Four Law Enforcement Officers To Be Charged With Killing Bruce Greenaway

The Late Bruce Greenaway

One police officer and three soldiers are to be charged with killing Bruce Greenaway in April 2020.

Multiple sources tell Antigua Newsroom that the law enforcement officers could appear in court as soon as tomorrow, Friday.

Their names have not yet been released by the communications arm of the police force. According to reports, the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions recommended that the police officer and the three soldiers be charged for the killing.

The charges come on the same day that loved ones laid Greenaway to rest in an emotional funeral and more than six weeks since he was found dead.

Bruce was found dead at Indian Creek on April 13  and an autopsy found he died of strangulation.

He was reported missing by family members but a few days before.

His killing sparked national outrage and calls for swift justice. The police assured the public that the matter would not be swept under the carpet.

More details to come.

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  1. Why hide their identity? We live in a small society and their identity cannot hide forever. When a poor man found with at least 20 grams of marijuana, his name and face plastered all over the news and in social media. A lot of them use government uniform and their powers to do a lot of criminals act in society. I didn’t know that the DDP is the one who have to give permission to charge and arrest people. I always thought that the police has that power to do so once they have the evidence.

  2. I hope they are charged with first degree murder.Death by strangulation is an horrific way to die.Think about it folks.It is like a hanging.On top of that his body was found at Indian Creek.Perhaps to give the impression that he drowned.The autopsy report was clear and concise.Death by Strangulation was the final verdict.First Degree Murder Charges must be the way to go.

  3. People let justice take it course
    Rush to judgement is never a good thing. Investigation must be carry out and served properly. The next thing you charge someone to know it leads no no conviction then you same people argue there is a cover up

  4. Well now let’s see how this court case goes. I hope they get the full extent of the law.

    I am sure the nanes and charges will be release tomorrow. This was a breaking development .

    Got is not sleeping.

    Now let’s see if Antiguans will rally behind this man and his family the way they rally around the Americans

  5. In our judiciary system you are innocent until proven guilty. A charge brought against anyone does that mean they are guilty of the crime… It only means that the police / investigators have found evidence to pin/ charge you for the crime committed…… Guilty or not guilty will be determined by a jury in the court of law…. So let’s not jump to conclusion as yet…..!

  6. Whoever is guilty of this evil murder, upon conviction, should be hanged by the neck until dead, accordeing to the law. Name the names of all the suspects and splash their pictures all over the media.

  7. It’s really funny how you news people are hiding certain news from the public, what happened to the jail officer that was remanded in January for the dtyw fight?? Charged with grievous bodily harm .They are out on bail but how you aren’t posting about that! Justice for Bruce, stop hiding them,other people you people quick to post .

  8. So anr decides not to post my comment on this now I see how you guys operate real joke!

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