Foreign diplomats have questioned Pringle’s intellectual capacity, PM Browne says

Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle

The performance of Opposition Leader Jamal Pringle is making its way around in diplomatic circles, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has said.

Browne revealed on Saturday that Pringle has been missing diplomatic engagements his high ranking diplomats including a recent engagement with a UK diplomat.

According to Prime Minister Browne, the opposition leader is making a bad name for himself among the island’s diplomats.

Browne was speaking today on his radio programme the Browne and Browne show.

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  1. Even before getting to the diplomatic level, what about his constituency?? What a shame and disgrace to the people of AE&SL.

    And it is said that he was a teacher 😲

    • He believes foreign diplomats are like him. No diplomacy. Foreign diplomats would never say such things. They are trained in diplomacy. You are right, Gaston is making up stories. What do we call such people? He should name the diplomats.

  2. But not GB’s capacity? With him changing his clothes in public and cursing every leader you can think about. Just give me a break. GB should be the last to speak. Nothing that guy says is credible.

  3. This is an empty story. He does this put bread on the tables of poor Antiguans and Barbudans.How does it create work for those out of employment for over a 1 year. In other words it is like bull-dung coming out of Gaston’s backsides.

  4. The Prime Minister with all his “intellect” can’t get things right up to now. Pick the beam out your own eyes first pm, bringing down others only makes you a coward.

    • Get what right? Upp in 2013 and 2014 before the election was paying government workers late monthly, the weekly staff at public works was calling the radio cursing for their weekly wages- social Security was paying all benefits late to include pensions- Harold Lovell call the world financial Crisis in 2009 after the election a category 5 hurricane 🌀 but all the Cruise Ships were still coming, all the planes were still flying in the tourist were still bringing in the $, Harold Lovell promised stimulus and never delivered although all government taxes were coming in…. 2014 the Public wages were even lower than what’s existing today… but the DIFFERENCE is Gaston Browne has never paid salaries late…. pensions being late is a continuance of a failure started by Upp and Harold Lovell and isn’t solved up to now I would say because of the pandemic……
      Gaston Browne built up infrastructure during this horrid pandemic period and continued to pay Government Salaries (which is 33% of the total workforce in Anu) on-time while there were no Cruise Ships coming, no flights coming in and with an Opposition that is bankrupt of Ideas……

      • @Ital
        Were you hiding under a rock? You probably should return to your hole in the ground. You are so devoid of knowledge that you can only write crap. Or maybe you are just a blind groupie.

  5. The Pm is just embarrassed from the question that was asked in parliament about pointe fm. This is just a cover. If some people’s brain were like gun powder there would have been so many headless people . All these say after me like wound up puppets.

  6. The PM need stop this shit in attacking Mr Pringle because he is not leaving the UPP political party to joined you and the ABLP. Leave the young man along and go run the county. Go find employment for all eligible unemployment and cancel the shit about importing more labourers to fill the population.

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