Franklyn James says police beat him senseless while taking him into custody


Franklyn James has accused several law enforcers of beating him after he was arrested in the Cashew Hill area in December, 2022.

The Potters resident tells say he will not rest until he gets justice.

James himself faces several charges arising from the incident, including Resisting Arrest and Obstruction.

He says he called the police to the home of his daughter and her mother in Cashew Hill, after a relative of the landlord was reportedly breaking several windows.

James explains it was while in the vehicle he received punches to his side and face, which have left him with problems seeing from one eye.(STATE MEDIA)

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  1. The gentleman appears to be thoroughly beaten up allegedly by the Persons who have sworn to protect and serve. This behaviour by our policemen cannot be condoned in the society we are trying to build. The authorities must deal with this swiftly. Our lawmen must also understand that they must exhibit the highest degree of professionalism at all times. Beating on other human beings in custody is simply not on. We are better than this.

    • If we are to take story as being legitimate, his alleged beating was politically motivated. Obviously this cops are not fans of the current administration, which is their right. To punish citizens however, because you believe you have impunity is by any means abusive. It is regrettable if proven to be factual.

      • Police & Anorthern Man
        Had Some Kinda Beef
        Man went to Police house
        Found His wife a cheat
        Police Came to Man Step
        Returning what Was Left.
        Man Went to Police House.
        Police was in . BED
        All Red……Dead …
        Where is de – Beet?

      • No Dave Ray. These are labourites beating up on each other. Or Gastonites vs labourites.
        If you come in my space, l will thump you in your face.

  2. I hate Antigua Police. Most of them are a bunch of uneducated rejects whose only job can be become a police and try to usurp that power.. but that’s the only thing they can ever do.

    I don’t speak for all. Just the ignorant ones. But to be pragmatic, no one in their right mind will attack or beat you if you were not acting in a way, detriment to the situation. That’s no excuse still.

  3. Mi want them brutalize me one day. Is not my mouth a go do the talking. Them lucky a nar Jamaica nor Trinidad them they fi a gwarn so. Trust me. Y’all Antiguans to soft. Get some sick killers out there and snipe out them kinda police officers them cloth. Mi hate them nf.

  4. There are good and bad police. I hope they don’t target him and he ends up missing because he spoke out. I doubt he’ll get any justice from this anyway since they’re using the strong arm of the law to protect them.

  5. I do not know the circumstances surrounding this matter.

    The investigation and the process will work.

    WHAT I DO KNOW IS THAT THIS GUY IS A LIAR. I know that for a fact because he has lied on me.


    I will wait for the findings and let the chips fall where they may.

    • You believe what you want cause at the end of the day this involves a minor to why he got involved! Proof and evidence won’t lie tho ☝🏾
      The chips may just fall on you! Never judge someone from the past.

  6. Something is wrong with us as Humans. In civilian clothes their personalities are okay. As soon as they put on that Police Uniform. It is like they went to Hell and Back. They become different animals and beat others up. I do believed the Police Force needs to have a few Phycologists on the Payroll.

  7. I am reminding Dave Ray that these police officers of whom he referenced, are from the very Organization/Force that wielded terror through teargas and rubber bullets in 2021, through directives from the then government. Fast forward to 2022, the alleged victim publicly called out the PM for the bad treatment and disrespect that he received as a key supporter of the ALP and months later,he’s complaining of being brutalized by the police. So from whom are they getting immunity and who was in power in 2022? You Must Have Forgot.

  8. Derailer you got blows? Lol 😆 🤣 😂 😆 🤣 😂 😆 🤣 😂 😆 🤣 😂 that’s what you get for mashing up Antigua. Tanny lamin Driftwood you next

  9. Before anyone make any comments on this incident, try and find out for your self who is frankly James

      • shut your stupid ass up, they had no right to beat the man up like that. Yall trying to defend this wicked act by the police just like how they teargasing innocent people who were standing up for their rights 😒

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