Former Supervisor at Sandals Antigua Elated About Promotion to Assistant Manager Position


The recently-promoted Wedding Events Assistant Manager at Sandals Grande Antigua Resort &
Spa Lydia Timothy is testament to the heights a person can reach in the hospitality industry.
“It is an honour to once again move within the Wedding Office,” she said. “Events have been
my passion and this promotion will allow me to further enhance my competencies and express
my dedication to creating unforgettable moments.”
In June, Timothy moved up the ranks from being a Wedding Banquet Supervisor to her current
role. She began working with Sandals Antigua 25 years ago as a waitress. Timothy then worked
at the resort’s Tour Desk as a tour representative within the Sales, Wedding and Tours Revenue
It was in this position that she developed a passion for weddings. Timothy was later promoted
to a wedding consultant and excelled. She believes keen attention to details and her love of
making dreams come true allowed her to climb the ladder of success in the Wedding
Prior to her career at Sandals, Timothy attended the Ottos Comprehensive School for three
years before deciding to further her education in the hospitality industry at the Antigua &
Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute.
She then earned her certificate in Food & Beverage after two years. This, she said, afforded her
the opportunity to intern at Sandals Grande Antigua.
Throughout the years, Timothy also completed courses with the Sandals Corporate University,
gaining certification in Supervisory Management and as a Hospitality Department Trainer.
General Manager at Sandals Grande Antigua Matthew Cornall highlighted the educational
opportunities within the company and commended the recently-promoted assistant manager.
“As an organization, we are committed to growth and development of our team members,” he
said. “Lydia is dedicated, professional and ambitious and we are very happy to be able to
elevate her to a higher level.”
To no surprise, Timothy has her eyes set on climbing even higher within the company.

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  1. Assistant manager after 25 years?

    Wow that’s some real hard work and dedication.

    Let’s suppose she started at age 25 at age 50 she reaches assistant manager, and set her eyes on future promotions wow.

    Sandals must be proud of themselves for setting such an exampl. It takes 25 years to work up the ranks to get to be someone’s assistant.

    This is a trully sad story. And someone wants to tell me about the benefits of the hospitality industry.

    • Don’t be so sarcastic and difficult. She started 25 years ago as a waitress. Waitresses do not become assistant managers in short time. She moved up, trained herself over the years. She did not start with the benefit of a university degree in hospitality or anything like that. She started at the very bottom waiting tables and is now in management. Well done.

      • @ Not so Common-Wish i could shake your hands, well said ..How many Waitresses makes it to managerial positions.Even in the corporate world,starting as a regular clerk in most places ,the farthest you can reach without a University degree these days is Supervisor, could be 40years.Other places should take a page from Sandal’s book and reward people for their performance and not a dam piece of paper..

    • @Melchisedec
      You na easy tall. But your statement is harsh!
      Credit must still be given to the Sandals. It is quite an achievement to move up the ranks from a waitress to now Wedding Events Assistant Manage. The woman did the ground work and young girls in Antigua can look up to her.

      • @Coin Dadly
        I know Lydia personally. She was an outstanding waitress for years. Her name topped the comments sheet month after month the guests loved her.
        Countless employee of the month awards.

        It took 25 years for such an outstanding employee to reach this point. So exactly what is the celebration about?

        She has been overlooked for obviously years. And she is not the only one.

        Sandals keep importing management and all of a sudden they throw some crumbs and all is forgiven. No say…

        Lydia for Manager with all the perks and pay.

        • There are Constables with in the Police Force over 20 years.And they are still Constables.So this lady worked her way up from a waitress position.Keep on working hard and making a better salary.This position was not given to you.You earned it. Congratulations and good luck.

          • Those constables should be out of the force obviously.

            No one should be in a job at the same position for 20 years.

            It means they have a deficit. And the top ranks that allowed this to go unchecked for 20 years should find themselves at another institution also.

            This is the problem with crime fighting and police visibility. Square pegs in a round hold.

            By the way who compares ignorance to justify ignorance? And celebrates the ignorance as success?

            Must be a slave…..

          • @Melchisedec wha mek ya nah hush ya r**** u think promotion come easy inna da police force wha ya r*** na join police if ya think ya so good and can get promotion. Alaways pan ANR ah chat s***.

