Former Premier Of Anguilla Defeated By First Time Candidate & Former Miss Universe: Great Britain

Banks, 72, was defeated by 27-year-old Dianne Kentish Rogers, the 2018 Miss Universe Great Britain.


A generation has shown that they will no longer be excluded from important decisions made for and on behalf of Anguilla and Anguillians.

First time candidate, Ms. Dee-Ann Kentish-Rogers, has defeated the former premier of Anguilla, Mr. Victor F. Banks, who made his entrance into the island’s political arena approximately 40 years ago. At age 27, after an unapologetic victory, it should be noted that Dee-Ann made her political debut at an even younger age than he did.

“A member of the Anguilla National Alliance, Victor F. Banks, was elected to the House of Assembly in the Valley North constituency in the 1981 elections. Then 33, he became the island’s youngest government minister when he was appointed Minister of Social Services.”


  1. Wonderful news!!!! Congrats to you young lady! It took a YOUNG FEMALE to remove the old fart from office.

    Over in SK, a young female first timer defeated the incumbent Dougie puppet known as Konris Maynard.

    Big up to the FEMALES who dare to follow their dreams.

    • You really sound stupid referring to Maynard as a puppet. At least Konris didn’t bribe voters you pathetic idiot.

  2. Fantastic news for the people of the Caribbean and especially the females, to encourage more of the same for those who are prepared to work hard and strive for greatness.

  3. Great for her as a young Woman-but this is not about physical appearances but in the game of politics and leadership-its all about performance..Hope she has what it takes to move the Island ahead in these most troubling times..


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