Former House Speaker says suspension procedures were botched


Former House Speaker says Court decision was expected, but the fact remains that suspension procedures were botched*

Former House Speaker Dame D.Gisele Isaac says the decision of the High Court in this latest matter involving MP Asot Michael comes as no surprise to her.

“Given the doctrine of separation of powers, I never expected the judiciary to intrude on a parliamentary matter,” Isaac says.

“However, what transpired in Parliament that day, procedurally, was dead wrong, and this fact ought not to be lost on the public nor on the other Members of the House.”

During her tenure in the Speaker’s chair, Isaac presided over the ejection of the late Sir Lester Bird and the suspension of then Opposition Member Gaston Browne. On both occasions, she says, the present attorney-general, Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin, was present.

Hence, she says, “The attorney-general knows and the prime minister knows that the suspension of MP Michael was not properly executed. And to allow that wrong to stand – simply because it suits their purpose – only compounds the problem and confirms the prevailing opinion that ‘might is right.'”

Isaac notes, too, that the Standing Orders governing the conduct of the House were revised recently by House Speaker Sir Gerald Watt; and so she expects that, he, too, is aware that the suspension was mishandled.

“And you mean that none of them has enough principle or decency to say, ‘This needs a do-over?'” she asks.

In the final analysis, Isaac states, what this tells the public is that Parliament – often described as “the highest court in the land” – is prepared to make laws for the people to follow while it declines to follow the rules, itself.

On a related matter, Isaac says describes the ABS News report on the High Court’s ruling as “disingenuous.”

Earlier on Wednesday, ABS reported that MP Michael – ahead of the suspension – had “remonstrated loudly in response to a sotto voce remark from Government Benches.”

The Italian phrase “sotto voce” refers to something said in an undertone and not meant to be overheard.

But Isaac counters that the remarks coming from the Government side “were clearly heard by the House and the ABS-TV audience; so there was nothing sotto voce about them. Not only that, they were intended to provoke that type of response from Michael,” she charges.

During a radio interview that followed Michael’s suspension, the players involved boasted that Michael would get no redress, since – even if the Speaker was wrong – the Court would not interfere in the proceedings of the Parliament.

“All the wrong lessons are being taught in this episode,” the former Speaker concludes.

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    • Wow, an ABLP supporters lack of intelligence personified.

      Absolutely bonkers the lot of them.

      No wonder this government wins over and over and over again. Sheeesh!

  1. Your Honourable D.Gisele Isaacs, everyone can see what the suspension of Asot Michael is really about, and – as usual – you have explained and clarified the situation in clear terms that even those sitting on the fence can understand.

    Silencing an opposing voice in parliamentary matters has always been the ABLP’S goal; and I for one wouldn’t be surprised if this plan was hatched as soon as Gaston Browne new that Asot Michael had won his seat in the last General Election.

    Don’t forget, the Prime Minister was totally exposed for the person we all really thought he was, by Mr Asot, after he threatened to box he down.

    Gaston Browne is a vindictive and narcissistic individual.

    • Poor guy. Every chance he gets he is on Gaston Browne’s case. Boy you really have a problem. Gaston would say, go get a life. Hatred can drive some people crazy.

    • This is for BRIXTONIAN and D GISEL ISAAC ARRINDELL. GISEL..How is my Friend Taddy doin ? Look after your Husband and stop all your stupid narratives.

      BRIXTONIAN the LOSER..Your Senate seat would not happen and you will be crossing the floor back to ABLP. UPP does NOT trust BRIXTONIAN. He is an OPPORTUNIST.

    • I believe Brixtonian is in love with Gaston. Our Prime Minister is not like that. This Guy criticizes everything Gaston does. Get a life Brixtonian.

  2. @Brixtonian
    Can you ask Ms. Giselle Isaac if the suspension of Mr. Chet Green, was according to Parliamentary rules? He said something on his radio show about the Governor General and they suspended him for that, three sittings of Parliament. Even though he offered to apologize to the Governor General. Nowhere in the rules says that a parliamentarian that says something outside of parliament on the radio or in public can be suspended by the members of parliament. If that was so, then Mr. Algeron Watt, a.k.a. The Serpent should have been suspended as well because he has been calling the speaker all sort of derogatory names on his radio station.
    But I guess you would turn a deaf ear to that. Just like you turn a deaf ear on what Asot Michael called the speaker in our Parliament, where men and women should behave “HONORABLE”.

  3. As I said in my earlier post:

    “Absolutely bonkers the lot of them.”

    Not ah one ah dem (From The Sideline; GILES; and JP) could respond to what I ACTUALLY said.

    Brixtonian continually stirring up the acolytes nest. Wonderfully nice! 😁

    • It demonstrates again and again that you cannot read and comprehend. And ignore facts that have been presented to you. You’re so right, stay in your own world. It should be very dark there. The sky is falling down in there. Long live King Lovell.

  4. It’s Mrs. ARRINDELL for u peasants!!!


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