Former ambassador Bruce Goodwin says he is becoming a member of the UPP, formalizing long association with the Party


Bruce Goodwin, the former Ambassador to Cuba and former 1st Vice President of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), says he is in the process of becoming a member of the United Progressive Party (UPP).

Goodwin is one of four high-ranking members who recently left the six-year-old DNA over issues related to the leadership of the party.

He tendered his resignation from that organization on Thursday, October 27.

Goodwin says he was never a formal member of the main opposition party, the UPP, but has been affiliated with the organization for some time – in fact, since its inception.

Goodwin, who appeared on Progressive FM’s Eye on the Issues on Tuesday, says there were reasons behind his dissociation from the DNA.

However, at this time, he says, the less said about that party – the better.

Meanwhile, several longstanding members of the UPP have contacted REAL News to say how delighted they are to welcome Goodwin back.

SOURCE: Real News

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  1. Like during Christmas and the birth of Jesus:

    There is a star in the east*

    What a powerful and knowledgeable man to have as part of the UPP team, someone that is highly respected not only here but abroad.
    Lets hear the criticism from the USUAL and USEFUL IDIATS

    • Is this the man that said nasty & derogative things about our Caribbean brothers & Sisters.? Is this the man that said that Guyanese & Jamaicans live like paupers? It’s just a curious mind of a non national that needs to know. Birds of a feather flock together so I assume he has return to the flock that thinks like him

      • Does everything in politics in Jamaican centres around Antiguans living in Jamaica? Does everything in Guyana politics centres around Antiguans living in Guyana? I am tired of people coming to Antigua and think they have more rights than native Antiguans. We don’t need any foreign criminals as we have enough of our own. People are welcomed in Antigua, but the line is drawn when Labour politicians use these people to cling to power. Antiguans are the only ones who truly care about what happens in Antigua. A lot of the non nationals send their money back to their country to build houses. They can always run back to their country but Antiguans have no place to run to. We are tired of hearing about non nationals.

  2. The prodigal elder has returned. It is never to late to see the light. He now recognises that Harold is the better leader and that Ms Messiah was just throwing a tantrum when she left the UPP. She was not really concerned with being an alternative. Her goal was to spite Harold. I guessed that Bruce and Maleka and Gaity and Dalso were duped by her.
    Note to Ms Messiah: Bitterness never wins! When you do things for the wrong reason, it may work for a time but always blows up in the end

  3. A vote for red is a vote for the dead! Let’s unite and get rid of a cult that is to bewilder and enrich themselves while people suffer. Red is dead !

  4. Another useful IDIAT has joined a bigger POLITICAL IDIAT #HFWL. The only difference now is that he does not have access to state resources to charter a flight to help another useful IDIAT from Barbuda. Sorry badminded IDIAT from Barbuda.

    • @. Just Saying

      BUN EYE
      BUN SKIN
      That’s what GASTON, CUTIE and all his 15 other MINISTERS caused to Antigua people.

      • Boss the wicked policemen came all into my neighborhood with the teargas.
        Almost killed my sick grandfather who is bedridden. Papa could hardly breathe.

    • @ PHILIP. G

      Bruce lost his deposit because he was on the wrong side and mis-guided, he has learnt his lesson. NOT ONE OF THE DNA candidates, including Anthony will receive back their deposit.

  5. His heart remained in Egypt. I gather he looks in the mirror, sees time running out and figures, he has no time to be patient. After all the things he has said about labor, he figures joining them is a bridge too far. However, UPP vomit is fresher and maybe Lovell may help him deal with his dire financial situation. Pity that box hand will never come. UPP will not claim that body

  6. In 2018, Ambassador Bruce was able to garner 18 votes in his bid to represent st. John’s City East in 2018. Lovell received 616, Nicholas received 769. If you were to add Bruce’s 18 votes to Lovell’s 616 vote coun, you would get 634 to Nicolas’ 769. Leaving a difference of 135 votes in favour of Nicolas. Lovell lost by 51 more votes in 2018 than in 2014. Numbers tells the tale. Lovell will have an uphill battle to regain that seat in the next general elections. Bruce brings no value to the political space. Let’s wait and see

    • I like this response @ Dave Ray.

      You are by far the best ABLP correspondent and commentator on these ANR threads by a country mile.

      We will never agree politically, however you always explain the other side in an erudite way without descending into nastiness.


      Enjoy your day again sir 👍

    • Just like how an ti man brings no value to procreation and sensible discussion. Stfu miss Dave Ray and Go join your league with Peter Wickham.

