI – Gaston people coming with? It is clear that they want to see the fall of Gaston by any means necessary….. Sorry to say that our PM is covered by the blood of Jesus Christ…. De man a wan God bless pickanee….. No weapon that is formed against him will prosper…..So to all those who are against him, I say the harder you come the harder you are going to fall……

    • @Buddy
      I didn’t know God blessed thieves. You want blessing, give back all the people property and ask God for forgiveness.

    • What’s wrong with people today, if you point out something wrong 🙄you’re Anti🤔give me a break, he should have known that every body would watch him. Lead by example with integrity and transparency 🙄🤔

    • Wendel Robinson the objective of the probe would be to determine whether the Prime Minister actually broke the law. We declare always that we live in a democratic county. Well one of the hallmarks of a democratic country is the Principle of the Rule of Law. The Prime Minister is not above the law and should not be allowed to brake the law with impunity. The probe therefore is to find the truth.

    • Wendel as you can see Tabor just admitted that this group and the UPP are one. Think you know not only does he speak for this group, he puts his draws on the other side, and then reps the UPPP

  7. I generally despise this group and believe they’re a nuisance. I also am not sorry that they were teargassed. I also thought this letter would be utter BS BUT they have a point. I don’t think this was an astute move by the PM. Getting vaccinated by a person whose name you can’t disclose because it’ll get the person in trouble says you probably shouldn’t have gone this route. Also, how could they have gotten clearance to import this vaccine with no Pharmacy Council or Health Ministry approval? I think the Sputnik came here unapproved by the Pharmacy Council but it wasn’t hidden by the Health Ministry and we knew who the donors were. This was just a crappy decision by the PM.

  8. What ‘Freedom Fighters’? Silly.

    That being said, Browne got the Moderna booster jab before even it was rolled out? Utter nonsense!


  9. I’m not in agreement with their “fight”, but they have a point! From day 1, PM Browne hasn’t been forthcoming concerning the circumstances of his vaccinations. Why so shady? As the leader of this country he should’ve set a clear example for the people. He promised to be the first person to take the AstraZeneca vaccine, live on camera. No wonder the people of Antigua are hesitant to get vaccinated. PM Browne only has himself to blame. Regardless of the PM’s indiscretions, I think the Government is doing a better job than most under these unimaginable circumstances. Mandating vaccination is the right call. Infection rates have dropped dramatically. Soon we can open the country up fully and get back to living life! The above letter may make a valid point, but what’s the real motive behind this request for investigation? It’s hard to take these dissenters seriously when it seems to be a thinly veiled attack by the UPP. All of these political shenanigans between the ABLP and UPP do nothing for THE PEOPLE. Stop your childish antics and start working together for the betterment of ALL Antiguans.

  10. They I expect will answer the PM to his credit leads from the front. Sometimes too far in front. This is because he has real skin in the game hence is not afraid of taking risks for his people. Note the amendment to the customs act giving the medical board the power to limit covid vaccine imports happened after the PM took the vaccine (see THE CUSTOMS (CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT) (AMENDMENT OF THIRD SCHEDULE) ORDER, 2021 published in the Gazette Thursday 4th February, 2021 .

    exercise of the powers contained in section 90(3) of the Customs (Control and Management) Act, 2013 Act No. 3 of
    1. Short title
    This Order may be cited as the Customs (Control and Management) (Amendment of Third Schedule) Order, 2021.
    2. Amendment of Third Schedule – Goods Prohibited or Restricted to be imported or exported
    Part II of the Third Schedule to the Customs (Control and Management) Act 2013, No. 3 of 2013 is amended by adding the
    following to the categories of restricted goods –
    “The importation of any vaccine for the prevention of COVID-19 disease caused by SARS CoV-2 except by the Antigua &
    Barbuda Central Medical Procurement Unit or under Special Licence issued by the Minister on the advice of the Pharmacy council.”

  11. I am fully convinced that GB haters have flushed their brains in the shit houses. These people aren’t serious. What is so sad that you have so called intelligent people spouting so much ignorance and nonsense. Politics have turn most of them into Nincompoops and idiots

    • @colombo
      You like calling people names. Where did you alone get all this wisdom? Look in the mirror and tell me if you don’t see the nincompoop and idiot. You can’t differentiate between wisdom and cow dung.

      • Proverbs 26:3-12. Please take a good look into the mirror. Did you see the reflection? Does look like you? Me throw me corn and no call no fowl. You pick up the corn 🌽 so it must be you the Nincompoop. You are so blinded with your filthy political foolishness and hatred. You see the Lips of the wise spread knowledge not so the hearts of fools. Proverbs 15:7. I do sleep well at nights and no Politicians does occupy my brain cause it not in my rear end. GB have really controlled you’ll lives.

        • Bullombo, WTF is Proverbs? Speaking of corn, we know you love getting your your arse cornholed as per usual.

          Spread em baby. Those are the lips we like to see Bullombo. Oh and don’t forget to smile.

  12. We thy sons and daughters stand.🇦🇬
    The unthinkable has already been done when folks are sent home without pay for choosing not to be “gated” guinea pigs. What is left for us to do now is STAND! WAY TO GO FREEDOM FIGHTERS!

    We have been cowards for too long!

  13. The PM said he took three shots of Moderna. Why didn’t he take Pfizer as the third shot? Is this what he wants Antiguans to take as a third shot?

  14. Isn’t it odd that Moderna has not been approved in Antigua (if this is true)? It’s the single best vaccine in terms of protection. Why hasn’t it been approved? Has it just not been reviewed? Why not?

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