Four in Custody for Theft of Diving & Snorkelling Equipment


Four people were arrested and are currently in custody, as police continue their investigations into the alleged theft of diving and snorkelling equipment from a business place in English Harbour.

The shop owner discovered the items missing on Saturday 9th May, and made a report to Dockyard Police Station. Several searches were conducted by police officers attached to Dockyard, Liberta and All Saints Police Stations in Grays Farm, Potters and Swetes, where majority of the equipment were recovered and seized.

Three males and one female are assisting with the investigation.

Charges of Break-in, Larceny and Receiving, are imminent as police continue their probe.

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  1. For theft?, People like you make Antigua worst, let them return the equipment and do community service.

    • Yes, for theft. From the top (who seem to think it is just fine to steal millions from the country) back down the stealing in this island has to stop…It is disgusting to steal from others and the reputation for this will kill any sort of tourism industry we ever hope to have, not to mention that gun holders will get to the point of shoot first and ask questions later!!

  2. No one is complaining about the theft of people 400 years ago when their forefathers bare harsh treatment and lack of proper nutritional food clothing housing no education and is the reason why a lot of our descendants of slaves are still suffering to this day we were forcefully brought here but still have to pay land tax and all kinda tax etc we can’t get a proper job because of lack of education throughout a generation we are still living in a colonial state of mind people are still slaves here in the so-called free independent state of the Caribbean and north America’s so in their defence this is a form of reparation
    Rob them! Like Lee p Ching say! It’s about time they get back a dose of their own medicine Rob all of them for the international crimes committed against God’s Chosen people Rob them blind ! And all you white people who have a ton of money that you claim to work hard for remember we know it’s slavery money past down to your inheritance and you use it to build up yourselves in high places to look down at the poor hungry descendants of slaves and you say you care!?? #ROB THEM STRAIGHT! AND YES I SAID IT! EE ARE GODS CHOSEN PEOPLE DESCRIBED IN THE WHOLE BIBLE ESPECIALLY DEUTERONOMY 28- READ THE WHOLE OF THAT CHAPTER you guys think we wouldn’t know our heritage because you didn’t make our people read and know who they are but instead want to tell them forget about it l. We were knowledgeable about who we are before slavery now after the abolition of chains and brainwashing of minds you say we are antiguans or Caribbean nationals with Carnival etc but you still have what’s ours and we will take it back one way or the other #rob dem! Big up Trinidad and Jamaica for that them nuh fraid and know what a gwan!

  3. And tourism modern day slavery serving the whites who destroyed the world we be kissing them just to feel good that’s why me and y team of beach sharks gonna breed off all the white girls and them bring forth black babies and wipe out the caucasian race once and for all hahahaha we gonna breed off every one of them that we meet hahaha there you go b!

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