Foster Pup Flamboyant Poisoned Ahead of Wisconsin Travel


Outrage Over Poisoning of Foster Pup Flamboyant

A tragic incident has sparked outrage and calls for action after a foster pup named Flamboyant was found poisoned in Antigua and Barbuda.

The heartbreaking image of Flamboyant on the right, contrasted with his lively nature just hours before, has drawn attention to the plight of stray animals and the need for stronger measures to protect them.

Flamboyant, barely three months old and weighing just 10 pounds, was part of a foster program that annually rescues hundreds of pups from the streets.

His journey to a new life was abruptly cut short when he was scheduled to leave the island with a travel companion, bound for Wisconsin where he would have been fostered and eventually rehomed.

Instead, tragedy struck as Flamboyant was discovered poisoned in his yard on a Saturday morning.


Shockingly, he was one of three dogs poisoned in the same yard, highlighting the severity and frequency of such cruel acts against animals.

Joy Farrell of Dogs and Cats Antigua expressed deep sorrow and frustration over Flamboyant’s death.

In an email addressed to the Prime Minister, Attorney General, and Minister of Tourism, Farrell condemned the incident as reflective of a society where such barbaric acts are not uncommon.

She called for immediate and decisive action from authorities, emphasizing that allowing such cruelty to persist tarnishes the nation’s reputation and questions the effectiveness of law enforcement and governance.


The question raised is clear: when will those in positions of authority take a stand and say “enough” to such heinous acts?

The hope is that through collective efforts, including robust enforcement of animal welfare laws and increased public awareness, incidents like Flamboyant’s poisoning can be prevented, and justice can be served for all creatures, big and small.

The tragic fate of Flamboyant serves as a somber reminder of the urgent need for a compassionate and vigilant society, where the well-being of animals is valued and protected as an integral part of our shared responsibility.









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  1. Lol dog lives matters. while ppl die, crime rates rises, an so called politician rob the country
    Is there no dogs in Canada dis gotta be some kinda criminal scheme

  2. Animals should be cared for and not taken advantage of. On the other hand there is a lot of humans here in Antigua that would do well with a little care and food. I wish that the same care that is given to these dogs would be given to humans that desperately need the help here in Antigua

  3. Do you see how dogs care about there yard and the people who take care of them i had a lovely dog and they did the same to my own and the neigbor kill lots of dogs you let go your dog for one day a d he killed then wicked wiked

    • @Jaja “You let your dog go for one day”. Why are you letting your dog go for a day? Is it a friendly dog or does it bark at or rush at people? I have a cousin who got mauled by a dog when he was a child as he was walking on the road near his house by a neighborhood dog that used to rush at anyone passing (It even rushed at me and my mum whenever we were visiting them). He spent weeks in the hospital. So, I can understand why neighbours don’t always welcome dogs roaming around. Dog owners must also be more responsible. If you don’t have a fence and a gate then you shouldn’t be allowed to have a dog. Some people live in apartments or houses without fences and want to have a dog. They keep it tied all the time. To me that is cruelty. You should be able to let a dog run around a fenced yard for a while, not in the streets. If you don’t have a fence, you can take your dog for a walk ON A LEACH to a dog park (which we don’t have) or a field. The dog should be properly trained to leave people alone and come back to you when you call it. If it’s not trained, it should not be out in public. Some people with fenced yards open the gate while their dogs are untied and they rush out at people. You should secure your animal before you open the gate. There should be an animal control agency that goes around to ensure that dog owners are not allowing their animals to be a danger to people. Condolences to the people who lost their dogs though.

  4. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

    ― Mahatma Gandhi

    • And the wickedness and the cold-heart of mankind towards one another, shows that suffering means absolutely nothing to them ~ Brixtonian

      The Westerners concern themselves about animal health and welfare, but don’t give a s#%t that the world is moving closer and closer to WW3 and annihilation.


    • There won’t be an animal to care for after the Western countries LOCKSTEP towards oblivion.


  5. @Carl::: Well said
    What is so wrong in caring for animals just as we care for our fellow men and women. Don’t you guys thing that animals matter? But I guess some see the animals as a threat so the grt rid of them. THE DUNCE, I guess that what you are exactly (dunce). I’m embraced to even be part of the same platform you are.

