Forest Near Wallings Nature Reserve Being Cleared


The managers of Wallings Nature Reserve are calling on the authorities to give answers about whether approval of given to destroy rain forest in the area.

The Company said he began noticing heavy duty equipment clearing lands bordering its property, a protect area as far back as December 16.

A video shows what appears to be the clearing of several tracts of land.

The land in question appears to be owned by private land owners.

“We have private land owners but this is the last remaining rain forest!!!
Sad part its bordering Wallings Nature Reserve. This is madness!!! They have no authority from the relevant authorities to be doing this. Make it worse they don’t have have the bounds clear!!!,” the company said on its social media.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne said he is not aware of any approved development in this area.

He however agreed to ask the Development Control Authority and Department of the Environment to address the matter immediately.

He also thanked those who brought the issue to his attention.
Wallings has asked that the clearing stops until the authorities intervene.


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  1. Antigua really is a messed up place, so me as a private land owner can’t even clean up my own land, supposed i have plans for my land now, must i get permission from government to clean my land especially if i have plans to develop my land.

  2. If the lady at the boot wasnt trying to hustle the local hiking groups that were going up that trail before the little rain full it up she wouldn’t be having this problem now… the same person u harrassing about money to pass own the same land that is being cleared. TAP TRY CHARGE LOCAL HIKING GROUPS FOR GO UP THEY….. NO RANGERS IN THE BUSH TO HELP AND YOU CANNOT HELP ANYBODY .

  3. See this all goes back to how Antigua does business or the lack there of. If there are certain areas around the country that the government or land authority considers endangered or protected land. Such as historic land or rainforest as such then these lands should never have been sold to a private person. Unfortunately once the land is sold and someone owns it, you can’t then tell the person not to develop it. If the government now seems it to be protected it is up to them to make some sort of arrangement with the person. But had the land not been cleared would nobody know or care who it belonged too? What if the person lived overseas and has now retired and making their home in Antigua. It would not be fair to them to not be able to use the land they legally purchased.

    Again! Antigua needs to figure out proper laws about things and not make stuff up as we go and when we are in our feelings because something is happening in the moment. It is not that Antiguan comments were mean! It’s just that that is reality …. the Brazilian rainforest would not be destroyed by someone clearing it because their government has Laws in place… Antigua will forever be disorderly and whatever goes…until that changes a lot will suffer and effect us

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