Former UPP Leader Harold Lovell Proud of Party’s Performance Despite Election Loss

Former Leader of the United Progressive Party in Antigua and Barbuda, Harold Lovell

Harold Lovell, the former political leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), stated in a recent interview that he has no regrets about his decision to resign from elective politics.

He believes that he left his political party in a better state, and he praised the party’s performance in the general election, despite not winning it.

Lovell explained that his resignation was not a sudden decision and that he left with his personal integrity intact.

He had been involved in elective politics since 1980 and was elected as political leader in 2015 after his party lost the seat of government at the 2014 polls to the Antigua Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP).

Regarding the UPP’s performance in the recent election, Lovell stated that the party made tremendous gains and that it was able to move from 38 percent in 2018 to 45 percent of the total national votes in 2023 when taking the non-ABLP votes into account.

He also revealed that there have been five persons who have indicated their interest in replacing him as the UPP candidate for the St John’s City East constituency.

Lovell sees his role as more of a “big brother” to the future political leaders of the party and is exploring other aspects of his life outside of politics.

He is interested in the law and hopes to do some writing and author his thoughts and insights. Additionally, he revealed that he would be traveling to the University of Toronto in Canada next week Thursday as a guest lecturer.

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  1. Harold Lovell not yet Please Sir We are monitoring what is happening in this country their is a serious problem coming our way the leadership of this state communication skills is found wanting in respect to other countries around the Caribbean Notice that he didn’t attend the important meeting in Trinidad with the Caribbean Heads we will be isolated just a matter of time No one want to speak to him

  2. So yuh proud, yuh say? And yuh have no regrets? Well good for you.

    Plenty of us wish we could say the same thing.

    Everyday I leave my house and my family wondering if I could get a good day’s work to help look after them. I work hard for the party, Lovell. I campaign hard. Gaston was messing up so bad things look good for us. This was our time.


    You mean you couldn’t go into your constituency election night instead of sitting down and talking fart with Jaytlruth? You mean you could not come down off your high horse and contest the big thiefing that went on in your constituency? Nobody care about your personal integrity. In politics almost win is not a win.

    You resign so quick. You rush and crown Pringle as new leader and you know the dude can’t handle all that. Who you left the party to? Giselle Isaac?

    You have no belly for Antigua politics. Your job was to bring this election home for UPP people who suffering so much under Gaston. My daughter leaving high school soon. I don’t have a job to send her even to Five Islands. My wife was to stop taking bus to go to work. We plan to buy a little car so she could drop off the children to school and go to work.

    Now you say you proud? You have no regrets? Well I have regrets. You wanted to be leader so bad you fight Lewis so hard, and when you get it, you just let all kinda people take over and now you see they don’t want you anymore because you fail everybody.

    This article and the commenter’s, “You proud…” are deeply interesting because they portray two sides of the Political Party’s coin, real and/or perceived.
    Can the expressed thoughts be a microcosm of our Nation’s (“Colony’s) economic and social condition?
    Lovell is an accomplished academic, professional, former politician and government administrator who has several economic choices now to earn a living and start businesses at home and abroad.
    Congratulations Harold and success in your future ventures!
    The commenter on the flip side expresses pain and wretched disappointment, personally real or political party perception at the general election loss 2023, and may also think Lovell is selfish.
    The loss denied personal benefits to be derived from a win after working hard for victory.
    “To the winner goes the spoils” is deeply rooted in our political culture so any loss is felt severely by affiliated and non-affiliated people in the country.
    “To be, or not to be, that is the question….”(William Shakespeare’s Hamlet) What’s next? As you weigh the pain and unfairness of life, after hoping for an elevation for self and family, people must never give up.
    “Don’t wake up dead” (Sugarapple) – mentally, spiritually, physically – be resilient and create legitimate economic choices.
    Our venerable, noble Centenarians, descendants of our heroic African ancestors experienced torture, brutish, harsh, inhumane treatment from our colonizers during slavery and colonialism. They never gave up hope
    for a better life for themselves and children.
    Link this situation with our youths, the LCD – lowest common denominator – in our Public Schools. The government budgets (expends?) thousands of dollars every year for education, our students are leaving after getting continually low scores in standardized tests, after 11-13 years of instruction teaching without knowledge and skills to earn a living and start businesses.
    Our education system in the Public Schools is clearly not working to achieve the expressed purpose of preparing our students for our economic and social development and growth.
    We must radically change that education system in our Public Schools to make our students curious about learning, especially STEM subjects.
    We must use virtual, audio, tactile devices, simulators to deliver information, Pre-K to Tertiary.
    We must invest heavily in STEM teacher- training.
    “All knowledge in the world belongs to everybody in the world.”
    If we don’t commit now to this radical change, we will face the social consequences from the known risk of creating a permanent underclass of youths, “a low class” without knowledge and skills for college, career and life. They will be financially broke and broken as humans, arrogantly, verbally and in other ways, abused by the arrivistes.

    Let us interact with humility, grace, good intentions!

    Save our Humanity, Save our Youths, Save our Environment, Save our Soil!!!

    Please read the article: Brian Lara weeps for bloody T&T, offers solutions; (Daily Express) dated 5/8/23.


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