Franz deFreitas launches trade skills program in City South


The UPP City South Candidate, Franz deFreitas is building on his agenda to empower and develop citizens and residents of St John’s City South and Antigua and Barbuda. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHAT’S APP GROUP

On Saturday 14th May the first of a series of trade skill courses was launched in the City South community.

The Basic Solar Technician Course seeks to equip participants with the skills and principles necessary to understand solar panel installation and electronics.

The three-month course is being presented by notable solar panel and electronics expert Alex Spencer and assisted by master technician Winston “Stan” Roberts.

The course which has been oversubscribed includes participants ranging in age from 12 to 45.

deFreitas has indicated that there will not only be a continuation of this solar panel short course but a number of other trade skills will be offered to the community to skill and upskill the young people and interested residents so that they can have more options for economic parity.

As with the exiting classes being offered, City South youth and residents are provided with scholarships to attend while participants from outside the community contribute a small fee to participate.

Franz and team of technical professionals are seeking to equip their community and the nation by providing an avenue for participants across academic, trade skills, crafts and entrepreneurship, allowing persons to get better jobs, get the qualifications to go on to college or start their own business.

Our current education system is too narrow and focuses primarily on academics. Our current education system does not support life-long learning and is not responsive to the needs of those who depart from the traditional track of education.

In this modern era of learning, education must be inclusive of more than academics. Students learn in different ways and have varying interests over the course of their lives and our education system must recognize this and adjust to effectively satisfy the needs of our nation.  Franz is moving his community in this direction.

Through the efforts of this amazing trade skills venture the hope that seemed lost could become a triumphant victory in building knowledgeable minds and creating wealth for residents in Antigua and Barbuda.


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  1. “Empowering the citizens of Antigua 🇦🇬 “.

    The UPP should use this as their election campaigning slogan.

    This would counteract the ABLP’s SELF-ENRICHMENT policy that continues to benefit the government, their associates, family and friends.


    • Finally a page has been taken out of Gaston Browne’s administration EMPOWERMENT BOOK… It is very clear that Gaston Browne has that vision to lead and others like Franz will cog & follow……

      • Bluddy Bloke the only difference between Franz and Gaston is that Franz is empowering the youths and the common man while Gaston is empowering himself, family ad the cronies around him. Think about it.

      • Gaston and EMPOWERMENT??? Where do you come??? Gaston and SELF ENRICHMENT. There, fixed it!!!

  2. These should be done in spite of political agenda. This should be done all the time not waiting to gain milage. I would endeavor to say the people are not the centre of the program, it’s power and control. Why wait till now?

    What happened to the program started by Winston Williams in the nut Grove community? This should have been completed and in operation no matter who is in government.

  3. Praying for the nation- very well said. We have people that do things to get elected and if they fail to get elected you never hear from them again. Then you have the real community people, people that are community oriented. In Antigua we refer to them as community activist. These people don’t matter their status will give their last cent to help others in their community and the nation on a whole. They don’t normally get into elected politics or not favored my political parties. These are the type of people that we need to elect, people that love people- people that love their community, people that love their country.

  4. It’s a pity he can’t spell. Has he RENOUNCED his U.S CITIZENSHIP yet????

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