Four New Covid-19 Cases


Dr Joseph John has confirmed four new covid-19 cases in Antigua & Barbuda.

Dr John said he tested 66 staff members of the Hodges Bay Resort and Spa this morning using the rapid test and four returned positive results. The four are in isolation and are not showing symptoms of illness.

There are now 69 covid-19 cases in Antigua & Barbuda.




  1. But wait didn’t the PM say the 39 infected didn’t represent a threat to the people of Antigua? Didn’t he say hospitality staff were properly trained and therefore wouldn’t be infected? From one disaster to another, from one wild policy swing to the exact opposite the next day . time for those rich corporations who have made billions from the island to step in and give a small fraction of their profits to provide a living wage for all affected antiguans and for the government to close the borders again

    • Total persons who have tested positive for covid (26 before last week and now 39 confirmmed). Dr. John’s test will need to be verified via a RT PCR test. Note Dr. John makes clear this is his opinion, he has sited no recognized source, or even stated the specific test antigen test he used. .

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