Fort Road Man Attempts To Rape Friend’s Wife


A Fort Road woman has reported to police that a her husband’s friend attempted to rape her in their Fort Road residence on Tuesday afternoon.

The woman was laundering clothes when the accused man, also of Fort Road, showed up and inquired about her husband’s whereabouts.

The man then allegedly made his way into the kitchen where he pinned the woman to the floor and attempted to force himself on her.

While on the ground, the man is further alleged to have demanded sex from the woman while touching her body inappropirately.

It is likely that her attacker would have succeeded in committing the rape had she not asked him to stop the washing machine. When he released her to fulfil her request, the woman is said to have dashed through the kitchen door, locking it behind her.

The alleged offender, however, was determined to pursue his victim and exited the house using the front door to catch up with the woman who had escaped him moments earlier.

He allegedly caught up with her and threw her to the ground where he began choking her.

It is unclear what transpired next, but all indications are the man was unsuccessful in his attempt to rape the victim.

She later sought treatment at the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre for injuries sustained to her neck during the attack.

After committing the act, the man returned to his home.

Acting on a report made by the woman, police visited his residence from where he was taken into custody.

Charges against the would-be rapist are pending.

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  1. I don’t know if this is a situation where they had something going on before and she don’t want to continue no more and he can’t stand to hear no. The part where she told him to stop the machine and he went sounds a bit off.

    He went to rape her like that police will catch him quickly without any disguise

  2. He would have to look for his dick in de bushes if he had touched me. Ladies learn how to scratch up their face and poke dem in their eyes. Maim dem for life! This woman was lucky. Wish she would have grabbed a kitchen knife and maimed him! Sick a**hole!

  3. Sounds like they had some kind of relationship prior to this.
    Just saying
    Hope the police find him though

  4. The people commenting that it sounds like they had something going on before are sick in their heads and ignorant and dunce to the core. Stop this victim blaming BS in Antigua and have some compassion you sick, ignorant ppl

    • Indeed…. Say it louder ten more times. A woman is almost raped and seeks help.. only to hear the media say oh the must have had something.. like lust and mental illness nah exist. He is so sick, and so thirsty for her that he was probably so happy when she said turn off the washer…he thought he had won… disgusting nasty human… to go after a woman like she is just a piece of meat…

    • Here, here … the shocking comments from @ Quann and @ Stay safe are disgusting and utterly despicable to say the least. Embarrassing!

  5. @ whoever misunderstood my comment
    My comment doesn’t promote rape. I am against rape .When I read the news that’s what jumped out in my mind the fact that he just went over without any disguise it seems like a relationship was there . I never said he had the right to do anything so please do not misinterpret what I said.

    • Can tell you are a man. Have to justify your stupid comment instead of just saying you made a mistake or how about this, learn from that comment and the reaction. It is not a misinterpretation of your comment, your comment suggests a relationship which you clearly know nothing about. When you hear attempted rape, it is never ok, even if you wonder it, to say you think there could have been a relationship. People like you and comments like that are part of the reason vulnerable people don’t want to go after rapists. We live in a society where people constantly make excuses or blame the victim or say something doesn’t sound right and she must have been in a relationship, your comment is NOT misconstrued, it’s an unacceptable comment. How do you think the victim feels reading that?! Keep your ignorance to yourself

      • Did he said anything about her fault she get rape? I dont think so. Rape means rape wether they had a relationship or not.

    • But @StaySafe the article said the man was a friend of her husband’s. Why assume the worst man? Why can’t we just take it at face value and assume it was cordial because they were FRIENDS? If you’re going over to your friend’s house are you gonna put on a disguise? SMH.

      Let facts be facts, because facts don’t care about feelings!

  6. He’s no friend of the husband. All the time he’s visiting his so called friend he had Ihis eyes on the man’s wife. So when he went there and heard that the husband was not at home he thought it was an opportune time to pounce on the woman and rape her. Sick bastard. I hope he gets the same amount of time in prison as if he had actually raped her, because he had already committed the act in his heart.

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