Following Stabbing Death, Police Urge Families to Seek Help to Resolve Domestic Issues


The Police continue to appeal to residents of Antigua and Barbuda to do more in seeking early professional help, to resolve conflicts and other matters of domestic disputes.


On Saturday 11th October, a 20yr old young man was allegedly stabbed and killed by his younger sibling, during an altercation on Bishopsgate Street. His death was recorded as the third of eight alleged homicides for 2020, arising out of a feud among family members. This and other similar acts of violence, has become a very serious concern for the Administration within the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda.


Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney uses the opportunity to appeal to family members and other relatives, to find less confrontational and non-violent methods to settle their differences among each other. He further stressed the importance of members of the public to seek expert help in anger management, and to report any evidence of domestic disputes or conflicts to the police at the earliest possible stage, to avoid tragic outcomes.


Rodney joins with the rest of the nation to express condolences to the deceased family, on behalf of the rank and file of the Police Force. Investigations are currently ongoing into the matter.

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  1. This is IMO an example of the psychological stress being inflicted on people’s mental health by this prolonged lockdown and mask wearing. I bet the statistical evidence will show that suicides are up as well as relationships prematurely ending.

    People’s normal human interactions have been seriously interfered with and nobody should be surprised that all of this is the result.

    Can anyone confirm my suspicious?

  2. Yes ya wrong. Two brothers one 20 one 16 fighting in the afternoon which unfortunatly trun fatal. Where were the adult who sat there and did not part them🤔.
    This has nothing to do with no damn lockdown. Tap use a family’s pain and lost to justify your crazy half ass conspiracy theories chupzzzzz!!!!!!

    • Where were The adults who sat there and didn’t part them? Our grandfather is sick. And their uncle knows the brothers always fight and cuss another. You and the person you were talking to are both inconsiderate and disrespectful.

  3. @ WILL….. I smile at your comments not bcuz I am in agreement with you but as a young person I find it difficult to understand why persons like you tend to inject negative energies into our society by sputing such sentiments like ” People’s normal human interactions have been seriously interfered.” Presently we are faced with a health crisis. Now is the time to express condolences to the family & at the same time try to positively educate the masses the best way you can from becoming victims of such economical pressure …… Yes times are hard and very challenging but if discipline and motivation becomes the cornerstone of our homes, tragedies like these will not happen.

  4. You have to have no heart at all to kill your own sibling with a fkn knife. You cya be right in your head. Can’t be anything to do with “lockdown stress” if they limin by barber shop ? Sounds more like shitty parenting yet again.

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