Former UPP Member Lamin Newton Says He Was At Odds With The Leadership Of The Party


Lamin Newton, former United Progressive Party (UPP) member, tendered his resignation from the party on Wednesday saying he was at odds with the leadership of the party.

The former All Saints West Constituency caretaker, wrote a letter addressed to UPP’s General Secretary Shawn Nicholas, outlining that he could not continue to be a member of the political organisation in its present configuration.

In response to Newton’s resignation, Leader of the Opposition, and Member of Parliament for All Saints East & St Luke, Jamale Pringle made clear his intent and commitment to defend the honour of the UPP.

He put Newton and any other like-minded individuals on notice that he will be in the forefront of the fight, not only for his party, but also for the redemption of Antigua and Barbuda.

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  1. I say this with certainty Mr Newton is a spoiled, lazy, and selfish individual.

    If Mr Newton thinks it was his sweet Godly personality that got him the votes he got, I urge him to run independently and prove his theory.

    Take the high road next time, and announce your departure from UPP where you started in the snakepit with the person who made you Serpent.

    Mr Newton good luck with your endeavors, but please stay clear of politics. The very reason UPP lost the last general election was because of you and the others (and you know who they are) that the general public did not think was leadership material.

    Mr Lovell did not listen to the people on that either and the party suffered. Having a bunch of un-electable candidates does the party no good.

    • Mel, I think you’re a little too hard on Mr. Newton. He did the right thing. UPP slowly unravelling. Mel, always enjoy reading your posts. Don’t always agree, but your thoughts. Happy 2020.

  2. First of All Let me put on the table that I am a UPP supporter . I heard Mr. Lamin Newton on Observer Radio yesterday morning and it confirmed that what I have been hearing and defending is TRUE. The UPP has a SERIOUS Problem. The Executives are not listening to the Electorate. The Electorate are tired of ALL those OLD FOLKS at the HELM . Why Harold Lovell and D.Gisel Isaac are NOT LISTENING . UPP has Problems INTERNALLY and EXTERNALLY. UPP cannot go into 2023 election with who We have at the Present moment. At the moment UPP is NOT a winning Party.Youths DO NOT want anything to do with UPP. I am at a LOSS why They are NOT listening.

  3. One more thing Mr Newton our PM has made it clear he wants winners not runners and the DNA would be showing real signs of desperation to consider you as a candidate.

    Enough said

    I will support your argument that the UPP does NOT attract ELECTABLE CANDIDATES. I heard Jamal Pringle on the Observer Radio this morning. Mr. Pringle is NOT learning . He does NOT have the facts and speak in a manner that is NOT to PARLIAMENTARY LEVEL. All the UPP PRO are JUST NOT UP TO standard.I do not know how the UPP will deal with Gaston Browne BIG RED machine in 2023. As the OLD saying goes cannot expect a different results if you do the same thing OVER and OVER.

  5. Lamin’s resignation was a long time coming. From the time he supported the Five Islands UWI campus, he was ostracized by the party for putting country first. He seems to have been strongly influenced by his late father who seemingly instilled certain values in him.

    On another note, the UPP is doomed. The UPP does NOT have a leader. What it has in the form of Lovell is a delusional jellyfish posing as a “leader”

    Delusional because he goes around smiling with spinach in his teeth and his puppet master (Mrs. Gisele Isaac-Arrindel) and others will not tell him the truth. Lovell is simply reaping what he sowed. From not respecting Mr. Spencer when he was PM, to badplaying Joanne Massiah for the party leadership.

    Yes Melford Nicholas’ banging post will get a 3rd whooping come 2023. Lovell does NOT listen. Even the youths have declared that the UPP has nothing to offer them. All this coupled with his reputation as the Worst Finance Minister. Romantic Rhythms, IMF, Fences among others.

    UPP is sinking further into the political abyss each passing day. #LeadershipMatters





    • @vodka. You a jink too much. With that attitude, the UPP will surely implode. Anybody more ARROGANT than the HAG WID LIPSTICK??? She a pit inna Lovell mouth anna she kanchole he puppet ching. Nobody interested in LOSER LOVELL and his watered down lipstick on a pig advisor.

  7. @ VODKA HD
    VODKA HD…You are just like the UPP . You Guys are NOT listening to the General Public. This is not about Lamin Newton. People leave Party every day. This is about the UPP NOT Listening to the Public . The UPP Executives DO NOT win election. The Public is who vote for the Candidate . What is so Hard about this. I believe in UPP EXECUTIVE meeting You Guys big up each other and do not listen to the Public. That is the UPP demise. When will the UPP help JAMAL PRINGLE ? JAMAL needs help . He needs help with PRESENTATION , SPEAKING , RESEACH etc. I am anxious to see JAMAL speaking on the budget 2020 in Parliament.

