Francis Replaces Smith As Airport CEO

Euletta Francis of Otto’s has been appointed Chief Executive Office of the Antigua Barbuda Airport Authority (ABAA) replacing Stanley Smith who resigned earlier this year.
Prior to her appointment of CEO she served as Chief Financial Officer.
She told state media that her role as CFO prepared her for the CEO duties.

“I have been here for the past seven years, I have functioned as the Chief financial Officer… as the Chief financial Officer absolutely everything passes through that office. So you tend to have to become, at least if you want to do your job very well you tend to become very familiar with everything that is happening operationally, security wise,” she stated.

Francis now heads a executive team of mainly new people.

“My role really right now is guidance, planning strategic looking forward, so the day to day operation; I think we have a very competent team… i wouldn’t say i think, we have a very competent team. We have a new team, new director of operations, director of security, now will be a new CFO who has been with us a couple years,” she said.

“This facility is almost 40 years, 1981, and we have to ensure that that facility stands the test of time as well, that is going to be – that’s why maintenance is going to be very very critical,” Francis added.

She said, “It is for us to create branding for VC Bird not just ABAA”s customer service but the entire airport community and we create one brand and I think that is something I will definitely be advocating for.”
The former CEO Smith resigned after being placed on suspension. The Jamaican now plans to sue the ABAA for wrongful dismissal.
He served as CEO from 2012.

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  1. Congrats to you. I hope you have broad shoulders. it’s not easy being at the top. I wish you all the best and pray that God gives you the wisdom in executing your duties.

  2. Congratulations Ms. Francis.
    I hope this lady is a daughter of the soil running our island major international airport.

  3. Am so elated with this new replacement. I must add categorically that I have nothing against the former CEO but when we have Antiguans that can do the job give them the positions.

    • CONGRATS CONGRATS ….its very heartwarming and proud moment when I SEE A COMPETENT ANTIGUAN BEING ELEVATED IN THEIR OWN LAND…

      The less foreigners i see in head roles the more proud i am…

      • Smh!…….Tell that to the Syrians and Chinese that run St. John’s city. You only have strength for your own black Caribbean brothers and sisters.

      • I agreed with you @VODKA.
        We will deal with the Chinese and Syrians once they step out of line in criminal activities but right they’re small investors in our economy.

        • @Waladi…….exactly do you see Syrians & Chinese murdering anyone stealing from anyone ..or catching murder charges ?

          NOOOOO..they do White Collar crimes if any …they ADD POSITIVELY TO ANTIGUA’S ECONOMY they are considered by many ” a good look”…

          Idk if your a naturalized ANTIGUAN …i dnt think or believe ANY FOREIGNER SHOULD GET ANY LEADERSHIP POSITION OVER A BORN BREEDED ANTIGUAN ….ah dat this garrot say so ALL FORIEGNERS ketch ah fire!!

          • No they are taking over the economy. And who controls the economy controls the country. That is something black people fail to see. All Market Street is already in their hands and so is the majority of our country. Look at who is building the big apartment complexes and other building. Salem and his brothers.

          • @Sideline….b os Antiguansdnt INVEST IN THEIR COUNTRY and when Hadeed Makouls etc help Syrians come in set them up we ALL bex…do we even support Antiguan busineses. NOT REALLY we have this crabs in a barrel syndrome we up to the now still have discomplex mentality …..we are to blame MARKET STREET AND THE WHOLE OF TUNGGG DUTTY NO RASS FOR A CAPITAL CITY..THE WHOLE PLACE WANT TO RESTRUCTURE AND CHARGE ALL RESIDENTS IN TOWN TO DO IT….CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW ST.JOHNS CITY SO DIRTY AND TOURISTS WALKING AROUND THE MAIN ECONOMY ….FOREIGNERS GIVE ANTIGUA NIGHT LIFE wah cudda go so….

          • @VODKA, I am a born Antiguan and my parents and grandparents going back to great grandparents are all Antiguans born.
            I don’t believed in any foreigners should hold or be head in any Antigua and Barbuda government department. These jobs should be set aside for only native born.
            Also I don’t believe in any foreigners should be working in our police force, arm force, custom, immigration, etc. These are critical jobs and should be set aside only for natives born.

  4. It is about time that the PM (Top Dawg) do an inventory in all the government department, and put Native born Antiguans and Barbudans to head/run these department. It is our country and the top job positions should be ours. We are intelligent and capable people who can run our own states of affairs. How does it look to the PM to see him as a native Antiguans born head of the government and all the government department under him are headed by foreigners? Mr. PM, your people come first and anyone else comes last.

      • I hope and pray this is a good sign that the PM is cleaning house of all non-nationals heading our government department.
        We welcome the 4th Landed Campus of UWI with open arms. Congratulations to everyone who had worked to get it here in our little paradise island of Antigua and Barbuda.
        Antigua and Barbuda have intelligent and experience people here for years just waiting for the opportunity to be ahead of government department but because of political interference by both political parties it never happen.

  5. This is great for women in Antigua and Barbuda. Yet another women climbing to a top position in the government. We have a woman as Chief Immigration Officer and we have a woman as CEO of the CIU. I do hope that my friend Polly gives her all the support that she needs to get the job done. Because running an International Airport is not just about the administrative function. But its about networking with the airlines and bringing new business to the country. I still feel we are uniquely positioned with and old and a new airport right next to each other and if we take over the majority shares in LIAT and make Antigua the official Head Quarter we can dedicate all LIAT’s regional flight through the old airport, where LIAT will have its own counters and baggage handling services. Just like how in the USA AA has their own terminal.

  6. Kudos! Big up! Long overdue! Feel so elated to read/hear that a native Antiguan & Barbudan is now head of OUR airport. No surprise that we can find natives to head ANY business or Government/al institutions. If we were able to take the “politicians” out of the decision making when it comes to “Heads of institutions” things would be much better in our little paradise. Gone are the days when immigrants were needed to fill certain positions. I am sure a lot of us will give you the courteous support and government provide the necessary resources needed for successful management. Mr PM you may need to do some micro management on your ministers when it comes to heads of institutions as some of us view the hiring of non nationals is a way for them to create opportunities for enrichment on the backs of the citizenry.

    • Are you not tired lying. Who appointed the chief of immigration? Who appointed the CEO of the CIU? You are so pathetic in your lies its not funny. But then again you cannot help yourself. It’s your nature. And believe me Sir Robin must have a say in who is running the airport. Anywhere were the Minister is the final personal responsible with have to have his/her approval.

  7. Glad for the Antiguan. Long overdue Hope it doesnt cost an arm and a leg to pay off Mr. Smith.

    Am sure an Antiguan can run the Port and Customs.

  8. Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice”. – MLK, BHO!

    Congrats to Ms. Euletta Francis on her appointment!

    “Comrades, there is no true social revolution without the liberation of women. Inequality can be done away with only by establishing a new society, where men and women will enjoy equal rights, resulting from an upheaval in the means of production and in all social relations. Thus, the status of women will improve only with the elimination of the system that exploits them.” Capitaine Thomas Sankara, President Burkina Faso, assassinated 1987!

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