Former Prison Guard Hugh James Sentenced for Smuggling Drugs into His Own Workplace


Former prison officer Hugh James has been sentenced to two months in jail for smuggling drugs into the prison.

Despite admitting to the offense, mitigating factors such as his clean record and guilty plea led to a lighter sentence.

He worked at the prison for over a decade.

James was caught when a gate guard detected the drugs.

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  1. Wow he’s a nice man but can’t believe you let ppl set u up and your years of service gone dung the drain. Smh

  2. Everything is under hand pay out…smh how foolish can you be…thought you had your head on young man…

  3. daam!! smoke that after it’s been in your butt crack, that’s some poopy weed dem man smoking!

  4. Wow, so sad . This looks like a big set up, even though you were wrong . Never trust your friends. Mama always tells me, never let your left hand know what you right hand do.

  5. Ten years down the latrine! Who you piss on bro? It wasn’t worth it!
    Who go hire you now? And guess what? You’re now a convicted felon…no more US trips!

  6. Wow that coworker is the one they should lock up for being such a dirty little snitch. Chupssss, Bruk up the man dem supply. I would stay at the gate if I were you.

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