Fort James Reverse Osmosis Plant to become operational in short order


Cabinet Notes:

The Cabinet received a report from the Minister of Public Utilities concerning the near-readiness of the Fort James Reverse Osmosis Plant.

It is designed to produce 1 million gallons of potable water daily.

In the first phase it will produce 500,000 gallons daily and it will become fully productive in short order.

The pipes that will take water to the villages of Yorks, Fort Road, Villa, Point, the City of St. John’s, the Heritage Quay piers as well as surrounding areas are already being laid underground.

The surface of the road leading to and from Fort James has been significantly compromised and will require repaving when the laying of the pipes is complete.

Meanwhile, significant portions of the Bethesda R/O Plant have been shipped to Antigua from Dubai.

Plans for the Bethesda R/O Plant are proceeding, including the construction of the foundation of the building to house the works.

The resources for the purchase of the plant have been secured and nearly all payments made to the supplier.

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    • Says the person who has said (in a previous ANR thread) that he would lick the Prime Minister’s a**e including his wife’s. Sickening.

      @ From The Sideline, you’ve destroyed your on credibility by saying this … YOUR WORDS, NOT MINE!

    • @ From The Sideline

      You probably forgot that there was no water problem in the 28 years prior to 2004 and between 2014 and 2022, only during the period 2004 – 2014 YOU USEFUL IDIOTS.
      YOU ALSO DIDNT REMEMBER ROBIN’S WORDS: MAMA CAN’T BATHE AND PAPA CANNOT BATHE, but they could bathe in the 28 years prior to 2004 and from 2014 – 2022, but not during 2004-2014, YOU GUYS ARE JUST ROTTEN HYPOCRITES, and thats why I could never ever vote for such a party.

    • You think Jackson Mississippi is bad, look up the situation in Flint Michigan. You can’t even see through a glass of that toxic waste that they’re trying to pass off as water.

    ” We don’t know what the hell we doing”! 500 houses in 500 days. Water flowing threw the pipes in 14 days”

  2. First they said water would be fixed in 14 days. It’s now well past 3000 days are we are hearing about “short order”. We are dealing with a bunch of clowns. You can’t bs the people forever. Enough has become too much. Labah gone!!!

  3. In the meantime that POS Gaston Browne and the rest of his septic tank gang living in squalor while the rest of us can’t even get the basic necessities in this modern day and age. Our country is backward and way behind the times all thanks to the current govt.

    Keep on voting this POS in and things will continue to get worse for the rest of us.

  4. If you’ll think Antigua has not deteriorated as a country in the last 10yrs or so, you’ll are sadly blind. There was a time not long ago when I come to Antigua, and people walk around with a certain swag, a certain persas, now all you see is pure beggars coming up to you when you go there. I’m not saying this because I hate Antigua( for Christ sake I invest there) I’m saying this, because it needs to be said by those of us who wants to see this small island go back to what it was or even better. See it go back to the days when cricket is flowing, when the beaches are packed, when carnival is the big draw that it is, when sailing week is a national pride, when you can still hitch a ride, and some nice person pick you up, go back to when you use to have access to all the islands around, via VC Bird international ( yes I said VC Bird) back to when money a run and people are walking around with real working money in there pockets, back to when a young man can pull out his own money and buy you a drink, instead of begging for it. Yes Antigua, back to when things were simple. I don’t care who rules, but that’s what I hope for this beautiful island call Antigua.

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