Fraud-Accused Trio In Customs Racket Set For Court On Wednesday


Fraud-Accused Trio In Customs Racket Set For Court On Wednesday

Customs officer Joezine Christian and customs brokers Rowan Matthew and Foster George are to be taken before the court on Wednesday of this week on fraud charges.

The trio are spending the long holiday weekend in lock-up after being jointly charged last week with Conspiracy to Defraud.

In addition, the two brokers have been indicted for Obtaining Money by False Pretence, while customs officer Christian will also answer to additional charges, including corruption.

The charges were laid as part of a major, long-running probe into an alleged racket in which millions of government revenue was fleeced from the Customs and Excise Division.

Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Hon. Gaston Browne had first raised the alarm, indicating his signature had been forged as part of the insidious scheme.

Law enforcement officials have labeled this as a major breakthrough and the corollary of what they say has been a meticulous probe.

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  1. Finally we might just find out which customs officer forge Gaston signature. Tell ah we how the sudden set up!

  2. All ah Dem nuff and hoi-t-toi-ty.

    Anyway knowing how the system works they will most likely get away.. Afterall election is also imminent.

  3. I do not believe,there is a link between this matter and the alleged forgery of Gaston Browne’s signature. He did say a Customs Broker Forged his Signature for millions of dollars. His spokesman Hurst,did say on Observer Radio. They did not wish to name and shame that person. They just wanted him to repay the money.In my opinion,when that matter was found out. It should have been turned over to the Police by the Customs Leader. Let the chips fall where ever. However,comrades do not drop “dung” on their own. Would that matter of the Forged Signature be pursued now? After all those monies earned by that Forger belongs to the People not Gaston Browne and or Max Hurst. He,thief are we money.

  4. I couldn’t agree more. No monies earned at customs belongs to any current or previous administration.

  5. Wha bout the smaddy that put the Top Dog signature pan de warrant. She above de law, and police carn charge she because she redder than red, and dem call she honarable. Police leff the crums and go afta the real bread.

  6. They Allllll gonna get a slap on the wrist and nothing more.

    People go continue steal down there cause certain people cannot be touched and even when caught they are toooo close to certain people to even be investigated.

    What about the millions ? The millions ? Not some $25 000 crime by a few low level people. Court will just fine them and tell them go home and hush.

    What about the break ins at the port ? I wonder what they stole out the container.

    Few years ago Michael had an auction and money disappeared. Then was told, just pay it back and everything safe. Let that be you and see what happen. They using the Port as their own personal wallet.

    Ya Realise the Indian man have NOTHING to say bout all a dis

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