Former Prime Minister of Barbados Owen Arthur passes away


(Barbados Today)

Former Prime Minister Owen Arthur has passed away at the age of 70,  a Government statement has confirmed.

Arthur, the island’s longest serving Prime Minister, died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital at 12:26 a.m. He was hospitalised last week with heart complications.The statement said that Minister of Labour and Social Relations and St Peter MP  Colin Jordan, will be the coordinating minister for the funeral arrangements.

“The Government of Barbados extends sincerest condolences to his wife, Julie, his daughters, Leah and Sabrina and his extended family,” it added.



  1. This man was a real Prime Minister. A man of class, decency, integrity, even temperament, intelligence and love for his people. Not like the horse’s ass we now call our PM. Why can we not get a man like Owen Arthur or a woman like Mia Mottley as our PM? We always end up with much less.

  2. @Not So Common
    You are as common as the most common among your species. Just couldn’t resist the opportunity to pollute the air with your filth and nastiness. You need a good old-fashioned purge! Sick!!

  3. Shame on you for calling Mia Mottley “a horse’s ass”. You said Owen Arthur was “a man of class, decency, integrity…. Not like the horse’s as we now call our PM”. Did you mean Mottley. I assume you are a Bajan writing about your homeland.

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