Former Government Senator Aziza Lake Announces interest for ABLP in St. John’s Rural West


Former government senator Aziza Lake has declared her candidacy for the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) in the St John’s Rural West constituency.

In her October 31 letter to the ABLP’s General Secretary, she expressed a deep connection to her hometown and praised recent accomplishments.

Lake acknowledged challenges in the constituency, especially for young people, and criticized past representatives for failing to address structural and policy issues effectively. She believes her party’s support, combined with her skills and experience, can bring positive change to the constituency.

Lake also has plans for a Technological Free Trade Zone, an Art and Entertainment Museum, and a regional Silicon Valley.

She faces a tough challenge in the upcoming election against the current representative, Richard Lewis, but remains optimistic about earning the community’s trust and support.

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  1. Why are you a former Senator? I am from that area and could, would not vote for the likes of you.What do you stand for? Absolutely nothing.

  2. Another Nepo Baby trying to get onto the Corruption Regime and does not have a clue.
    Using generic words such as solutions to the structural and policy issue?
    It’s corruption stupid.
    The current policy issue is CORRUPTION being so pervasive.
    Further do you even have any idea why there is such a thing as Silicon Valley and how it came about?
    The idea of Silicon Valley in Antigua is like proposing a tyre retreading
    classes at Five Islands.
    How about teaching kids how to code? And working towards a transparent and accountable Government and a just society.
    Where is the body of critical acclaimed artwork to be housed the museum? It does not seem you even know what’s a museum.
    You are a sad example of the state of politics in Antigua and Barbuda.
    Continuing to championing the idea of youth. Guess the elderly do not count. Single mothers do not count. Individuals with mental health challenges do not count. Only the naive and gullible to handouts.
    You certainly have been a good study of the Ronald Saunders philosophy to Keeping them poor uneducated and ignorant

  3. @ I’m confused
    Don’t be so confused; there is such a thing as transitioning.

    The art and entertainment museum will feature the art of transitioning.

    Trans persons are now protected and may soon teaching your sons they are not a boys but a girls.
    Sir Lester Bird Medical Center may soon be offering sex reassignment surgery, a gender confirmation surgery. You the tax payers will be paying for it.
    That’s the world we live in; and Antiguans always want to be in with the latest in-things.

  4. I note with interest, that in the past, many ABLP commentators have made derogatory comments about the looks of females in the UPP (especially towards the Honourable Gisele Isaacs)



    #Heheheeemihaffilaugh 😂

  5. Ok! Washie wanna be she? Yet, shim was born a he. Aziza wanna be he? Yet shim was born a she. I’m not confused yet. Well maybe, kinda sorta.
    As a child, I’m wondering why aren’t adults more upset or concerned about these things. Don’t they understand, the confusion which is being etched, into our psyche. Fuck! I guess, that they don’t care, or we don’t mean anything to them, in their, our Christian society/culture. Fuck again, that makes it even more fucking confusing! I know, you’re gonna reprimand me for saying, well typing Fuck, fuck, fucking. Yet, you bypass my main concern, the “he to she,” born a he, or the “she to he,” but born a she. And all this in the name of prosperity! Well again, kinda sorta, ‘cause, if I oppose either situation, I could be victimised, except, being sodomised to traumatised of these who wanna be my teachers and leaders.
    The god, gud god, superior being, what’s your name again, because, this fuck is way beyond, the grasp of a three year old, whose thought processes are just being stabilized, now that the fun from that dick fucking the pussy, and making me all the way, to just beyond, the terrible two’s, now here comes this fuckery.
    Ok adults, are you annoyed yet about all of the fucking!

    By the way, since, both Aziza and Washie are #Comrades_In_Crisis, would it be a #crime, if they both got married! That could also read, Comrades_In_Union(AT&LU).

    Let’s just say, we don’t have to admit it, but this fucking and budding Culture of, Antigua, Barbuda and REDONDA, or at least a certain percentage of it, make for some great SOAP OPERA script writing.

    #WISHIE_N_WASHIE…An Antiguan Tranie Love Story…

    …Dunston Browne as PM Alextra Bird.
    …Alexa Bramble…as Mrs. Mary Brown-Bird

    Also starring…
    Carnal Hues as Tenman!
    Sandra Walker as From The Sideline
    Tito Johnson as Reverend Spencer

    Ras! Ras! Ras! Wake up! You’re talking in you sleep!

    I’m not dreaming but, seriously, as a child living in…
    …#these days,
    …not only would I be amazed,
    … living in a daze
    …trodding through life’s maze,
    …the apparent haze
    …is not only ablaze
    …grandma could be right!
    …we must be close, to the end of days!

    I’m awake folks! Wide awake! This is by design, to fuck with people’s minds and the times.
    The LQGBTAP is the most powerful RELIGION, RELIGIOUS and POLITICAL ORGANIZATION in the HUEman World today.

    Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  6. We are going to beat you like a drum when you run in that constituency.Gail could not cut it.Now you think you could do this and do that.Coming with your pie in the skies bull chit.Take that bull dung some place else not Grays/Green.You had better get your backsides out of Dodge. WOMAN WANTING TO BE A MAN LOOKING.

  7. Why are we condemning the HeShe, SheHe what ever? We seem to accept and acknowledged all that is America, even the just concluded Halloween was once known as Bun Fire Night where we bun packin i.e tire but in Wadadli we now called it as America do, youngsters today know nothing of this name. One spoke of church but we also know churches today is all about money and who can build the biggest one, anything goes. Look out for same sex marriage. As someone asked why isn’t this person out of the Senate?

  8. We get distracted so very easily. SMH.
    How about our only concerns should be if Aziza Lake is qualified to represent us?
    All the nasty names directed at Aziza, is helping us – the nation how?
    Do you realize no matter what you choose to say about her, it will not change her stance or belief? So you are all wasting your breath. LOL.
    Focus on what is VIP. The country comes first at all times, not what goes on behind people’s closed doors.
    No waste your time coming for me, because like Aziza, no one here can change my stance on this topic, so just move along.

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