Former Education Minister Michael Browne Granted Bail

Former Education Minister Michael Browne (2018 File Photo)

Former Education Minister Michael Browne was moments ago granted bail in the sum of $15,000, $6000 of which he must pay in cash.


The 44 year-old was represented by Attorney Gail Pero who told the Court that her client has no previous arrests and will not be interfering with the victim or witnesses.


Magistrate Ngaio Emanuel-Edwards then gave him bail also ordering that the Member of Parliament for All Saints West, present two local surieties, surrender all of his travel documents, report to the All Saints Police Station three times a week.


The Minister, as required by the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party(ABLP) resigned yesterday, giving way to the appointment of Sports Minister as Minister of Education.


The swearing in ceremony is scheduled for this morning.

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  1. I guess the rules don’t apply to the big and powerful!
    What was he arrested for !?!! In none of these articles they are stating the charge. Yet the likkle poor man that stole deodorant.. y’all state his name, village, country he come from and what he stole … deodorant for his children ..
    Yet the MP ITS being kept quiet …

    Dear Editors … stop being bias

  2. mr. Browne am glad you got bail.. now fight your case cause I know it’s a set up! And u got a good lawyer there..good luck!

  3. Mr Pompey come in clean

    The sequence of information as things unfolded appears to be contrary to what we are accustomed to.

    Which police station did he sleep last night? ANR where is the picture of the MP sporting the police bracelet?

    In my history I am yet to see the police in Antigua acting on information investigate, arrest, charge, and take the perpetrator before a Magistrate within one day….

    Why is the sequence of events in this situation abnormal? Is there a special carve out within the police force for certain people? Which police cell was he in last night?

    T he sequencing is all wrong and suspicious I hope the accuser has good representation. Because so far the police appears to be offering the MP friendly treatment. Come in clean Mr Pompey

    • Melchisedec he never slept at any police station. He never spent a second in police custody. I had a client who danced on a girl on Boxing Day 2019 and he spent 2 days in custody. Added to that I had to go to the High Court to get bail since the Magistrate refused to grant bail. You are an intelligent person, do you see any disparity in treatment here vis-a-vis the Minister? I await your answer.

      • And so what! How many men was granted bail in magistrate court for similar cases! Just a few weeks ago a business man was granted $10, 000 dollars bail so nah come with that. It all depends on the circumstances and you know it! You just bais.

      • @ Charles Tabor

        Enough said….

        The accuser has an obvious uphill battle, based on the friendly treatment meted out to him by Commissioner Rodney.

        Referencing the actions of the former commissioner in the cute passport case, it is very possible that the accused may gain some brown looking assistance.


        Your comparison is distant off. TABOR and UPP will POLITICIZE this issue. Tabor remember UPP has a few cases in court and also UPP has Persons who spent years at 1735. Tabor do not get too excited over this.. More to come.

  4. Advice for the MP
    As soon as practical convene one of your popular virtual town hall specials and level with the people that put food on your plate .

    In your quest for justice I hope the truth of the matter wins.

    I pass no judgement.

  5. What is he charged with and which entity brought the charges. The DPP or the RPFAB. I say charges because the article mentions two bond amounts of frivolous amounts of money.

  6. By the way when is his next court appearance involving the Serpent matter?

    ANR why was the MP granted bail?

    If he had his fire arm with him at the time of the incident would that be a high court matter where bail is concerned?


  7. Man tief one deoroderant, and you list the man whole biography, and to say what the minister is charge with u failed to do so. Tell you about this bias , corrupted country we live in all we do is hide.

  8. I hope this commissioner has a career path like his predecessor. He is going to need it. And all those people who keep saying how they like him and how nice he is? Huh? That list is shrinking. His boxers are showing through his see through trousers.
    The day a man of belly and guts assumes the position of top cop in this country will call for a whole month of Police Week celebrations. Meanwhile, keep subduing your conscience, make no waves, take your fat monthly paycheck, read your prepared scripts, keep kissing the ring. look the other way, keep your mouth shut, and hope they give you a gold watch on your way out. Coward! Wimp! Stooge! Sellout!
    PS: What do you use at night? Nyquil or, not sleeping well?

  9. My God…Please give Mr. Browne His time in court to bring this to an END. This will be over soon. Let the court decide. There are Persons on the Other side who went to 1735 ,Others with cases in the court . So let Us not try the case on SOCIAL MEDIA.

    • Come on PETE does everything has to be politicized? Where does “there are persons on the other side who went to 1735” comes in?. I know you said from the outset that Michael Browne was innocent and that their are women out there who try to set men up, so as you rightly said we should stop trying the case on SOCIAL MEDIA.

  10. The PM kicked that man-boy right out of CABINET, and it wasn’t for smiling at some chick. We need to know the charges. Is this not a part of the public record???

  11. So you mean to say he didn’t get to experience the lovely accommodations in any of those calls at st John’s police station? I am so sorry to hear that he didn’t get to experience the aroma of feces and urine did not

  12. So you mean to say he didn’t get to experience the lovely accommodations in any of those calls at st John’s police station? I am so sorry to hear that he didn’t get to experience the aroma of feces and urine.

  13. A two-tier justice system is what I see in Antigua. In addition, it only exists when ALP holds the reign of government.

  14. Just so it go.. You should learn to pick your companions a bit more careful .. Not calling anyone a Dog so let me use another analogy. When you lay with little Brats you end up looking like a sneaking Big Rat..Cuss me all you all want.i don’t give a shit..

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