Free Up Cuba & Long Live The Spirit Of Fidel Castro


My heart pours out for the people of Cuba and for our students who are studying there…

As a result, I am sharing my sentiments in poetry so I will be happy if you can publish this poem.


Some persons may see Castro as a dictator,
Others may see him as a mercenary.
To me, I see him as one of our Caribbean heroes
Who opposed the American imperialistic ideology.
Interestingly, he taught the Cubans how to be resilient
He empowered them with training & skill;
So that they can fend for themselves an honest living
And survive in unfriendly conditions, at their will.

Amazingly, to Latin America, Castro offered free education
And also to the Caribbean people who were considered to be poor;
Many are now serving our communities  as Engineers, Teachers, and Doctors
And in many other disciplines for sure.

Throughout the world the Cubans have rendered their humanitarian services,
Especially in the field of medicare.
Inspite the nation has been crippled from the wicked embargo
They are yet still reaching out everywhere

So my fist goes up for that nation of Cuba
And for Fidel who I consider as a true Champion.
He was resolute, a visionary & very caring
So for me his spirit must live on.

Finally, let’s come together to show Cuba our gratitude
We must stand in solidarity with them.
They need to be freed from that wicked embargo
That has been imposed by those  inhumane Americans……. FREE UP CUBA!!


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  1. Indeed Cuba needs freeing up…. Over 50 years of embargo……Is there no mercy from the Americans?

    • Cuba needs freeing up, no from the “embargo” but the dictatorship of over 62 years. Cuban revolution is the biggest lie of all the times. Indeed Fidel Castro, the biggest traitor and assassin of Cuba History.

  2. Long live Cuba & Long live the spirit of Fidel Castro. Cuba has definitely contributed more to humanity within our region than America..

    • Humanity you say? How can you call humanity to giveaway stuff in exchange of political support while your own people are dying?

    • What significance would the person’s name be to you or others…..? That is one of our major problem, we tend to be prejudice towards the messenger…. If I were you SMH, I would not shoot the messenger but take heed to the message. The writer was quite profound and on point… Presedent Barack Obama began freeing up Cuba but the one term president Trump was quite the opposite…… lets see if President Biden will be as wise as Obama

      • Not shooting the messenger. Just wondering if their heart pours out to Cuba, why not stand in true solidarity instead of hiding. Could it be that it’s superficial solidarity? Scared to be publicly known for being pro-Cuba? The author may have well as kept their sentiments to themselves. Remain in the closet of fear until they are ready to take a real stand!

      • Those messengers cause more damage than you can imagine. I am Cuban, who wrote this article has no idea about Cuba reality or just washing up Cuban dictatorship face. Shame on you.

    • Cuba has no vaccine at this moment, just a few candidates the govt is testing on the people without any guarantee. Additionally, the Cuban govt rejected the COVAX program vaccines, putting Cuban people at more risk. 1000+ new cases in Cuba daily, 100+ deaths.

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