Former Police Commissioner Wants Government To Investigate IHI US$14 Million Scandal


Former Police Commissioner Vere Browne as well as now-retired Assistant Commissioner of Police, (ACP) Nuffield Burnette, wants the government to make a second attempt at investigating the controversial Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Company Ltd. (IHI), Japan debt settlement US $14 million-dollar scandal.

The two former senior members of the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda (RPFAB), believe that there is sufficient evidence and that it could finally bring closure to the case.

The IHI debt settlement investigation dates back to the 1990s and surrounds allegations that millions of dollars were funneled into the pockets of a number of individuals masked as loan repayment for the desalination plant constructed in Antigua with the loan from IHI.

A key official who was a part of the investigating team, has also confirmed that he received directives in 2014 to immediately halt investigation into the case which attracted much media attention, both locally and internationally



  1. These people are really some piece of work. Why did they did not do/say something while they were employed. Most folks believe there was some fishiness in that and other transactions by politicians and their cronies dating back to mid nineties to present. Where were their voices then? Some may say better late than never but now that some of these politicians are in governance, would it be safe to say the evidences may just disappear? Do they have some ax to grind with some of these politicians and cronies? These are two key individuals who had the opportunity to take their findings to the DPP or did they do so and was overruled by the DPP? If we the regular citizenry could find a way to investigate all the corruption by the past two and current administrations A&B would be in a much better place financially.

  2. “Some may say better late than never but now that some of these politicians are in governance, would it be safe to say the evidences may just disappear?” …. I wonder why these so called evidence couldn’t do anything when they were not in office yet… Ten years is a long time.

  3. Here is this buffoon who found it earth shattering that some politicians led supporters up the wrong road. The DPP told him he had insufficient evidence to prosecute a political yet he proceeded and ended up with egg all over his face. Vere Browne’s time in office was one which made you wonder if he had a brain. After some ten years, he and others, investigating a case and being found wanting, its his suggestion that more moneys should be wasted and other investigators can accomplish what he and those he led could not. Another ten years? Twenty? When do we stop? Vere and Burnette, really seems like someone with a axe to grind


      Not sure any Commissioner of Police or investigator could beat a dead horse to ‘…Get Up and Gallop.’ Never heard it has happened in any law enforcement jurisdiction.

      Even so, ‘…Closed (Cold) Cases’ can always be ‘…Re-opened’ and investigations pursued.

      Professionally speaking, the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) has absolutely nothing to do with investigation.

      The ‘…Judges Rules’ are quite clear.

      In part it states, ‘…When a police officer is trying to ascertain whether or by whom an offence has been committed, he may question any person whether or not suspected…..’ [Rule 1].

      Theses Rules never speak to the ‘…the DPP directing investigations.’

      Even so, considering the role and function of the Commissioner of Police in ‘[…Preventing and Detecting Crime,’ his responsibility (through his investigators) is ensuring that there is ‘…prima facie evidence’ on which to effect;
      (i) …An arrest;
      (ii) …Charge accused persons; and
      (iii) …Prosecute them.’

      The ‘DPP’ will then determine;
      (i) …Quality of evidence;
      (ii) …Determine Committal proceedings;
      (iii) …Prepare and file Indictments; and
      (iv) …Direct prosecutions.’

      The DPP therefore, is concerned only with ‘…Public Prosecutions,’ and more particularly, with evidence sufficient to engage a Jury in a trial.

      Such prosecution is usually considered on two factors;

      (i) …The interest of the public; and

      (ii) …Where there is a reasonable prospect of conviction.’

      Failing these considerations, he would address the ‘…Commissioner/investigator’ only on the ‘…evidence.’

      Not necessarily how the Police should investigate a crime, but on the evidence that is needed to go forward with prosecutions.

      This is a ‘…Dead Horse Case.’ Wasting time cutting grass for it.

  4. Just go relax,Crime was out of control in Antigua while you were Commissioner.What are you trying here,trying to help out the UPP? Trying to give them a crutch to stand on for the next elections.Did you not have all this evidence while in office as Commissioner,or did you just find them.

  5. The IHI investigations seem to have touched, both sides of the isle in Parliament which more than likely, killed/sacrificed it on the hiram’s altar.
    Both sides, of the same coin of, Da Deadly Dadli Connection!

    Now, I for one is interested in the cost overrun of, the new airport which allegedly was approximately 100%!

  6. Rapaport repaid his share of the loot to the government. Why was none of the other parties to theft prosecuted? Seems that some people in position of power made the case go away. No accountability means politicians and their accomplices can continue to enrich themselves with the country’s assets. Who got rich from the sale of the lands at Emerald Cove? Not the government.

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