        • What really stands out about her is her kindness. Like you I remember her from back then and I can’t see her speaking harshly to anyone. Always a hard worker and loved by the guests. Agree with you that she was overlooked for way too long. Really surprised she is still there since most of the staff, I recall working there in the 90’s have long left, only a handful remains

          • You so right. Many that were there for the opening have left. I can only see Mrs. Carlos. But Roma Spencer gone long time and see use to run that wedding program. The entire executive management is from abroad. The attitude you got was that everything from Jamaica was better. But every year it’s Antigua Sandals that claimed the awards. There is an unwritten anti Antiguan policy going on here in this company. Like locals will reach so far and not further. No matter what.

    • Notes From A Native Son Of The Rock! “Prior to her career at Sandals, Timothy attended the Ottos Comprehensive School for three years before deciding to further her education in the hospitality industry at the Antigua & Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute. She then earned her certificate in Food & Beverage after two years. This, she said, afforded her the opportunity to intern at Sandals Grande Antigua.” ANN 070819!

      Let us Salute and Offer Heartiest Congrats to Ms. Lydia Timothy for her Achievements in becoming Wedding Events Assistant Manager after preparing herself academically and through hard and long technical work! “The cognitive and structural aspects of a paradigm are incomplete without the functional aspect. There is
      something more than knowing in the Afrocentric sense; there is also doing. Afrocentricity holds that all definitions are autobiographical.” – Asante!

      This mere voice in the wilderness holds no truck for the “sandaled buccaneer and privateer’s” Human Resource Management Practices for People of African descent! It operates as if Cap’n Morgan was still a Pirate and Governor of Jamaica! Its management practice is an old colonial model! It’s North Atlantic Internship program should be outlawed by all English Speaking Caribbean Governments!

      “Come, brothers, we have far too much work to do for us to play the game of rear-guard. Europe has done what she set out to do and on the whole she has done it well; let us stop blaming her, but let us say to her firmly that she should not make such a song and dance about it. We have no more to fear; so let us stop envying her.” – Fanon!

      Let us keep hope alive that GoAB will keep the “sandaled buccaneer and privater family” where they are with no more until they change their Business Model!

    • I was laughing reading this. because it is really true. I am proud of her achievement but disappointed with sandals for it to take this long?

      According to how amazing sandals says she is, her promotions should have been given over a decade ago.

    • @Hazel McKay
      What are you proud of? The decision by Sandals?
      Lydia has done enough over the 25 years to be the General Manager at Sandals.

      It is disappointing how people are happy and settle for crumbs.

      I have seen some of the GMs in action and Lydia is much capable than some.

      After 25 years she is only good enough to be someone’s assistant? No say…..

      This hard working dedicated loyal worker deserves better…..

      • U think Butch will actually put a local person to be GM? He prefers to import his own yardy neergah dem. Don’t bother with him talking about urging countries to support the Sandals brand. Butch nah easy tarl tarl. See how he hoodwink Lovell to keep some of the abst? Hmmmm

        • Picky head you’re correct,that’s what i am saying.Everything should not be turned into a color thing,they are numerous Employees all over this country, working for organizations managed or owned by BLACK people and they work their asses off only to have someone just pop out of a university and placed in positions above them, they do the work and the inexperienced University graduate get’s the high salary and happens in the Private companies,it happens in the Government Statutory corporations,so Sandals isn’t the Devil here..If this woman was in another field of work,in another type of organization,she would never become an assistant manager with just Certification,she would need a Degree to get there,so Sandal’s is still better than them..

  2. I don’t really know her but i will certainly extend congratulations to her. Kudos should also be given to the hotel’s management to have that vision to elevate a staff member who has moved up through the ranks in the organization and perhaps I assume, got most of her skills on the job. Unfortunately in other establishments, there are many persons in a similar setting i.e performing etc, but have been overlooked for promotion… Real sad!!

  3. Sandals should be ashamed of themselves as a company to take this as an example of elevating people. I mean not even to manager. Assistant Manager after so many years!!! Shame shame shame. Massa days have returned to Antigua with Sandals. So there is no room in the top positions for locals. No General Manager position ever.

  4. She is doing the work as that a manager would do. She is making Sandals proud, yet she is not made manager because she does not have a degree!!!!!
    Sandals need to step up and give the woman the position of manager ! Instead they are importing a manager, who will then be making the big money off the labour of this hard working woman.
    Ms Timothy has been running the department for years! It’s time she is given the credit and the position of Manager.
    Someone should look into why, she work as a manager and is only recognized as an assistant!!

