Free Annual Health Checkups with amendments to MBS Act


The Minister, with Cabinet’s approval, is planning to amend the Medical Benefits Scheme Act that will enable every member of the scheme to engage in cost-free annual medical check-ups.

Meanwhile, the outdoor gyms which were planned, will go ahead in the months to come.

Funding will be provided, as promised, to enable those who are inclined, to engage in physical activity.

These outdoor exercise units are intended to encourage movement, healthier bodies, and reduced NCDs.

A large percentage of deaths in Antigua and Barbuda is caused by affliction with non-communicable diseases, especially hypertension and diabetes. The imposition of a sugary drinks tax is very likely, shortly.

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  1. Let’s see….
    Free check up ? What that entails?
    Free blood tests? Mammogram??? Paps smear?? Prostate?? What is check up ?.
    Why not revise the benefits that medical benefit scheme provide ..
    More dental and eyescare for sure ..
    How many people have to take out their teeth due to high cost of fillings …
    How many people squinting their eyes when they reading because of high cost of eye care ..
    It seems like the another distraction media gimmicks …

    • Guy so your teeth (or yes) is good but end up dead because of some non communicable disease that a yearly health check could have provided early warning and prevented death

      • Glad you responded. Its good we have elected very sensible men and women to run the affairs of our country. I never really question their competence. Or their decision making

  2. SCHEME- a plot or secret, devious plan. That just one definition, however you can’t seem to get medications on island or keep proper inventory and provide the services required for the customers that contributed to it. One big joke, the above idea is a smokescreen and your plan is to take more funds from medical benefits then make it look like the funds went into paying for health checkups. Just another way of EMBEZZLEMENT.

    • Boy you are smart. Anymore conspiracy theories. You should write a book with them. People may learn some tricks from you

  3. The checks will not be free, the contributors will be paying for it.

    It is not free, let’s wait and see who the selected few doctors will be to make this guaranteed windfall

    • You guys have such creative minds. I winder why not use them to create wealth for yourself or share it with us in some book

  4. Antiguans need to have monthly check ups with all the Chinese noodles they are consuming during this pandemic. Has anybody read the salt content of these noodles? All the people consuming these noodles on a regular basis have high blood pressure.

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