  7. Antigua people please put serious consideration for these UPP candidates seeking for the upcoming government. They’re seriously financially embarrassed, desperately looking power, trying to take advantage of some of our females and seeing respect. Some were past unsuccessful business men that are trying to get back in the game or they whole hand in the cookie jar. Before I give UPP my vote I rather sit this election out. We Antiguans tend to forget why the actually lost the Government in 2014. UPP and its leader are VINDICTIVE and DECEITFUL. Straight to the IMF THEY WILL GO… “GET RID AH DEM”

    • @ ”Bite me”

      Ha Ha Ha Ha….u got to be joking.
      Gaston ran two supermarkets into the ground, and you talking about unsuccessful business men? Pick the beam out of you and ABLP eye fus before you attack others. That is all THE ABLP do, tarnish people name. Chet and Gaston and Cutie were all financially embarassed before 2014, they WERE BROKE AS HELL. Cutie had to use his clients’ money and ended up paying it back the minute ABLP won the election. Do not talk about the BOUNCE CHEQUE MAN FROM ST PAULS.
      Then you talking about putting hand in cookie jar, Gaston encouraged his ministers to ENRICH THEMSELVES, in other words tek what you can get from the cookie jar.
      PLEASE, YOU USEFUL IDIAT. U also gone back to the old play book: IMF. The IMF saved Antiguans and Barbudans millions in interest $1,000,000 as opposed to the commercial loans borrowed by the ABLP at astronomical interest rates of between 8-14%. Also UPP never sent home one worker. YOU GUYS ARE SO BRAINWASHED BY ABLP AND GASTON I THINK YOU ARE BEYOND HOPE. I WISH ALL YOU LABOURITES would get a douse of suffering hunger and starvation to understand, rather than feeding from the trough!!!

      • This sounds like the knight Barracuda (aka)THE BIG FISH .. you’re more of a useful Idiot that anyone I know.. the opposition and its supporters tarnished Dominica labor party and what happened …ah you better understand that people will make dam good beliefs.

    • Gaston is just waiting to win the election to go to the IMF. Have you been listening to him? He disappeared all Antigua money and now the country is broke. Tell me why UPP lost the election and not labour propaganda. They lost because Antiguans too stupid. Go look in the cookie jar and see whose hands are thieving all of country’s resources, including the lands in Antigua and Barbuda. You people are so happy living in your filthy paradise. Gaston has no respect for you and knows you are stupid.


    Go right back to the party that appointed you to be a VILE AMBASSADOR with your REPREHENSIBLE CONDUCT against Caribbean Nationals and Antiguan-Barbudan students who studied in Cuba.

    • @ Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

      something like beg back Freeland or Dean Jonas.

      I tell you labourites even if you do the same things you don’t care to criticise others.

      what a bunch of hypocrites.

    • Why Caribbean nationals so important? Guyana is a wealthy country. It has, gold, oil, minerals and plenty of agricultural lands. Why the Guyanese don’t go home and claim what is theirs. The only thing Antigua has is tourism. The black people in Guyana allow the Guyana government to treat them like dogs but Antiguans must treat them like kings and queens and allow them to dictate what happens in Antigua. We Antiguans just want to get rid of a government that does nothing for ordinary Antiguans and just steal all of our assets to enrich themselves. If the non nationals are going to keep this government in
      power, then they should leave. And before you say Antiguans hate non nationals, ask the many Antiguans where their grandparents and great grandparents came from.

  9. Bruce Goodwin , You are an EMBARRASSMENT. You went back to UPP because you believe that you will be an Ambassador but not in this life. UPP will never win an election in Antigua again. Bruce nobody trust you in Antigua. Bruce and UPP DO NOT like NON NATIONALS. Shame on you BRUCE GOODWIN. No Ambassador position for you.You are a loser.

  10. All I know is this( big picture) is that I’ve been coming back to Antigua over the past 25yrs, sometimes three times in one yr, and I’ve never seen the energy of the place like this, never. Call it “end times” or whatever prophecies some wants to quote from the gospel pulpit, but Antigua is in an emotional crisis. Economics is something that can be changed by some financial policies, but wickedness can only be changed by repentance,and all I’m seeing and hearing is the pointing fingers and blame game. This is something for many of you on here to ponder. I can understand that many of you on here are old and have reap the good harvest of Antigua and are living good, but the young needs help, and that’s where the great energy that once possesses this small little island nation is badly missing in the youths. There was once a saying when I was growing that ” manners and behavior takes you all over the world” and as simply as that saying is, it’s absolutely on point. Help one another Antiguans, help one another.

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