    • The Hag wid lipstick get she pay to help him wid his dumbness. Can’t make a dumb man smart. These days all he doing is telling people how he leading the party and he will be getting tougher this year, yada, yada. All the talk will last until be ready to run off to Miami again.

  8. @VODKA HD
    MY Advise to you VODKA HD stop drinking so much VODKA. I can tell from your contributions that you are DRUNK most of the time. I am happy that you do not support Labour Party . We do not need People like you around our Party. Stick with the LOSINFG PARTY ….UPP . Watch your health drinking is not good for you.


    D.GISEL ISAAC should be helping Jamal Pringle because She is Jamal Pringle ADVISOR. She is paid $4000 monthly to be Advisor to the Opposition in Parliament . D.Gisel Isaac was hired by Jamal Pringle for the Position. Jamal overlooked People in His Constituency and give D.Gisel Isaac the Job. Are You telling me that He could not find Someone in His Constituency for this Position ? Jamal deserves what He is getting from D.Gisel Isaac and Harold Lovell . Shame on you Jamal Pringle.

  10. I listened to Observer Snakepit yesterday . I am at a LOSS to understand why SERPENT and Other Members are soooo UPSET of LAMIN NEWTON leaving The UPP . People leaves Party every day All over the world. I thought Serpent said that He is Neutral and does NOt back any Political Party. Serpent is BIG LIAR. He is hiding behind the MOVEMENT but He is a Major Supporter of the UPP. What is wrong with Lamin Newton leaving the UPP ? Serpent for your information more Persons shall leave the UPP within the next few days …..So stay tuned. The announcement will be made within a week from today. UPP IS COMPLETELY FINISHED. Serpent , Knight ,Cleon Athill , Gladys Potter, and Members of UPP are BIGGEST LOSERS in Antigua. 2023 will see all the seats for Hon.Gaston Browne and ALP.

  11. @ ALL THE WAY

    I was listening to the BIG ISSUES on Observer Radio today January 12 2020. ALL THE WAY….The BIG ISSUES just confirmed what you mentioned in your posting. The UPP MEMBERS are attacking Lamin Newton for leaving the UPP instead of focusing on the REASONS WHY Lamin left…These are the same reasons why Joan Messiah left the UPP and took a few Members with Her. It all boils down that The Electorate would like to see HAROLD LOVELL , D.GISEL ISAAC removed from the the UPP. I understand that They will more RESIGNATIONS from the UPP within a few days. Stay tuned.

    • This is exactly why the UPP will continue to spin likd a pig in mud. Instead of addressing the ROOT CAUSE, they choose to mask the real issue.

      No need to hire a pollster, they will NOT win under Lovell.


    Mr. Knight …I am a UPP Supporter but I can recall one the contributors to this medium always advising you to stop the communication with DAMANI TABOR because Damani repeats the same things over and over. To be HONEST I can actually repeat His UTTERANCES before Damani comes on Air. As a Person who voted UPP in the past ..This is not good for the the UPP. Mr. Knight if you listened to the BIG ISSUES today….One of the Contributors mentioned that one of the problems with the Upp the same Three Persons are always on the Radio….Harold Lovell ,D.Gisel Isaac and Damani Tabor. My UPP does NOT listen to the Electorate. This is beyond me. POWER HUNGRY ??????


    What is the BIG deal of Lamin Newton announcing His Departure from UPP ? I think you Guys are focusing on the wrong Person and in the wrong area. This is the First I am contributing to this medium but I am SICK and Tired the way in which Mr. Newton is treated.

    The main problem which has been echoing for years …Harold Lovell and D.Gisel Isaac are Blocking the UPP success. Lamin is not the First to echo this….Joan Messiah and others. Why all the arrows are pointed at Lamin ????

    The area is the UPP CANNOT attract VIABLE Candidates and going into an ELECTION 2023 with Gaston Browne with the Executives ….UPP doomed to Failure.

    These are the issues. I hope You Guys will concentrate on the above mentioned and leave Mr. Lamin Newton ALONE. You Guys are concentrating in the WRONG area.

    • @ BE WISE

      I am not a fan of UPP nor ABLP but I know Mr Newton and Mr Lovell…..

      By the way I think Mr Lovell is an excellent leader but he has some arrogant, puffed up people around him.

      My Newton should invest in a gym and manage it.


    Have NOT seen contributions from you lately….The UPP has disappointed You…..That is what happens when you support losers . I know within your heart that you know what the UPP is doing that They are doomed to FAILURE. A few months ago I can remeber hearing you calling the UPP ” OLD WINE IN BROKEN BOTTLE” Cannot say I am lying because I can present you with the recording. They are so many issues that I know that you can make contributions but as the OLD saying goes ” CAT BITE YOU TONGUE ” .Hope you will get over it soon. Stop supporting LOSERS such as UPP and THE MOVEMENT.Start supporting WINNERS. ALP attracts WINNERS NOT RUNNERS.

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