Four Women Admit To Unlawful Wounding


The four women charged with wounding the then 20-year-old Denatalee Nicholson have all pleaded guilty.

Shimmea Welsh, Dalianne Richardson, Shanique Dwyer, and Larsheka Gray appeared in the High Court this morning before Justice Ann-Marie Smith.

They were accused of violently attacking Nicholson at a pool party in September 2018.

Investigators alleged that the weapon used was a piece of a broken bottle.

With the matter committed to the high court, the accused women were given an opportunity to plead guilty or not guilty to the offense.

Defendants recieve one-third reduction of their sentences when they plead guilty at their first chance.

The women will be sentenced during the course of next week.

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    • You think. Pleading guilty is the new idea for charge reduction/ get away with murder. I bet they’ll do it again.

      Hate women that destroy women over foolishness.

  1. It’s kinda the new norm in Antigua. Do nonsense then plead guilty. Making a mockery of the courts have become standard these days.

  2. My heart bleeds whenever I see these young BEAUTIFUL women got Themselves in such foolishness . Now They are facing the possibilty of JAIL time. They records are TARNISHED….Would not be able to travel to certain COUNTRIES. Hope The Judge will spare Them Jail time and give Them probation. Very DISAPPOINTED in These BEAUTIFUL Women. Shameful.

    • But if it was a group of HANDSOME Men you would be screaming “SEND THEM A$$ AH JAIL”. The double standards of you people.

    • Why must the Court be lenient on criminals who commit these unlawful, premeditated, heinous acts?
      As, several bloggers are saying, plea guilty, appear remorseful and get away with these crimes.
      Then “eye for an eye,” should amply apply.
      Meet the phuckers one by one, and go to work, for revenge is mine.

  3. Come on Guys be more LENIENT….Sometimes ANGER take hold of Us. Hope the Judge have Daughters and can see pass a HARSH sentence.

    • If it was a group of men would be asking for LENIENCY or would you be saying how them wicked and to LOCK THEM UP AND THROW AWAY THE KEY. Tell you about society and y’all double standards. I hope the judge makes an example out of them. Lets not forget one of them went on social media cursing out the magistrate. Wicked set of women.

  4. Hope everyone make it through this .. Antigua got a lot of cyber security with they hammer ready to post incognito because people won’t know who they are came to read a post n these comments just childish like the countries mentality about anything else internet like it git y’all geeked daily

  5. The fact that these dumb post require approval even the website host a weirdo for promoting this crap in the comments clearly scandals keep the site running

  6. Where are you Guys CHRISTIANITY ? People make mistakes and The law was established to see through certain things that The General Public cannot see . We cannot go down the road just because someone has done something wrong. Let Us see the brighter side of life. Antigua is a Christian based Country. Let Us show this side of Us.

  7. And if they would have killed that girl would you still be preaching about CHRISTIANITY and they made a mistake? Give me a break

    • Jesus forgives. Why can’t we? We all make mistakes sometimes. What the girls did wasn’t right but the Court would have gotten to the root cause of what transpired. I agree with Glory 100%.

      • Now answer me this if this was a group of MEN would y’all be oh so forgiving?? I hope the judge sent them wicked wenches to jail. Them nearly kill the poor girl and you hyprocrites here talking about having mercy on them.
        Why don’t y’all think of the victim of their crime and all what she had to endure never mind to the medical expenses she proberly racked.

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