    • It’s up to her as well too. KNOW YOUR WORTH people.

      Same thing goes for young ladies who are doing wife duties, but still stuck at girlfriend/baby mama status.

  5. Lydia is an example or hard work, dedication and loyalty to her employer. However she has been overlooked a million times because of Sandals habit of importing Managers and getting away with it. For years she has been the driving force in one of the most lucrative departments in the hotel and never heard her complain yet.

    Congrats Ms Timothy.

    God knows the struggles you encountered and it never showed on your face.

  6. Shame and disgrace on Sandals.

    Imagine Sandals boasting about a promotion to an assistant position.

    They must really think Antiguans are stupid.

    This was a demeaning article. If they wanted to embarrass Lydia they did a great job.

    25 years of dedication and loyality is only worth second rate. The nerve of Sandals.

    Hope they take the time to look at the achievements of other locals who has been there for 25 years plus and compensate them accordingly.

  7. “IMPORTING MANAGERS” seems to be the consistent theme and the motto of Butchy and his Sandals brand. I hope that when she is ready to retire, she gets a damn good pension along with other TANGIBLE gifts.

    Butch is a proud yardman, but he acting like a real Massah and living up to his skin colour.

  8. Carrier planning should be something clear in every establishment. The moment you are hired it should be shown to you how you can move up within the organization. And also for succession planning the company should more or less through continuous education and training ensure that employees are prepared for the future positions. And only trained staff will let a company grow in its potential. And you also ensure that the staff turnover is very small. Therefore it always pays for a company to invest in its staff.

  9. @ Chups
    Your attitude is exactly why you will never be promoted and should be dicipline until you exit. You are nothing like Lydia…

    Now the police force has structure and it clearly outlines who promotes and how promotion takes place. If you had a rank would you promote you? No….

    Top ranks usually promote persons they can work with some refer to this as favoritsim. Think about this would you promote someone with a nasty attitude like yours that does not cooperate? You are no Lydia for sure.

    I know young constables who educated themselves and now holds senior ranks. What were you doing when those young whipper snappers were burning the mid night oil?

    Probably drinking rum, playing dominoes, chasing women, and going to stables at bed time.

    By the way explain to me why any right thinking person would want to live at a police station for 25 years. Has no assets to his name children all over the place owes thousands in child maintenance.

    And wonder why they are overlooked for promotion?

    Ah ha!!!! I know you and the police force too…

    • Y don’t u stfu ya ass know me? All ya ass do is on ANR 24/7 ah chat shit ya nothing but one keyboard bulky
      FYI dips**** I anit a police. Ya rass chat to damn much.

      • @Chupz
        The truth has a way of letting the affected see who they really are.

        At times they have difficulties negotiating what’s in the mirror.

        Once upon a time a lion passed his prime, catched a lame bull from a farmers herd while he was taking the herd to the watering hole.

        When he was done eating the lame bull, the lion gave a loud rooooaaarrr, the farmer in his wisdom took his shot gun and killed the lion in an effort to protect his herd.

        CHUPZ the moral of the story is when you are so full of bull you should keep your mouth shut. Asante

        • Do us all a favour why don’t you get from behind the keyboard or cell phone and go look work fu do. The easiest thing is to to be a critict but when ya get the task ya don’t know what the shit fu do. All ya can do ah talk.

          • @Chupz
            When a man is dead he does not know that he is dead and he feels nothing his survivors feel the pain and anguish….

            Ignorant people are like that also……

  10. @Chupz
    Lydia i apologise for stealing the joy from your elevation.

    The inappropriate language used by CHUPZ was unfortunate and I take this opportunity to apologise on his behalf.

    With a name like CHUPZ expectation of reason and good mannerism is generally not expected.

    It’s not what people call you, but what you deliberately call yourself that determines your value.

  11. #empty vessels make the most noise
    #melchisedec need to get a life
    #melchisedec is what u call bad minded and envious
    #melchisedec need to get from behind the keyboard and find work fu do

  12. When pain, misery, or anger happen to you, it is time to look within you,
    not around you.

    Confidence and stupidity are a very dangerous combination, but they
    generally go together.

    CHUPZ if you are alone and is bored, obviously you are in very bad company.

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