Foundation Owned By Prince Charles To Help Transform Controversial Deluxe Cinema Building


The government has announced that a foundation owned by heir-apparent to the British throne, Prince Charles, will help fund a 7 million dollar transformation of the old Deluxe Cinema.

The plan is to turn the failed establishment into a modern performing arts center. The government did not say how much of the money will be coming for the Prince’s Foundation.

It said following Cabinet that “A budget of about $7 million dollars will be supplemented by the London-based Prince’s Foundation, organized by Antigua and Barbuda’s High Commissioner in that British city.”

According to government’s Chief of Staff Lionel Max Hurst, a London-based architect/designer, commissioned by The Prince’s Foundation, was dispatched to Antigua at the expense of the Foundation, to determine how best to retrofit the DeLuxe Cinema building in order to make it serve as a modern performing arts center.

The architect reportedly showed a model of the new center, supplemented by electronic images that show how a youth symphony orchestra, theater and dramatic performances spaces that can be held in the building when altered.

It is estimated that as many as 900 seated patrons can be comfortably seated for a single event.

“The expectation is that the Center can be readied in time for the 2021 CARIFESTA which Antigua and Barbuda will host in two years,” according to notes released following Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting.

The purchase of Deluxe was controversial because of its link to Charles Max Fernandez. The minister has denied that he benefitted personally from the deal estimated to cost $8 million dollars.

The purchase of the building was completed late last year, according to media reports.

The government said, the 100-year old site that has served entertainment, is surely a landmark that generations of Antiguans and Barbudans will continue to enjoy.

“It will be re-decorated using a Kente Cloth design and lit at nights to create a special and memorable view.”




  1. Antigua News Room, I know you know but be reminded that words matter. Prince Charles cannot own a foundation; he may be a patron and the organization raises money based on his support but a charitable foundation cannot be owned.

  2. Why Antiguans are soooo PETTY ? It does NOT matter if Prince Charles owned the Foundation or Not. Let Us support the initiative. Smarten up you Guys. Antigua is on the right track . God Bless Hon. Gaston Browne.

  3. Give it a rest people. Anyone can create and fund a foundation whether for the benefit of strangers or their own family

  4. Just some FREE advice to the UPP . Please stop Damani Tabor from represent the UPP on the SNAKEPIT on Thursday nights. Damani just repeat the same Rhetoric over and over . This does not put your party in a very good light. It sounds like you Guys are grabbing at straws. By the way ELECTION will be called soon . I am waiting patiently to see your Candidates. The BIG red machine will destroy the UPP. So be prepared.

    • Didn’t they rescind his appointment and gave it to Mr. Marshall?? Damani did not help the UPP’s cause one bit. His PRO skills added to the party’s mire of incompetence, shitty leadership and sorry candidates. Someone like Gisele Isaac-Arindell would me more suited for the worm pit. But then aagain, she so angry, bitter and full of badmind that dunno how effective she would be.

  5. The Prince’s Trust is a Foundation that helps & support young individuals between the ages of 18 – 30. So not sure if all this is correct as the Antigua PM says. I encourage readers to look at both the UK and International websites and it is clearly there for all to see. No Government has benefited from any funds donated by the Prince’s Trust.

    • So guess you are implying that the PM is lying or does not know what he’s saying? I would rather think you are the one that is mis-informed,regardless of you been UK resident or not..

  6. They did rescind His appointment but They are not happy with Mr. Marshall so They are trying Several others to see which one will not RECITE the same RHETORIC.

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