Foreign Assistance Coming To Help Probe Nigel Christian Murder -Rodney


Real News- The hierarchy of the police have seemingly bowed to public pressure and has indicated that it will be seeking assistance from Scotland Yard with the Nigel Christian investigation.

Christian, a former Customs officer, was gunned down in July after being kidnapped from his McKinnons home.


A pressure group “Concerned Citizens” as well as members of the public have been calling for outside help with the probe into the brutal murder.

During a press conference today (Friday, October 2), Commissioner of Police Atlee Rodney said two senior investigators from Scotland Yard will be coming to Antigua to help with the investigations.

However, he did not give a date for their arrival.

Rodney says that the senior investigators will also be helping with two other outstanding murder cases.

Meanwhile, the Police Commissioner says that on Thursday (October 2) he had a conversation with investigators from the FBI, who are looking into evidence that was sent to the US for analysis, in relation to the Christian murder case.

He says the police are now awaiting those results which would assist greatly with the investigations.


Christian, 44, was abducted and murdered in broad daylight on Friday, July 10, months after another Customs officer, Cornell Benjamin, was the victim of an attempted murder after being shot at his Cassada Gardens residence in October 2019.


Christian’s bullet riddled body was found shortly after his abduction from his McKinnons home along a dirt road at Thibous in the vicinity of New Winthorpes Area.


Several pickets have been held, as well as letters to the Attorney General by the Concerned Citizens calling for justice for the slain officer.

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  1. This ting ya run right up to the top of the chain.

    One massive cover up and pappishow a go on fu cover it all up.

  2. Foreign Assistance coming.So is Thanksgiving Day.So is Christmas Day.Are those days coming before we see any foreign assistance in this matter?

  3. But will you be able to handle the truth? Keenly awaiting the outcome of the serial marches, police investigations, Scotland Yard and FBI assistance…. BTW, did we not request assistance from the KGB as well?

  4. Don’t bother with Scotland Yard, they can’t even cope with the rising crime rate back in the UK.

    The only reason they would come to Antigua is to get some sunshine on their backs, do a bit of waffling about the crime on your island and then return back home with some freebies.

    Furthermore, you would be none the wiser about solving this heinous crime.

    Scotland Yard … Don’t make me laugh!!!

  5. Absolutely, we should also invite the KGB, China Intelligence, and the highly respected Cuban Security Services. We are friends of all, and there people know how to investigate things and would overturn every rock until they find the killers. Nothing against Scotland Yard, but these people also have experience and they know how to do what needs to be done, and they are good at what they do. Round up the killers and bring them in, by any means necessary.

  6. Wasnt it last week the police said they were close to making an arrest? What happened to that??? Deliberate fake news?

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  8. Nigel was a distant cousin of mine although I’m from the UK. My relatives are the Christians. There is little point in Scotland yard coming to Antigua – they are useless and spend their time in the UK targeting and brutalising Black men. As another person commented, they are coming to pretend to help and will spend most of the time on the beach or in the bar. They are the same cops who will probably call people like me the N word when out of earshot.

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