  6. Mahatma Gandhi famously said that the moral progress of a nation and its greatness can be judged by how it treats its animals

  7. It would be instructive to know what method of poisoning was used. If we are to find a solution then we need to first start at the root of the problem.
    It seems from the reporting that Flamboyant was a young stray pup that had been rescued and was being cared for prior to taking the next step in his/her journey in life.
    The problem starts with us humans who for whatsoever reason want to own a dog but do not want the responsibility of taking care of the animal.
    Spaying and neutering a dog in your care if you are not interested in breeding them would go a very long way in reducing the number of strays that are let loose on our streets.
    If perchance your female dog gets inadvertently bred before you spay her then it should be your responsibility to find a home for it.
    When we do not take responsibility we cause problems for other persons. Farmers of animal husbandry, householders who have yard fowls, persons who raise rabbits, goats, sheep and so forth all suffer loses from the stray dogs which attack their livestock.
    We have all heard about the devastating results from laying down certain poisons. It goes far and beyond its intended target.
    I am not a scientist but I would believe that if it rains and that poison washes off it enters our soil. It may be that in small doses it harms no one, but what is it gets into our ground water?
    Some poisons as I understand it does not even have to be digested by the animal, just by inhalation other animals can be infected.
    Where do these poisons come from? We do not, I think, manufacture them here; therefore they are imported. Who imports them? How are they dispersed of?
    I suppose there are alot more questions but these are just a start.

  8. Traditionally in Antigua, dogs get poisoned when criminals are preparing to strike. So, the owners should be on the look out. I am not aware that people routinely poison dogs for fun.
    Also, dog owners need to properly restrain their dogs. Too many untied dogs rush out at innocent pedestrians. It’s hard to walk anywhere in this country. So, another motive might be that the dogs were being a nuisance. Something to think about…

  9. Are you people really humans? Why so much hatred towards animals.We have a pet.It is a part of my family.I could see some of you abusing it based on your comments.Then I as the owner of said pet would end up in the lock up.I rest my case.

  10. “another motive might be that the dogs were being a nuisance.”

    Absolutely! I love animals and would never hurt one but some dog owners should make sure their dogs are not barking all day and night.

  11. Antiguans simply must join the 21st century and start neutering and spaying their pets. The dogs and cats do not need to have sex like people do. (Which is what many people believe) And the same way people use birth control, you need to do that for your pets. Do NOT have a pet if you cannot afford to take good care of it, train it and give it a loving home. If you want to chain dogs up in your yard because you think it is protecting your property, you should be poisoned yourself. People are ignorant and cruel. Why try to save people? Animals are more deserving. A lot of tourists won’t come back to Antigua because of all the suffering animals. Dogs and Cats of Antigua are working tirelessly to try to help but it is like sticking your finger in a hole in the dam. Gaston Browne should take notice but I am sure he won’t.

  12. Hey! Have no hatred towards animals, sometimes on the highway I see birds get hit I alight from car to put them safely at the side so they catch themselves, but this hypocrisy of these Caucasian who have the heart to live in buffer zones and gated white community to avoid black people, can then be harassing the government to pass laws for animals, and is not concerned about the social conditions the citizens of this country lives under this government, because their embassies from their metropolis look after them and see to it the Antigua government carry out their wishes, if one a them want to build their house at Shirley’s height and fence it private that’s it. If we hit a shark in the sea water these white people will come cry, but will never shed a tears for all the black suffering people, so it will cost tax payers greatly to assemble parliament with food catering and transportation to pass laws for these white people who don’t give a dam about this country but their colonized portion that will never see black hands again like jumby bay and PLH in Barbuda.

    • Such a stupid reaction to animal cruelty. So many horrible comments on here it makes me sick to my stomach. To torture or kill innocent animals, there’s an evil inside those people that should not be overlooked! What or who else are they hurting?
      Sickos on this island. Perhaps egocentric animals themselves, deeper sickness and secrets in the lives of those who can hurt an animal.
      Shame on all of you who think this is an answer! Do unto others as you’d like done to you.
      RIP innocent animals of Antigua and the Carribean. What comes around hopefully goes around to those who hurt you.

      • Hey @ Serena, it looks like you didn’t read the FIRST line of @ Eldread’s comment.

        #justtryingtohelpyouout 😁

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